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Falling Down

January 27th, 2009 · 5 Comments

I started the traveling scarf last night. Unfortunately the originator had used a chunky yarn and all I had onhand was worsted. I had two choices for red worsted as well. I even samples both of them. No go. Looked sleezy next to the chunky, especially on the size 11US needles.

So today at lunch I headed over to my office LYS, Seaport Yarn and perused their selection of bulky red yarns.

Do I need to say that I left with more than a skein of yarn for a scarf?

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Doing My Part

December 11th, 2008 · 12 Comments

I’m seriously doing my part to stimulate the economy.¬† Between holiday presents for the kids, raw supplies for knitted gifts and stuff for me, lets just say the big brown truck has been at my house alot, along with my friendly letter carrier and Fedex :)¬† My new Van Eaton wheel is on its way and should arrive next week.¬† I’m really itching to play with it.¬† I have some new fiber on its way from Crown Mountain (Lady of the Lake, Shala and Mea Culpa) to get to know her with.¬†

I received another one of my recent purchases yesterday.¬† After the kids went to bed, I had to dig into the box.¬† Here’s what was inside.¬†

What's in the bag??

What's in the bag??

I included my iPhone for scale.  Whatever could it be?? 

Outta the bag

Outta the bag

Here’s the picture from the instruction manual to help visualize what this pile of parts will come together to be 🙂



Why yes, it is a loom!¬† It’s a DutchMaster 40/16 loom.¬† I bought it used through a posting on the Spin-Sales list.¬† I’ve since gone no-mail on it cause I couldn’t afford to keep stimulating the economy.¬† When the holiday knitting is done and I’m all spun out, I plan on doing a bit of weaving.¬† I was considering parting with my floor loom, a Leclerc 24“, but I’ve decided to hold onto it.¬† I just have to get it out of storage and find a good/safe way to store it in the basement so that it will survive the spring floods.¬† In the meantime, I’ll be using the DutchMaster.¬† It has more flexibility than one of my rigid heddles (will probably sell one of those), but not so much space is required as for the Leclerc.¬† win-win, ya?

It hasn’t been all fiber around here either.¬† I mentioned before that my company wants us developers to get Microsoft Certified.¬† To that end, I’ve been studying for the first exam.¬† I had been toting around one of them big programming books when I spied something very cool in one of those weekend circulars.¬† Enter this:

Acer Aspire One

Acer Aspire One

It’s my new netbook:¬† an Acer Aspire One .¬† iPhone again included for scale.¬† I have¬†not only the PDF version of the programming book I’d been schlepping around, but the self test application AND MS Visual C# development installed on it.¬† Awesome.¬† It’s become my go to meeting note taker platform as my typing is far faster and easier to read than my handwriting.¬† Add in Evernote and you have another win-win.¬† I lurve it!¬† This bad boy is small and light enough to go into my purse.¬† It weighs in at 2.6 lbs.¬† We weighed it on the postal scale here in the office because my boss wouldn’t believe it was under 3lbs.¬† I don’t have any trouble typing on it, which surprised me as I had loads of issues with the keyboard on my smaller Dell Laptop.¬†

Been a while since I posted one of these (yeah yeah, since I posted a real post at all).  Sorry for the lousy photo, but the weather here is less than stellar today.  You get the idea though.

And finally, the newest thing:

love the new baby smell
love the new baby smell

My youngest sister had her second, a baby girl, yesterday at 6:40pm.¬† 8lb 6oz, 20″.¬† Mom and Baby J are doing well.¬† Welcome J!¬† Look at those CHEEKS!

Craft on!
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Follow Up

November 24th, 2008 · 12 Comments


I guess its time to come clean. ¬†I mentioned recently that I was trying to get on the waiting list for a Wyatt Pegasus. ¬†Well on Friday I saw a sales post on the Spin-Sales group where someone was selling hers. ¬†Fortuitious no? ¬†Naturally I lept and sent an inquiry regarding the wheel. ¬†It was still available, however it was a right flyer and a miner’s head too.

