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Did it!

March 28th, 2013 · Comments Off on Did it!

I finally have my first real finished knitted item.  I finished my first sweater of 2013!

The pattern is Caramel, which I found on Ravelry.  The yarn is Wyndham Worsted from Into the Whirled, the solid was Stark and the multi is Queen of France.  I opted for a shorter sleeve as I push the darned things up anyway.  I also carried the unused yarn on the inside between stripes so I had minimal ends to bury.   We know how much I love finishing work!  This will get a nice blocking over the weekend and hopefully a beauty shot.  Now to maybe finish off that sock.

On the exercise front, I took a break from running this morning.  Last night I dug my bike out from where dad had hidden it in the garage.  After tightening the handlebars and filling the tires with air, I was ready to add riding to the morning exercise regime.  So this morning at 6:15 I headed out for my first real ride (not counting pedaling through the park 2 years ago with the little ones who were new to 2 wheelers and no training wheels).

Not great, but not too shabby.  I’m restarting the C25k but outside tomorrow and will alternate that with bike rides.    This getting healthy and active thing is addictive!

Craft on!

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