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2012 Wrap Up

December 31st, 2012 · 1 Comment

Wow, another year blew past.  They are getting faster and faster.  Must be getting older 😉  Anyway, this was a year of much change. But then again, aren’t they all?  I added two beautiful new wheels this year that might have supplanted all the other wheels here.  I spun a lot.  Changed jobs a lot.  Hopefully that job hopping thing has stopped for a while.  I’m liking the current situation.

I tried to challenge myself to knit 12 pairs of socks in ’12 and did it!  Actually managed 13 pairs with only one pair of kids socks in the mix!  I also managed to complete  long term knitting projects (I finished Kauni 2 yesterday. It is laying on the matt in front of the central heating vent now along with Kauni Damask)!  All in all, a good year.


Hope everyone has a very happy and healthy New Year! We will be spending it quietly at home.

Craft on!

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Actual Crafting

December 22nd, 2012 · 3 Comments

Somewhat encouraged by my progress in taking on and finishing long-standing knitting projects, I pulled out my other Kauni sweater.  I found that I’d tucked it away a few rows short of binding off the first sleeve.  I finished that up and even started the second sleeve!

Nice huh?  I can live with the lack of mirror imaging in the color striping on the two sleeves.  It doesn’t bother me.  And I do love these three colors!  Last night I decided to see how far I’d progressed on the second sleeve and counted the bands.  Then I did this..

Ugh.  I picked up different number of stitches on the two sleeves!  I’m guessing I did 3 for 4 on the first and 2/3 on the second 🙁  Not doing so well on the knitting.  Oh well.

Doing much better on the spinning!  What with the fancy new wheels around here, you have to know I’ve been spinning a bit.  I spent Thursday night getting to know the new girl.  She spins as well as she looks!  Smooth is an understatement.  Quiet too! We filled up our first bobbin together.

Fiber is ITW BFL in the club color Fierce & Flawless.  Its not quite as bright in real life as it is in this iPhone shot.  Its really pretty though and spun effortlessly.

Yesterday after work and a trip to the Rec Center where I use the gym as the kids play in the game room, I made progress on the fiber for Party Mix on La Croce.  She too spins like butter!

Fiber is also ITW, but this time Merino/Silk blend in Children of Time colorway.  I’m going to n-ply.  I have about an ounce left and hoping to jam it all on this bobbin.

Craft on!

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Could it be?

December 17th, 2012 · 7 Comments

Could it really be true? Why yes. I did indeed finally finish my Kauni Damask!

5+ years later, the damned thing is now complete.

I opted to knit folded hems.  Got lucky with the way the colors came up  in the remaining balls of yarn that the bands could be symmetrical.  I have a thing for symmetry 🙂  And OMG, all them folded hems required so much hand sewing! Glad I knit it in one piece 😉

I have to say, the inside is almost as nifty as the outside!  Only one problem…

It doesn’t fit so well.  🙁

Craft on!

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Old Things

November 4th, 2012 · 2 Comments

Last weekend, before the storm hit, I picked up some new storage bins and wound up cleaning out the closet in my bedroom.  I got rid of some stuff, removed the seasonal clothes and behind a tower of shoe boxes, found a box of old knitting projects that had fallen off the active list for a variety of reasons.

I found the Pinwheel Sweater that I started knitting back in the summer of 2006.  I’m ashamed to admit that it hadn’t seen any forward progress since the last time I’d posted about it here.  I’d gotten past the decreases in the first sleeve, which left nothing more than a sleeve and a half to do.  The yarn for the sleeves had been conveniently tucked away with the sweater.  Unfortunately the needle had not.  I decided to finish this one up.  Thank goodness for the blog postings, I could determine what size needle I’d used.  I picked up the stitches and finished the first sleeve Saturday night in front of the TV.  I did the second on Sunday.  All that remains is to block this.

In the end, about a month’s worth of knitting took 6+ years to complete!

Anyone remember this?

Yup, she’s back in active rotation.  I removed the sleeves and will finish this as a vest.  I finished the armhole edges last night and picked up the collar.

In the meantime, I finished off a pair of socks:

The yarn is Forbidden Woolery in Witches’ Ashes colorway.  I knit these on a US0 over 56 st.  I cast on another pair at the rec center while we were charging and warming on Friday.  This time using some vintage Socks That Rock in Little Bunny Foo Foo colorway.

Finally, I started spinning for a sweater project.  I saw Party Mix on Knitty and knew I had to make it.  I picked up a bit of fiber at Rhinebeck to spin for it.

I have 12 ozs of each:  Succubus in Polwarth/Silk  and Children of Time in Merino/Silk.  I spun up the first braid of Succubus during the blackout, though plying waited until yesterday when the lights were back on and the house was warm enough to spend the day in.

