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Sew ‘n Slash

September 6th, 2011 · 3 Comments

Labor Day I hit the nerve wracking stage of the Kauni sweater.  The time where I finished knitting the body stitches and the next step involves a sewing machine and scissors.

1. finish body

2. The Steek helper - Vintage Singer Featherweight

3. Sew

4. Take a deep breath - there's no going back...

5. Lay it out

6. Revel in the magic

Craft on!

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Note to self

April 15th, 2010 · 3 Comments

If you’re going to do sashiko, or embroidery or any kind, it is a really good idea to bring scissors with you. Embroidery floss does not break with a little pull like wool yarn does.

Guess who knit on the train last night afterall!

At least the first sleeve for October Frost got a decent start.

Craft on!

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Not my fault

April 14th, 2010 · 4 Comments

I blame Dorre for this. As if I needed another hobby that involved yarn/string/thread, she showed up last week at our Panera Stitch ‘n Bitch with some thread based craft I’d never seen before. Sashiko. A linear embroidery from Japan.

I watched her doing it with great curiosity though I did decline the invitation to try it then and there. But the itch was forming. I’m powerless in the face of thread 🙂

Friday morning, I ordered a couple of starter kits. Boy shipping can take forever when you’re itching :). I actually regretted the fact that Friday was my work from home day and that I couldn’t just hop the subway up to Purl and pick up a kit NOW!!!!

So my first kit arrived with yesterday’s mail: Circles. I finally got to play. I’ve finished almost all the first lines. This is just what the doctor ordered for my work tired brain that read the cable chart upside down Monday evening and had to rip back four rows. Ugh.

So there you have it. A new obsession is born.

Craft on!

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Always Moving

April 12th, 2009 · 5 Comments

If you’ve been around here long enough, you’ve probably discovered that I’m never idle.¬† I just can’t sit still and do nothing, which explains all the hobbies.¬† Well, I’ve added another one!


I’ve been eying this one for a while now.¬† A long while.¬† Way back at either my first or second NYSW, I saw someone demonstrating the using of a marudai and was fascinated.¬† Last year I bought one of those cheap foam discs to try it one.¬† Liked it but didn’t like the slowness in the foam disc, moving one strand at a time.¬† It was limiting.¬† So when a local fiber friend posted on a mailing list that she was selling one of her kumihimo set for less than I could buy a new one, I jumped.¬† Yesterday I drove out to her house and picked it up.

Love it!¬† Now I need to figure out a use for all those braids 😉

I’ve been off since Wednesday afternoon and have managed to keep myself busy.¬† I whipped out a tiered skirt for Kat in pink quilting fabrics that she picked out.¬† She was able to wear it for the family gathering at the Seder on Thursday.¬† And then she wore it again Friday.¬† And again Saturday.¬† I have no photos as the thing now needs a wash 😉

However, I did manage to finish Alex’s dinosaur quilt.


As with Kat’s, I did in the ditch quilting and machine applied the binding.¬† While my new binding foot arrived, it was too small for the wide binding that I picked up at Joann’s.¬† Sigh.¬† Oh well, maybe the next one will have a binding that doesn’t look like ass.

Another finished sewing object is this:


It is an Alexander Henry fabric, that I lined with the coordinating fabric:


I found this tutorial and made a home for my beloved MacBook.¬† It fits perfectly and I’m quite happy with it.¬† I have more of the fabric and a few plans 😉

I finally finished the Tulip Cardigan for my niece.  I spent a few hours on Thursday finishing the second sleeve and weaving in all those stupid ends.


While I love how it came out, I seriously hated the yarn.¬† Sublime Cashmerino Baby.¬† It was awful to work with.¬† I also thing if i were to make this pattern again (and I probably will since I bought some 220 in similar colors to knit it for Kat), I’m going to modify so that the button bands aren’t picked up at the end but knit along at the same time.

It isn’t all about finishing at Chez CFL.¬† Oh no.¬† It is time to start something new!¬† I watched Amy knitting this sweater and decided I had to have one too!¬† I had taken advantage of Web’s recent sale on Cascade and stashed up recently.


I cast on a few minutes ago.  The base color is reading purple by the camera.  Which is not how my eyes see it.  In my oddly lit bedroom, I see brown.  But then you look at the closeup at Webs and it is a rainbow of colors.  It is color 4006: Galaxy.


Galaxy indeed.¬† It is a galaxy of colors!¬† I kept Kat busy for a while this morning with the ball winder 😉

Since Dad has the kids off at the duck pond, I’m off to play with something.

Craft on!

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Hodge Podge

March 26th, 2009 · 3 Comments

This is going to be one of those a little of this, a little of that posts. ¬†My head hurts due to the impending rain storm and I’m having a little trouble concentrating. ¬†Which isn’t a good thing as I have a massive amount to do at work and a code freeze at the end of April. ¬†Sigh. ¬†I’m hoping the excedrin and pseudofed I took will kick in soon and let me get some work done. ¬†Until then…

Here’s some random stuff.