Miner’s head scare me. ¬†That pointy bit of metal sticking out scares this klutzy individual witless. ¬†Additionally I’m also left flyer kind of girl. ¬†Its a gorgeous wheel that I’d still love, but that configuration just wouldn’t work for me. ¬†

However, in the background of one of the pictures she sent, I spotted a beautiful wheel. ¬†I re-read her posting, which had listed some 6 different wheels. ¬†Below the Jensen Tina II (which I usually remember last minute that I have one too) was a Van Eaton 24″ Production wheel in Black Walnut with many extra bobbins. ¬†I requested pictures of that if it was still available. ¬†It was and those pictures I received are the ones I posted as a teaser the other day. ¬†After doing some research into the wheel and getting the sellers opinion as to how it compares to say the Tina or a Schacht, i decided I had to have it. ¬†I sent off a check and when it clears, she’ll be shipping me my new wheel. ¬†I can’t wait.

You know what a new wheel means, right? ¬†One has to go. ¬†This one is a tad bittersweet for me. ¬†I sold my Lendrum folding wheel. ¬†My very first wheel. ¬†I know I can’t use it, it hurts the ankle too much, but she was my first. ¬†I also sold my drum carder. ¬†I don’t use that either. ¬†I have so little craft time that when i do have craft time, I’d much rather spin, then prepare fiber. ¬†That baby went off to her new home in Utah today.

So there you have the rest of the long story 🙂

As I don’t have enough going on, remember my sister is with child. ¬†A baby girl. ¬†Remember also that I spun me some yarn to knit the wee one a sweater. ¬†Well, last week after injuring my knee and spending the weekend laid up, I got some serious baby knitting done…

Whatever could this be?

Of course, it’s a Baby Surprise Sweater!



¬†Here’s a closeup of the cute little buttons I found in my stash:

Awww widdle bunny

Awww widdle bunny

We’re headed out to my sister’s house for the holiday. I’ll finish up the seams and sewing the buttons on before we leave on Wednesday. The baby girl keeps threatening to come early and this weekend provides to be a good time for sweater turnover 🙂

And because I don’t have enough going on, I took the kids to buy new coats last week. ¬†Three winters out of a single pair of coats just wasn’t to be 😉 ¬†Alex’s arms were finally getting too long for his, though Kat could probably have worn hers for another year. ¬†She just hates to wear a coat and had refused to put it on to day. ¬†I figured that maybe being able to pick a new one would take some of the coat sting away. ¬†So off to Sears and the Land’s End section we went. ¬†Out we walked with 3 new coats. ¬†One each for the monkeys and one for their mama. ¬†Got tired of that hideous raspberry coat I’ve been wearing for 4 winters now. ¬†Problem I generally have is that I wait until late in the season to buy and wind up with one that fits, but the ickiest to me color. ¬†Not this time. ¬†My new baby is a Land’s End Weatherly Parka in Spice Brown. ¬†Not surprisingly, this brown coat has pink and cream accents. ¬†Go figure. ¬†After years of Neapolitan rovings and yarns, my winter coat now matches. ¬†But it does mean that the charcoal and pale pink that I bought to make the Fiddlehead mittens now doesn’t match so well. ¬†I picked up a skein of Cascade 220 Superwash in a perfectly matching brown yesterday at MY. ¬†Last night I got busy:

Neapolitan Fiddlehead Mittens

The mittens will have a cream alpaca lining. MmmmMMmmMMM. Can’t wait!

That’s about it for today. ¬†I’m far behind in just about everything right now. ¬†Sorry 🙁

Have a happy Thanksgiving to all!

Craft on!

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Wooly Weekend

October 20th, 2008 · 18 Comments

I hope no one was counting on seeing pretty fall pictures, or shots of whacks of knitters/spinners or even sheep.¬† I had serious a serious case of camnesia even though I made sure to charge the battery Friday night.¬† Oh well.¬† Nothing new from me.¬† I’m trying to remember the last time I actually did take good festival pictures.

