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Returning to Normal

March 13th, 2013 · 2 Comments

or rather the new normal…

Coming back from vacation is usually a challenge.  Honestly I can’t believe that it is over and that the next cruise is going to be July 2014.  My parents will be celebrating their 50th anniversary and taking all us kids and grandkids on a cruise!   We booked it while aboard the ship this time, much like this year’s cruise was booked aboard last year.  It is a wonderful vacation and other than one day when the sea was a bit rough due to a cold front, I managed fine with no nausea and a set of pressure point bracelets.  No patch for me this year, I didn’t enjoy the withdrawal symptoms last year.  They were awful!

Anyway…while I no longer have the train commute to knit, I also no longer have 2+ hours of commuting either.  My round trip is under an hour.  I know.  Still makes me giddy.  I have an additional hour at home now!  Last night I used that hour in a very familiar way:


Yes, that’s a Kindle Paperwhite under that there sock in progress.  I have to say that while I wasn’t overly impressed with the Kindle Touch, I do very much like the Paperwhite.  I don’t have any of the issues with it that I did with either the Touch or the dopey Nook version.

The sock is more Into the Whirled monthly yarn club yarn, this time in Sterrennacht, the Jan 2013 color.   I might not be cranking them out as quickly as I used to.   This sock has been around as I had it on the ship too, and it goes back and forth to work should I get stuck in a traffic jam or something.  Most of my knitting time recently has been on this:


The project is Caramel, and the yarn is also Into the Whirled, but her worsted weight stuff.  Colors are Stark (grey) and Queen of France (multi).  Love love love this.

In other news that hasn’t been posted here, in January, I bought a treadmill

photo (1)

and started the Couch-to-5k.  I even ran on the ship while we were on vacation.  I have to say, it was beautiful early one morning, running on the treadmill, while the ship pulled in an moored in Dominican Republic off Samana.  I graduated from the program this week and am now doing interval training to pick up my speed and endurance.  I’ve lost 7lbs and 2” and am watching what I eat.  I’m signed up to do a triathlon sprint distance with my sister in July where I’ll run the 5k.

Since I started running, I’ve been sleeping better and overall feeling better.  Even my craptastic ankles are doing better!  Whodathunk that!  I’m even getting up earlier than normal and hitting the treadmill before work!  I’m honestly gobsmacked.  I hated with a capital H running prior to starting this.

So that should bring us closer to being up to date.  I’ve got to get back to coding stuff.  More shortly. 

Craft on!

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