I finished assembling the blocks for Kat’s quilt topper last night. ¬†I’ve been sewing for the last two nights. ¬†Tues night I was a bit tired and kind of futzed things ups in assembling the rows of 4 blocks. ¬†Instead of right sides together, I did on row with wrong sites. ¬†Didn’t notice it until I naturally finished all the blocks on the row. ¬†To compound the problem, while ripping out the defective seams, I pulled one of the good ones from the middle of the block. ¬†Fortunately I managed to not screw up any further and made decent progress. ¬†Last night I finished the rest. ¬†


I still have to add the sashing but that shouldn’t be too much trouble 😉 ¬†Hopefully this weekend I’ll make it up to Joann’s and pick up some batting and backing fabric. ¬†I’ll probably machine quilt it on the Featherweight with some simple in the ditch quilting. ¬†Someday I’d like to get a free arm thingy but right now I don’t have the room for it. ¬†I’ve ordered a bunch of charm packs online so I have future quilts planned. ¬†I need to get some boy patterns and make one for Xander. ¬†I found that the kit I picked up for him was all floral patterns. ¬† I need to surf a bit 😉

Location, Location, Location

I know I posted a view to the south of my office building. ¬†The view to the West isn’t much better, though it can be interesting. Directly across the street from us is a NYU dorm building. ¬†Depending on the modesty of the students and whether they’ve figured out how to work the shades in their room, the view from our conference rooms can be distracting during a meeting 🙂 ¬†

Its the Northern and Eastern views from the office that are on the money. ¬†I know I was taken by them when I first showed up for my interview. ¬†Here’s due east:


South Street Seaport & East River

South Street Seaport & East River

and this is the northern view:


Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

This would explain why i was a little freaked out watching I Am Legend.  I was much relieved when I got into the office the next morning and saw the bridge still intact!  Sadly, my cubicle is on the western side of the floor and while I can see through a window, I see dorm space.


Been a while since I posted a pet picture. ¬†I’m still amazed oh-s0-many years after becoming a cat person, as to how very flexible they are and how comfy they can get.


Getting comfy

Getting comfy

Finally, there’s this great list: ¬†10 Business Lessons Learned from BSG. ¬†You might not have ever watched the show, or even like scifi (though scifi at its best is just a commentary on our current situations in a spaceship wrapper and BSG is that in spades!), but I think this list is spot on. ¬†Your thoughts?

Okay, headache is taming so I’m off to write some code. ¬†Tonight is SnB. ¬†Yay!

Craft on!

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Its her fault

March 21st, 2009 · 7 Comments

JessaLu’s. ¬†It’s all her fault. ¬†Her eye candy friday post had me not only coveting her 50mm lens for the digital SLR, but also an antique sewing machine. ¬†I couldn’t do much about the lens, but found myself trolling the ‘net for antique Singers. ¬†I started out looking for the same model she has, 15-91, and after having her take a peek at a number of ads on Craigslist, I found, based on her reaction, the motherlode. ¬†

A fellow fiber nut by the name of Vanessa was selling off not only a 15-91 but a Featherweight 221 in excellent working condition.  After dinner, Kat and I headed over to her house where I bought it.  We then spent a good hour or so just gabbing.   I had a wonderful time meeting her and hope to see her again soon.

I didn’t get home with the new toy until almost 10pm and it was far too late to play with it, especially since the kids were still up. ¬†I did look up the serial number on the Singer website. ¬† My new baby was born March 4, 1937 in Elizabeth, NJ, not too terribly far away and a town I had to pass through in order to get to Vanessa’s. ¬†I thought that apropos.

Today, I was able to fully fall in love.  Behold:




I’m in love. ¬†She and I have made quick work of that pink quilt that I’ve been hand piecing on and off for almost a year now. ¬†


Thanks Jess 🙂 ¬†And thank you for my new bag!


I have a thing for apples 🙂

So you don’t think its all sewing, all the time, I’ve been spinning too. ¬†I finished 3 more bobbins worth from that never ending bag of CVM on the Russo wheel. ¬†


Off to play with the new wheel…

Craft on!

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December 2nd, 2007 · 7 Comments

The reason I’ve been so quiet is that I’ve been on vacation since right before Thanksgiving.  Monday before, I got a surprise when my boss informed me I had 7 vacation days that I needed to take before the end of the year.  What a better time than to pair with a 4 day weekend.  So I’ve been home and busy.  Thanksgiving was at our house this year and it was filled with family.  No better way than that to spend the day.