Anyway, for the first time in a long while, I actually stayed over for the festival.  When posing the age old question of Saturday vs. Sunday to my father, he suggested both.  Sold.  I drove up early Saturday morning, leaving my house at 8:00 and entered the promised land at 9:30 where I promptly met up with my weekend buddy, JessaLu. 

Saturday was very crowded.¬† Even early in the day.¬† So much so that I don’t think i will be going back next year on Saturday.¬† It is now too crowded.¬† Maryland crowded :(¬†¬† I didn’t do much shopping, but mostly socializing, reveling in the chance to see festival friends (Carole, Margene, Kim, Laurie, Cheryl, Kathy, Marcia, Marcy), local friends (Ina, Kim, Deb, Nancy, Chris, Jessica) and meet new friends (Lynne, Scout, etc.) – wow all that linky love was exhausting!¬† I apologize if I did not include you, the weekend is always such a whorlwind that involves blogging buds, festival buds, knitting buds and spinning guild buds all mixed together with the sites and sounds of the festival.

The weekend included sitting in the lobby of the hotel watching the Red Sox with fellow festival goers. 

While there are no pictures of the festival itself (and while I was tempted to take a shot of the folks in the lobby knitting to the game – I spun, my camera never came out), I do have photographic evidence of my much restrained weekend purchases.¬† Also note that I came home with one LESS spinning wheel then I went with 🙂

  • From left to right, even worsted weight yarn from Wild Apple Hill Wool in a charcoal color to make another sweater from A Fine Fleece.¬†
  • The white stuff is 1.5lbs of SW Merino/Bamboo from Sheep Shed.¬†
  • In front of that is a small supported spindle and bowl (which are barely visible).¬† Two braids of BFL from Susan’s Fiber Shop.
  • Next up is some interesting fiber that is set up to stripe.¬† It is a 4 color progression with each color being 1oz.¬† I bought 8 oz of it.¬† Not entirely sure how I”m going to spin it, but I’ll figure it out.
  • In front of that is a skein of laceweight and a skein of sock weight (both in the grey) from Tongue River.
  • The white mass is just about 2.5lbs of a border leceister roving to spin enough to make another sweater from A Fine Fleece.
  • Lastly, I picked up two Grafton batts.
  • Not shown were two little furry sleeping kittens in basket beds for the twins.

All in all, a rather restrained weekend for me.¬† I could have gotten more but I’ve become a touch more descriminating at festivals now.¬† I look at all items as to what I’m going to do with it rather than how darn pretty it is.¬†

Craft on!

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Getting There

October 6th, 2008 · 9 Comments

…. so very close…

You can see the one on the left is just thiiiiis much shorter than the one on the right.  I made some astounding progress on it yesterday.  This sucker is going down today.  Which leaves, seaming, collar, button bands and picking n sewing on of buttons.  Almost indeed.  I seriously loves it.

Yesterday I had one of the rare days when I was able to go shopping by myself.  Let me repeat that.  BY. MYSELF.  Neither kid wanted to come along.  I know I mentioned on Saturday that the stores in my county are closed on Sunday, but the county over threw off their blue laws ages ago.  We all schlep over to shop there.  Not that terribly far as the southern end of my town borders the river, which is also the county border.  And for perspective, the town is only 4 sq miles or so.

So anyway, yesterday, both kids opted to stay home which left me footlose and fancy free.¬† I wanted to get over to Michaels to take advantage of a sale on Patons Classic Merino.¬† I’d decided that this year’s teacher gifts are slightly larger booga bags [ravelry link].¬†¬† I spotted the new Lion Brand Wool while I was there and picked up a mix of both the Patons and the Wool to use to make two bags.¬† They’re up in the queue soon after finishing T&C.¬† I still need to make the twins hats/mittens/scarves first though.

