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There and Back Again

March 8th, 2013 · Comments Off on There and Back Again


Its been one of those periods where I’ve meant to blog, but just haven’t.  One thing or another has kept me from doing so.  Mostly it is an allergy to computers.  I’ve hit the point where I spent all day in front of the computer for the day job or the side job, that I just don’t want to spend additional time.  Work is busy busy busy these days.  I might have complained over the summer about not having anything to do at work but that is surely not a problem now.  I’m putting in a 45+ hour week (and getting paid for every one of those hours – G-d bless being a consultant) so that’s why blogging is srsly reduced.

Tuesday we got back from the yearly cruise to the Caribbean.  Not too much to write now that I haven’t written in the past three years.   We took the same ship out of the same port on the same itinerary as the past years from 2/24 thru 3/5.  It was a wonderful 10 day break from the daily grind.  I brought a couple of my dearly treasured new Golding spindles with me.  Here’s my Tibetan Flower peaking at the harbor in St. Thomas.


We took an outing to Trunk Bay in St. John to do some snorkeling.  My spindle (and I) really loved the beach there!


We then went to that pretty little island in the bay near Samana, Dominican Republic were we went two years ago, Cayo Levantado.  Tibetan Flower was joined by her sister, Moon Cats for that excursion.


The final stop was Labadee in Haiti. I thought I had a beach picture like the above, but I lost my mind in all that sun and warm.  Best I managed:


The spindles (and the kids) and I had a lovely trip.  Slowly getting back to normal.  The snow outside is NOT helping 😉

Craft on!

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