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Monkey Brain

June 27th, 2013 · 1 Comment

I can definitely be accused of having a busy monkey brain.  I flit hither and thither on all hobbies big and small.  I’ve been bouncing between coding for fun, spindle spindle (drop and support), wheel spinning and knitting.  But this is nothing new for me (nor you if you’ve been around these here blog parts long enough).  I added features to the iOS version of my knit counter and its been approved by Apple.  Thanks to a query by an Android version user, I’ve been prodded towards making the same modifications.  Towards that end, I picked up a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 so that I had a modern platform to test the code on.  My ancient (and no longer used/updated) Droid X just wasn’t going to cut it.   Got my development platform updated and now just have to decide the best way to add the features without breaking everything!

I have an insane number of spinning projects going.  There’s the remainder of the 40z of BFL fiber that I started last summer during the TdF on my Bosworth moosies.   I think I finally hit the halfway point on that project.

I have another drop spindle project, the Shetland wool on a bunch of Goldings that someday I hope to make a hap shawl out of.  I’m almost done with the first 4oz of the multi colored stuff, but have a second 4oz, as well as 4oz each of coordinating solids.  I’m leaning towards the multi being the outer color on the shawl, so I guess I should have started with a solid 😉

I think this one is going to be my TdF project for this year as I’m on Team ITW and Team Golding.  This one covers both bases.

No pictures of any wheel spinning, but I’ve now added yet another knitting project: Wingspan, in leftover Kauni Effektgarn from my second Kauni sweater.  I wooshed thru the first two triangles and its languished there for a couple of days.  Oh well.  I’ll return to it when I can stay up past 8pm.

I think I’m just a US4 knitter as I’m happiest on that sized needle.  Also, I’d like to add, the Signature Stilettos that I bought at MDSW are probably my favoritest needles of ALL.TIME.

And now for other news that I announced on Facebook yesterday because it became official.  I applied for a permanent position at the company where I’ve been consulting for the last year.  It is in a different department and not a support developer role but as  Lead Developer in the Marketing Communications group.  I’ll be working on the public facing web products rather than the internal tools as I’ve done for the last year.  It was a position that they sent an email around to all IT on 6/10.  I saw the description and felt as if it had been written with me in mind.  I tweaked my resume and applied.  Two days later I had an interview.  The next day I had a second rounder with the VP, as well as HR (Thursday).  Monday I was told they were going to make an offer, but needed to have their lengthy process play out (signatures on it from VPs, Moses, G-d, etc) and i should hear something by Thursday.  Well, didn’t take that long.  On Wednesday, Fedex delivered an offer package.   Yesterday, after signing all paperwork, surviving a background check and passing a hair drug test, my start date became official:  July 8th.  It will be nice to become a FTE again with benefits and time off (yes I know my time off was built into my hourly rate as a consultant but I’d have to keep reminding myself that when a holiday rolled around and I could no longer bill or get paid for a 40 hour week!).

This weekend, Miss K and I are heading to Vermont for a bash at the Golding Farm.  I’m really looking forward!

Craft on!

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June 21st, 2013 · Comments Off on Mojo

I’ve been lacking in the knitting mojo recently. Beyond making a couple of hexipuffs and working on a sock when out and about, nothing has been really speaking to me to work on it since I finished that last sweater (which I just remembered needs to be blocked – along with the one finished before it). I finally struck on something that I’ve wanted to knit for a while…

Meet Wingspan! I’m using the Kauni left over from the second attempt at Kauni. I’m zipping along on the first triangle. Hopefully it continues to hold my attention. I guess my happy place involves lots of stitches on a US4 🙂

I have some changes that aren’t quite official yet, but fingers crossed the formalities will be met and I can announce it in the next week or so.

Craft on!

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Bee Kind

June 14th, 2013 · 1 Comment

I’m late to this party, but I’m having a great time.  After seeing lots of people do the Beekeeper’s Quilt, I decided to join along. I have a lot of leftover sock yarn considering I can make a pair for myself out of a single skein of Lorna’s.  The full sized skeins of hand paints these days gives me more than enough yarn for a pair for me, a pair for one of the kids and then leftover.   I got off to a slow start, but am starting to book on these:

I have a ways to go before there are enough for a blanket, but its moving along.

Craft on!

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Speedy Catch Up

June 13th, 2013 · Comments Off on Speedy Catch Up

I didn’t realize so much time has passed since my last posting.  Rather than a whole bunch of recaps, I’ll do a quick photo essay of what’s been going on at chez CFL.

I was keeping busy for a change.  Writing an update to iKnitCounter on one, reinstalling OSX on another, listening to a baseball game on a third and honestly can’t remember why the fourth was there except it was the original computer I’d done the counter on :)  Updated version of iKnitCounter in the app store if you haven’t already gotten it. 

There’s more but I have to get to a meeting shortly..

Craft on!

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