I also reallly realllly realllllly want to make this:

That’s Yank by one of my most favorite designers, Bonne Marie.¬† While I’d love to use the Pastaza that Bonne used in the original, I couldn’t justify laying out the bucks for that much of it.¬† I did find that I had some Rowan Yorkshire Tweed Aran in stash but the note in Ravelry says I bought it for Juno and I didn’t like the color for this project.¬† Good thing I put the note in it though as I couldn’t remember from looking at the picture the why.¬†¬†¬† I picked up the LB Wool in a dark navy blue at Michaels.¬† It is a 4st” on US8, just a smidge smaller than the 4st” on US9 that the Pastaza is but I think it will work.¬† I’ll have to swatch it.¬† It won’t go to waste as I could always do one of the other sweaters in Fine Fleece with it.

When I got home (after getting lost in Clifton having made a wrong turn on the back roads), we had a quick lunch and then took the kids over to the open house at the local fire company.  They got to see what the inside of a house is like when there is a fire.  They crawled around in theatrical smoke trying to get from the entrance door to the balcony where a fireman awaited at the bottom of a pullout ladder.  Then came the fresh made donuts and apple cider from a local farm (which is sadly going out of business).  Up next was a short film on fire safety which culminated in a ride around town on the fire engine with lights and sirens running!!  Dad was sitting up front in the cab while the twins, mom and I sat in the middle seats facing rear.  The back of the truck was filled with kids.  We even went down our block!  The kids loved it.  After we got back to the stationhouse, the kids got balloons and played on and around equipment with their friends, whose father is on the squad.

A good time was had by all and the weather was just lovely for it.

Craft on!

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August 15th, 2008 · 7 Comments

So yesterday I mentioned that I was thinking about doing mittens. Seems like a good idea yes? I need a small purse project and I’m somewhat out of love with socks again. And we can always use new mittens. I headed for my knitting bookshelf in the basement and came back with this small selection:

Why yes, I do have a few mitten books. I spent the next hour flipping through, getting all excited about a pattern, mentally reviewing stash and what Modern Yarn carries only to pile em all back up and move em back to the basement. I also sort of decided to let the twins have some voice in what I make them this year. I went back to knitting Ballerina and took it happily off to SnB last night.

I mentioned my mitten book excitement and how I couldn’t settle down on a pair at SnB. I was also looking at a newly restocked collection of Rowan Felted Tweed. Paige suggested Jared’s mittens in the new Vogue Knitting. So…

+ = mitten project.

I actually bought enough of the Felted Tweed so that I can fudge a coordinating hat and perhaps neck wrap of some sort.

While I was at it, I flipped through both Vogue and the fall IK.¬†¬† I have to admit, I’m underwhelmed by the IK and am not sorry that I’ve let my subscription lapse.¬† As to Vogue, I’ve never been a big fan as there were far more of the “what where they thinking” kind of projects as compared to something that I would actually knit.¬† I have to say, I really like this issue.¬† There were at least 4 sweaters that I’d love to make and a whole collection of mittens.¬† Awesome.

No, I haven’t started the mittens yet, need to dig out the DPN’s, so I worked on Ballerina during my commute.

The short rows are getting quite long!¬† I’m this close..

.. to finishing up this striped section and working the solid blue gusset that sits next to the middle back stripes.¬† You know, that sentence makes no sense even to me and I KNOW the pattern! Suffice it to say that that little clump of blue stitches on the needle are what are left to be eaten up in the “short” rows.

I’m somewhat amazed at how much progress I can make on a particular project when working solely on it.¬† Project monogamy:¬† who knew?!¬† I haven’t touched anything since Ballerina returned to¬† active duty.¬† I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that I’ve made this much progress, but I am.¬† I do need to put something in my purse as Ballerina lives in my small tote bag and doesn’t go everywhere with me.¬† I’ve been caught sans knitting recently, like on the iPhone line, because of that state.¬† I did pick up some new sock yarn last night as well, and nearly started the a pair this morning, but I hates the circs that I brought.¬† Cable is far too enthusiastic for me.¬† I might have to venture out at lunchtime and pick up new ones.¬† Maybe Century 21 for a new purse and then to Seaport for DPNS.¬† sounds like a plan.¬† Then I can knit this yarn….

I know, socks??!¬† What a concept 😉

Craft on (and have a wonderful weekend!)

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Quality Time

May 29th, 2008 · 5 Comments

If Tuesday is for Twirling, Wednesday is for WIPs.. lets break em out.  