Black Friday, the folks and I hit a store for a bargain.  This one is mine…


Damn, the xbox looks good on that!  And yes, I’ve been spending significant time playing with that toy.  Got mom hooked on it too.  After the kids go to bed for the night, we sit down and play Lego Star Wars or Puzzle Quest (thanks Lizzy for that one!).

I managed to sneak into the eye doctor on Monday for my first appt in 6 years.  Turns out that the nearsightedness that I’ve had since starting college has resolved itself thanks to aging 😉  I now need reading glasses.  My doctor recommended saving the cash and buying a pair of .75 or 1.0 glasses from the pharmacy.  Works nicely so far and working on kauni has been made easier.

Speaking of Kauni, while I haven’t knit much over the last 11 days there has been some progress to speak of.  I’m pass the beginning of the front neck steek and halfway through the reductions.


In other knitting news, it is teacher gift season. New school means new teachers that haven’t received a particular gift already.  I’ve sort of decided to set a standard gift of the One Row Scarf from Stephanie in a yummy yarn.  Malabrigo to be exact.  Here’s the first.


I’ve also been doing some sewing.  I made two little skirts for Kathryn out of quilting stash fabric.  Each skirt took just under 3 fat quarters.  I’ll definitely make a few more of these for her. 


Finally, this morning we awoke to find it snowing.  The kids were eager to go outside.  They helped clean off the cars before embarking with Pop-pop to make a snowman on the driveway.


It’s been a confusing seasonal change around here for sure…


Craft on!

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August 24th, 2006 · 26 Comments

I have to admit that I really don’t have anything to say. I’ve been knitting and reading, but nothing exciting has been going on. After what happened this spring, that probably isn’t such a bad thing.

Work is going very well and I’m enjoying what I am doing. I look forward to the challenges that this position affords as I rebuild the company intranet. Thanks to the company, I’ve become a bit of a clothes horse, taking full advantage of the company discount. My wardrobe was never this nice before!

The monkeys are doing well. They’ve discovered the joy that is lego (though walking thru their room barefoot has me calling it something else). They’ll happily fritter away an hour playing with those colorful blocks while I sit and knit. Cate was right, it does get easier. That isnt to say that I don’t sometimes look forward to a Monday every now and again.

Work proceeds apace on the two Dale sweaters for the monkeys. No I haven’t yet finished the body for Al’s yet. Though I am halfway through the snowflake on Kat’s first sleeve. I’ll probably take A’s sweater to the Modern Yarn SnB tonight and finally finish the body.

Like I really needed another project (yes I fell off my own WIP Wipeout – any surprise there?), I started something new. The picture is the beginning of the Leaf Lace Shawl in Moss Green Misti Alpaca Lace. I blame this on the store that shall remain nameless where I first met and fondled this yarn. I had to have some. My first thought was the shawl in the new IK, but it has those pesky nupps. Homey don’t do nupps. So I put the yarn back and only bought the koigu (first sock was restarted last night during Project Runway). When I got back to the office I did a little project surfing and decided on the color first and ordered it from The Point. I actually picked it up on Friday when I went for an afterwork shopping excursion that also included J.Crew and Purl. I figured what pattern would be better for a moss green yarn than this one, so I ordered it. I’m pretty sure I started this Sunday night (and haven’t touched it since) but my short term memory resembles nothing more than swiss cheese. So far I’m loving it, though I really do need to finish some WIPs off.

I am about to hit a blog milestone. 2000 comments is around the corner. I’ll be picking up something tonight at MY for two lucky recipients who drops a comment around said milestone…. the first recipient will be the actual 2000th commenter while the other will be randomly selected winner. I’ll post pictures of the prizes tomorrow. You know what to do. Good luck.

Craft on!

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Coming Clean

October 25th, 2005 · 5 Comments

At first I wasn’t going to blog this, my first sewing project with the new machine, a failure.  But I fessed up in couple of emails so I figured it was out anyway, might as well come clean entirely.  I started Kat’s blanket Sunday night after washing and pressing the fabric.  The flannel was just so cozy and the sheep so cute.  I was planning on 12" blocks, 3 across and 4 down for a 36 x 48 or so finished quilt.  Simple.  Quick.  Would get the job done.  Same thing for Alexander, just different fabrics.  I cut the sheep and the yellow companion fabric.  I started assembling and after putting together two rows, I learned that flannel shreds.  Terribly.  With just a little tug, certainly less force than it would face in a quick match between the twins, the sheep fabric shredded and the panels came apart.  Great.  I’ve decided to go for whole cloth quicky blankets and bought some bias tape for the edges while buying more sheep fabric.  I’ll add stitching for loft and call them done.  In the meantime, I bought fabric to make a totebag or two (picked up a pattern when I bought the machine).  I might start on Alex’s blanket and get the stitching done and just have to add the bias tape when it gets here.  Kat has the old crib comforter so she can wait.  I figure i’ll make nice quilts for them for either the spring or when they move to real twin beds, whichever comes first.  I have to say, I like Maryellen’s suggestion of the Hidden Wells quilt pattern.  I’ll start checking my stash for appropriate fabrics.  I used to subscribe to the Fat Quarter of the Month club and don’t remember using 99% of them.  There, I feel better having gotten that off my chest. 

