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July 29th, 2013 · Comments Off on Moving

I ran my first 5K a week ago as part of a relay team for the NJ State Triathlon.  It was pretty awesome.  I did it in 41:16.7, which is better than I expected.  It was pretty hot and humid.  Someone took this as I was approaching the finish.



I’ve already signed up for the next 5K, this one in October, the Perfect 10.  Hoping for better time 🙂

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July 28th, 2013 · Comments Off on Updates

I know it's been yet another blogging break for me. Been busy. Between the road trip to Vermont for the Goldings bash, which was AWESOME for all sorts of reasons, the road trip to Pennsylvania (more on that in a bit), starting the new job and running my first 5k, I've been busy. I bought some new spindles and started spinning some super fine silk:

I received a new wheel (pocket wheel) and have since sold it. Which is a shame as I was hoping that it was the holy grail of travel wheels. Alas it was not to be as it didn't agree with the ankle and I kept getting hit in the leg by the flyer Road Bug style. It sold super fast and I ordered the best of the past, an Ashford Joy, which is a smaller light weight wheel that isn't bad to spin on. It should be here this week. The Golding Travel Wheel is an awesome spinner but a tad large and heavy and something that I will definitely not be taking to the boat.

The new job is awesome so far. Three weeks in and I am over the moon happy with the chance I've been given. It is the best of all worlds. The commute is all of 8 miles and I can drive there in less than 30 minutes even hitting traffic and all lights red. Yes I had this with the consulting gig but the job itself was terrible and non-challenging in anyway except trying to contain my growing frustration and not snapping heads off. This job is making use of all my skills. We've got a new developer starting tomorrow that ill be leading 🙂

Ok now for the new wheel. I found this wheel listed on Ravelry and Etsy and couldn't let it pass me by. I've finally got a Norm Hall for the herd.


She spins super nice too. Came with FIVE bobbins which are just immense!

Bobbins from left to right:

  1. Journey Wheel
  2. Pocket Wheel
  3. Golding
  4. Schacht Matchless
  5. Hansen
  6. Norm Hall

I've made progress on Wingspan as well:

That brings us closer to caught up. More soon.

Craft on!

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