Kat's Amore!

First up is Kat’s Amore. ¬†I’ve made some decent progress on the first sleeve. ¬†I haven’t exactly been a monogamous knitter with this, which explains why it isn’t finished yet. ¬†I’m guilty of reading on the train again. ¬†I’m still deep in my¬†Philippa Gregory obsession and am on the third of her books and as I’m coming towards the end of it, the less I knit on the train and the more I read. ¬†Never fret, I have two more of her books waiting in the wings 🙂 ¬†Anyway, I should be getting back to this shortly.

Orkney Pi

Seeing as it was still WIP Wednesday and I’m trying to whittle them down before the SOL and SOS officially being on 6/21 and not actually start anything else (a big problem right about now), I pulled out some golden oldies. ¬†I had to transfer Orkney Pi to a longer cable so took the opportunity to get a better picture of at least part of this pi shawl. ¬†This morning on the train I neither read nor knitting on Amore, but worked 2 rounds on this. ¬†Yes, only two. ¬†Each is now 640 stitches. ¬†She’s going to be a big girl when she grows up as there is a 1280 stitch section after this one.

kauni eq

Not to be outdone, I spend some of my WIP Wednesday time Winding. ¬†I spent good quality time with my ball winder. ¬†Remember way back when I started the Kauni, I figured out that one of my four skeins was wound in the opposite direction. ¬†As I’m nearing the ends of the first skeins, it was time to do something about it. ¬†I rewound both of the remaining skeins so that they are going in the same color progression. ¬†This picture makes me smile. ¬†I’ve since broke off the remaining yarn and connected these two to the sleeve at the right points in the color progression. ¬†Fortunately I didn’t loose much in the way of yardage to accomplish this task. ¬†I have Kauni in the car in case I get motivated to work on her this evening at SnB. ¬†

sasquatch sock

I know I announced a few days ago that I was starting new socks with the Flat Feet yarn I bought a while back. ¬†Well I did. ¬†Except I can’t say as I enjoyed knitting with crinkly frogged yarn very much. ¬†It is pretty but not a pleasurable experience when paired with a lace sock. ¬†I’m not much in the mood to knit plain socks at the moment and definitely not in the mood to unravel the entire Flat, wash and wait, so back into stash it goes. ¬†I pulled out another new to me yarn, Lime & Violet’s Sasquatch Sock in Mahjong. ¬† I have the pattern for Ina’s SOS2007 design winner all printed out and ready to go. ¬†

You might think that that was all the time I spent with the ball winder, but you’d be wrong. ¬†I had some seriously quality and quantity time with it. ¬†My merino laceweight arrived and I was eager to get that wound. ¬†All 1750 yards of it. ¬†That would be the downside to lace! ¬†It was all I could do to not cast on for it last night. ¬†I did content myself to making a stitch marker for the center stitch. Yup, truly rediscovered the whole beading hobby 🙂



I figured that while I had the camera out, I should find the little bookworm bobbin lace project. ¬†I tracked down where my daughter hid it. ¬†isn’t it cute? ¬†I now am using it for its intended purpose. ¬†Why yes, as a bookmark! ¬†I loves it :)¬†


Since I haven’t posted a picture of the popular and goofy cat in a while, here she is in all her glory. ¬†Even declawed she manages to get into odd spots. ¬†I snapped this this morning after I spotted her sitting on the top of the high back chair in the living room. ¬†Good old Sara.

Having now spent quality time with the posting tool, I’m off to spend some quality time with my .NET console program to extract users from Active Directory.

Craft on!

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Pound of Love

May 21st, 2008 · 6 Comments


..ew, not that horrible yarn, that dreaded ass-crylic (thanks Kim for that name!).  No, this is much better yarn.  This is my handspun.  The first handspun off the new Ladybug too.