It seems appropriate to be spinning for this sweater on my Golding as the designer was instrumental in getting the wheel to me!

Okay, back to laundry punctuated by Damask Kauni.

Craft on!

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Small Packages

August 30th, 2012 · Comments Off on Small Packages

Wee, I’ve actually used one of the spindles I posted pictures of the other day. It is the tiniest of the bunch.

iPhone included for scale. How cute is that? And for me it spins superfine! It’s how to get all day of spinning on a tiny amount of fluff. It comes in the M&M tube which is perfect to keep in the purse.  It is a wee Spindlepop from this etsy store.

And yes I’m spinning a bit at work. See the new job didn’t work out like I hoped it would for a number of reasons beginning with being entirely bored out of my mind. So I put my resume together and after another whirlwind courtship I’ve given notice. My last day is next Friday. I start a week from Monday, back in Manhattan where I apparently belong. I’m going back to eCommerce and with a discount.

my new employer

It will be a challenge rewriting and stabilizing the existing system and learning new languages and technologies. This will be a break from Microsoft programming that I’ve done to this point but the hiring manager first wanted someone who could code and open to learning new. C’est moi!

Maybe I’ll actually finish some knitting projects now! This sweater has been in the works for entirely too long.

But it is getting there. Just need to finish the collar and do the sleeves. Loving the yarn and the colors.

Craft on!

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Sunny Sunday

April 8th, 2012 · 1 Comment

Wow another week has flown by.  This one brought the return of BASEBALL!   We’ll ignore for the moment that my team isn’t doing so very well so far.  Season is still young, there’s plenty of time to panic. I just had a spinning playdate with Tami so its time for the weekly update.

On the Needles

1.  Hermione’s Deathly Hallow Socks – The first sock is done, but this isn’t news as it was at this time last week.  I’ve dawdled with the knitting this week, but am catching up now.  I finished the foot on the second sock onFriday while getting a pedicure 🙂

2.  Mawata Lilies Shawlette – Finished! I totally enjoyed working straight from the mawata’s and will definitely do more with silk.

3.  Featherweight Cardigan –  The finishing of one object marks the point where I can start something new.  Next up is a second featherweight cardigan in Malabrigo Lace.

I started this on Friday night and put the sleeve stitches on the waste yarn yesterday afternoon before the Seder. The colorway is Vermillion.  I love it.  I made this sweater once before, but it came out too big, so I gave it to mom.  Since then, the designer has added additional sizes to the pattern, including smaller ones.  Yay!

On the Fiber Front

First up, I owe a picture of the finished yarn from last week.

I dug out the never-ending bag of CVM roving that I’ve been spinning on and off for years now on the Vermont Wheel.  I actually weighed the bag and there’s 1.5 lbs left to spin.  I’m going to try and do a little every day.  I have a good beginning on the next bobbin’s worth:

At today’s playdate, I started new fiber on the Schacht.  This is Targhee from Zarzuela in Redwood.  I’ve split the fiber lengthwise into strips about the width of my index finger.

Other spinning – I filled another spindle on the Charkha with the Shetland, and managed to add a little more of the silk to the Bosworth spindle.  Not interesting enough to take another picture of either.

Other Stuff

Dad took the twins to Toys R Us yesterday afternoon before the family showed up for the Seder.  He came home with this:

Just what we needed, a 14′ trampoline for the backyard.  That’s Kat jumping with a friend of hers a little while ago.  It was a family affair in assembly.

Craft on!



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One Last

December 30th, 2011 · 7 Comments

Time for one last post this year.  Well, technically not the very last opportunity, but I wouldn’t bank on me posting tomorrow.  I’ve been on vacation this week and well, pretty busy.  I alternated between knitting:

I finished Caroline!  Finally.  A year later (details here).  I’m embarrassed that it took so very long to finish.  It’s an excellent design and I can’t wait to wear it.

When I wasn’t knitting,  I was writing code.  The iOS version of KnitCounter is just about done.  I’ve been using it to finish Caroline actually.

This is a slightly outdated screenshot from the simulator.  Somehow I lost the one I took on my phone.  Oh well.    I’ve got a beta tester playing with it and when her feedback is in, I’ll submit it to the app store.  Exciting!

Since Caroline is now done, I needed to start a new project.  Last week I got the evil email from Webs that their year end sale was underway.  I couldn’t help myself and went scanning the sale items.  I picked up some Noro Shirakaba and made my way through the patterns in Ravelry to find something to knit out of it.  I settled on a Comfy Cardi.  I have the back done.