I haven’t yet measured the yardage in these two huge skeins of yarn so no, I haven’t a clue what I’ve got.¬† One ply is the Mystery Bump from Still River Mill.¬† The other is BFL from Little Barn.¬† Both fibers were purchased this year at MDSW.¬† I know, I’m shocked too.¬† I did the spinning in about a week.¬† Saturday I pulled out the Fricke eSpinner, dug up a couple of empty Majacraft WW bobbins and got busy.¬† Over the course of 3 hours I filled up 3 bobbins completely and finished all the singles while I watched The Tudors on Showtime.¬† (I LOVE that show!!!!).¬† Sunday I used the skeiner for Suzie and wound off the bobbins.¬† I joined two of them to make that massive skein on the left.¬†¬† After three days of hanging about, the yarn is finally dry.¬† I might actually try and figure out how much I have.¬† It’s about a worsted weight. I have no doubts that I’ll have enough yardage to make the little miss a cardi out of it.¬† I’m planning a top down raglan for her.¬† She’s requested ties like my recent sweater.¬† I can honor that request!¬† Now that clapo-two is done, I can get to work on this for her.

In between futzing with the blog and updating the template finally (I’d been using the default Kubrick theme since moving to WordPress in January – kind of embarassing for someone who makes their living doing web work eh?) I decided what lace I want to do for the coming season of lace.¬† Call it a convergence of yarn and pattern.


First I saw a link to an indie dyer’s Etsy store while reading the SOL board on Ravelry.¬† The colors in the banner just drew my mouse to it and I was powerless in avoiding the click.¬† A few more clicks and I found THE yarn.¬† (Picture from ColorfulSheep).¬† That is 1750 yards of dyed laceweight merino.¬† I’m a sucker for laceweight merino.¬† Not to mention completely incapable of using stash yarn, but I digress.

Mystic Waters Shawl

Anyway, after being compelled to order that yarn, I knew the right pattern for its deep blue goodness:¬† Mystic Waters!¬† I’ve seen a bunch of these done on Ravelry and throughout my blog travels (of which I’m terribly behind right about now) and just adore it.¬† (Picture is naturally not mine – but click for bigness).¬† I’m really looking forward to working on this!¬† I wonder if I can whip out Kat’s sweater before the SOL starts.¬† Hmmm…

Craft on!

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April 25th, 2008 · 7 Comments

I feel an inexorable pull towards lace projects now, especially with the warmer weather upon us.¬† I have zero desire to sit with a big pile o’wool in my lap, even with the A/C on as it has been the last few nights at home.¬† I think the remaining sweaters in my WIP pile (Ballerina, Kauni and Autumn Rose) will go into hibernation until the end of the summer OR I burn out on making lace and socks (which will be mental vacation from lace).

Now I do realize I have a couple of lace items already in the works namely the Orkney Pi, Leaf Lace and oh yeah Tina, but I’m really itching to do a cobweb shawl.¬†¬† You might remember that this past summer I developed an attachment to¬†a particular pattern and have been swatching on and off (not to mention amassing a variety of cobweb weight yarns) since.¬† I’m “this close” to finalizing that decision.¬† It is down to two with one still needing a swatch.¬† I balled that sucker up, now I just need to sit down with the needles.¬† Maybe this weekend.


Anyway, I have a bit of a quandry.¬† In the interim, I picked up another Sharon Miller pattern or two.¬† Then last night as Jessica and I were leaving MY, I spotted new Habu cones.¬† Sitting right out front was this gorgeous brown that reads plum in some lights of 60/2 Kenbo Silk.¬† I fell in love with it on the spot.¬† When a yarn yells that loudly, you must have it.¬†¬† So I bought two cones, which is about 3600yds.¬† Enough for WRS, but not Princess.¬† I thought about readjusting what I had earmarked for WRS, but nothing was enough to do Princess and the 60/2 was the PERFECT weight for it too.¬† I called MY this morning, they have 2 more cones in the brown that are now put on the side for me :)¬† I’ll have to swatch to find the right size needle though the ones Sharon suggests for this weight is either¬†a US00 or US0.¬† {hee hee}¬† Let my summer of madness lace begin!

Oh wait, where’s the quandry you ask.¬† Um, here it is.¬† Which of these insane shawls do I start with?¬† Or do I bypass jumping into the deep end of the cobweb pool and perhaps start with something smaller like the Unst stole that I have had the yarn for a while?¬† Or as was suggested to me last night that if I start smaller, won’t I burn out on lace before I even get to the good stuff? Good point.¬† Sigh.¬†

Craft on!

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Sunny Sunday

October 22nd, 2007 · 16 Comments

I don’t know why I keep a camera in my purse at all times because when presented with a fiber festival, I come down with fatal camnesia.   I finally remembered I had it as I headed home and saw the gorgeous view from the Rhinecliff Bridge.


The weather was gorgeous, maybe a tad warm for the lovely woolens that everyone was sporting.   

I took this picture shortly after, surprised (and not surprised) by the readings for late October..


It got to wear Minimalist, saw a number of Clapotis and best yet, saw up close and in person glorious Kauni sweaters.  At 4:30PM yesterday, my car was reading 75F.  I kind of liked the effect in this shot, you can see me in the rear view mirror.  That was so accidental.  The happy glow on the face totally disappeared not too long after when I got stuck for far too long in g-d awful traffic on the Thruway.  Stupid Thruway.  The drive up took just about 90 minutes.  It took me 2.5 hours to get home.

It was a wonderful day, but it usually is.  I did buy some things, but not much by a Crazy standard.  It was more about seeing and being with friends, some that I get to see regularly, and those that I only see during Festival Season.  I met up rather early with Jessica and spent a lovely day shopping and gabbing with her.  She makes a great festival buddy!  Thank you Jessica.  I won’t spill as to her big purchase, but it was a good one 🙂

The blogger/Ravelry meetup at 1pm was much smaller than the Saturday showing, but still, a great opportunity to see old friends.  Cheryl and Kathy both tried on my newly finished Minimalist! I got to touch Stephanie’s Kauni in person!  (BTW Lynne, it is not the softest of soft yarns.  I reminds me greatly of a shetland – much like that stuff I’m knitting Autumn Rose from.  I still send you a snip when mine arrives which should be seriously soon!).  I toured the Sheep to Shawl with Brooke, whom I’m always happy to see.  I ran into the MY SnB Gals, Ina, Katie and Nancy a number of times over the course of the day.  Quality time was spent in Brooks Farm and Merlin Tree with Laurie and Juno, both of whom I’m always happy to see.  I ran into Cassie and got to meet Sigga Sif, who probably came the furthest for the festival!  Travels through the festival also met with Cate, Manise, Marcy, Teresa (who was sporting a gorgeous Indigo Ripples Skirt!) and Norma.  I was also pleased to finally be able to put faces with the names to Danielle, Feminitmafia, Eklectika, Maia and Rachael.  (Boy does this linky love take time!)  I’m sure there were others who I’m sorry if I’ve forgotten you!  I was a seriously senile slacker who forgot to put on my Blogger Bingo Square button and didn’t print out my game board either.  Sigh.  All in all, a fabulous day filled with those who get it.

Get it, I did.  But on a small scale.

Lace weight from Skaska that I now realize is about 1300 yds short of Wedding Ring Shawl (shall order another skein)


5 skeins of Four Play from Brooks Farm destined to be Ribby Pullover..


One ounce of totally yummy cashmere roving and a super small spindle from Golding to spin it on (which I started last night)…


closeup of pretty little spindle… ( can get the specs on this baby if anyone is interested )


A beautiful set of Lantern Moon DPNS in US1.  They might just become my gold standard for sock knitting..


And finally, 8oz each of Merino and a Merino/Tensel blend (Jordan’s Choice) from Sheep Shed.  These will be spun to about a sport/dk weight to knit either Eunny’s Argyle Vest or something similar.


That’s pretty restrained by crazy fiber lady standards I’d say! 

I’ll end with a picture of my mutant purebred cat with her serious underbite…


Oh yeah, I finished the first sleeve for Autumn Rose and started the second while rooting on those Red Soxs!!  Dudes they rock.


Craft on!

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Tags: Stash Enhancement