It is awfully sedate for Noro.  Loving it too.  It is a cotton/silk/wool blend and it is excellent to work with.  I’ve made a good bit of progress on one of the cardi fronts and if I buckle down can get it done today.  (Spent the morning futzing with the app again. )

There hasn’t been much spinning around these parts.  Can’t remember the last time I touched the wheel, but it was more than likely when I finished up the Cupcake Fiber batts.  I enjoyed the spinning of the batts into singles…

But the plied yarn?  Doesn’t speak so much to me.  It’s been sitting on the bobbin now for over a month.  I really do need to wind it off at least.

I need to get back to the wheels.  So many hobbies, so little time.

Finally, wanted to share the sweet note I got from Alexander yesterday:

Gotta love those monkeys of mine.

Happy New Year!

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December 27th, 2011 · 1 Comment

While balancing the need to knit and the desire to port my counter app from the android to iOS platform, a long weekend followed by vacation came at an opportune time. Yesterday I was able to put the finishing functional code in place and have knitcounter done. I’m getting ready to submit it to the app store 🙂

Good timing too. Because I need a good counter app when working on Leann’s design: Caroline. And as of a few moments ago I hit the end of the base knitting.

My least favorite part is left: assembly. Blech. Then I need to do the finishing touch of I-cord around the neckline.

I want to wish everyone a very happy and healthy holiday season.

Craft on!

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Project Revealed

October 26th, 2011 · 5 Comments

Well the sooper-seekrit project has now been finalized and I can reveal it… (click to embiggen)

Yes, I know I only started my position in June, but this one sought me out.  I got a call from a recruiter that I dealt with briefly in May enticing me with something that would take advantage of my experience in both online education and eCommerce.  Naturally I was intrigued, and with the help of my SnB gals, decided to go for it.

Last Wednesday, I had a first round telephone interview testing my tech.  Shortly thereafter I got the call that they wanted to see me.  Immediately.  Thursday I went in for 2 hours of interviews with various senior IT staff members.  Friday morning I had a verbal offer (which after my recruiter negotiated for a better compensation package) I accepted.  I was extremely happy to find out that benefits start DAY ONE!  OMG.  The formal offer arrived last night.  I gave notice this morning, much to my boss’ chagrin.  My last date is 11/8.  I’ll have a couple of days off before the next gig starts.  I’m very much looking forward to this new challenge!

Now since this is purportedly the blog of a fiber artist, here’s the current bus project!

This is that yummy chocolate alpaca that I bought at Rhinebeck.  No marinating in stash for this yarn!  Anyway, it is a cowl/hood based on the one Tami made that I’ve been ogling forever.  I’m alternating bands of plain knitting with classic 1×1 seed stitch.  I’m getting 6 st/in and cast on 148 st.  Can I just say that I want to roll around nakid with this yarn!  YUM 😉  Hopefully I’ll have enough left over to knit some pulse warmers in a matching similar pattern.  I should, there was 8oz in the skein.  If not, I might just have to send an email to the address on the ball band.

On that note, I’m going to curl up with my knitting and the latest DVR’ed episode of Dexter.

Craft on!

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New Year

September 7th, 2011 · Comments Off on New Year

Yesterday was the big day, one that made my retired parents happy.  The one where the kids who had been home for the last two weeks when camp ended finally go off and do something else during the day.  Yesiree it was the first day of school.   The monkeys are now second graders.

Kathryn actually was happy about the start of school.  She just wasn’t happy about standing next to her brother.  She gets like that sometimes.   Which explains the sourpuss on her.  It also goes to explain the happy face on her brother.  Nothing like getting points with mom for not being a pain AND getting under Kat’s skin.  At the same time!  Woo hoo.

Anyway… they are now in second grade.  We’re continuing the trend started last year where they are in separate classes.  It worked out very well.  This year, they reshuffled all the teachers at our elementary school.  One of the kindergarten teachers last year is now teaching first, a second grade teacher is teaching fifth.  As it turns out, Alex’s first grade teacher, Mrs. D has moved to second grade and yes, Alex is in her class again.  He liked her very much and was happy by the results.  Kat’s teacher last year has left the district.  Not sure where she went off to, but I do wish her the best.  Kat is upset that she won’t be able to say goodbye to Mrs. P.

They had their first bit of homework last night.  Decorating their writing folders with inspirational pictures, quotes, etc.  Mom must have spent 45 minutes sifting through pictures on her computer and printing them out on label paper so they could stick em to the folder.  They’ve both loaded up with family pictures from over the years.  No, no knitting or yarn pictures, though i would have put them on mine.

Speaking of which, here’s the status of Kauni 2.  I started the first sleeve while the Sox pounded the Jays last night, 14-0.  Always happy when that happens 🙂  Its moving along.


Craft on!

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