Slw1bWhile I don’t have any fabric pictures to show yet, I do have a progress picture of my fingerless lace handwarmers for the contest over at EZasPi.  I did some major work on them last night, finally hitting the thumb and working past it.  I experimented with a couple of patterns for the top border, but wasn’t happy with them and tinked back.  I’ve instead gone for a few rounds of garter stitch to keep the top happy.  I bound off this morning on the train and am now working the thumb.  This has been a very satisfying project.  Because I thought I lost one of the DPN’s, I switched to the sleeve for Twist on the Path Train.  Fortunately, I found the needle lying on the floor of the car as I moved my bag to let someone sit down next to me.  Whew.  I have no more spare needles in Rosewood in this size.  I snapped one at Rhinebeck pulling the glove out to show someone and am already using the fifth for the set.

While I’m coming clean I might as well fess up to this purchase.  Kx350Lest someone think that I’m all about acquiring toys, I honestly am not.  It just looks that way recently.  I did pick this up, rather cheaply I might add, on eBay.  It’s a Brother KX-350 mid-gauge knitting machine.  I don’t think its in production anymore so you can only get them used.  I had one of these babies about 5 years ago and snapped the bed one day when it slipped.  I tossed it in a fit of rage.  I probably could have fixed it, but that’s neither here nor there.  I’ve been thinking about getting a new one since and after the Knitter’s Review article, I decided to do it.  I also have a standard gauge and a bulky machine, both with ribbers.  I think they’re both Brother/KnitKing punchcards and I have the garter carriage for the standard. Oh and yeah, there’s another machine hidding in the closet, a Singer standard gauge with ribber, but this one instead of punchcards reads mylar film.  I know, collecting is a problem.  I’m ready to part with the Singer, just would hate like hell to ship it.  Damn thing weighs a ton and hell to find a box for.  Interested?  Let’s make a deal 🙂 The mid-gauges are perfect for the handknitters weights of yarns.  With the fast(ish) growing toddlers about my house, being able to whip out more for them is the primary reason I picked this up.  But I bet I could also whip out Clapotis finally. 😉

Craft on!

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Stitch in Time

October 24th, 2005 · 7 Comments

My mother asked me a while ago what I’d like for my birthday.  I really didn’t know what I wanted.  Finally on Friday I decided and told her.  She ran it by my dad, who okayed it and then Saturday, the two of us (well 4 as the twins came along too) went shopping.  I got this:

Singer7468 The Singer 7468 Sewing Machine.  I have an entry level Brother machine that while it works, doesn’t do a lot of things. I couldn’t drop the feed dogs or adjust the presser foot.  I could sew a straight line though.  I’ve drooled over some of the sewing that my fellow bloggers have been doing recently.  Having started sewing long before HomeEc in junior high, I knew I had it in me as well.  I was sewing an off the shoulder blouse in HomeEc while my classmates made pillows 🙂  I figured a good machine was called for. I originally priced out the model below this one, the 7466, unsure of what the folks wanted to spend (but with a general idea based on previous year’s gift) and figured that the 7466 would be machine enough and I’d cover the difference if any.  The deal I found for it was fabulous, priced extremely well and probably $50 less than anyone else.  Even better, he’s located in NJ, not too far from home (drive was less than 30 min even in the rain) and told me on the phone that he’d match the online price for a phone order.  As a bonus, Elizabeth NJ is an economic recovery zone and the sales tax is cut there from 6% (statewide flat rate) to 3%.  Only thing, he didn’t have any more 7466’s in stock, would be getting them in soon and could ship one.  I guess I sounded eager to drive on down and pick up a machine that day as it was then he made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.  He offered me the $399 7468 for $299 and wished me a happy birthday.  I added the carrying case and called it a day. You need a new machine or service on an existing one, please check out Elizabeth Sewing, you’ll be glad you did.

Yesterday, after a 3 hour nap, we (mom, twins and I) headed off for Jo-Anns for some fabric.  I need to make the twins new blankets as they are now officially too big for the hand crocheted blankets mom made them.  I figured I’d make them some quick comforters out of a cozy flannel.  Kat helped me decide which fabric to get her.  While I had picked out some seriously girly pink with ballerina fabric, I said the word sheep and she repeated it over and over and over again, crying out for the sheepy fabric.  That’s my girl.  The boy was too busy droping his toys out the stroller to pay attention to fabric.  ( is down otherwise I’d show the fabric selections – yeah, didn’t take pictures of it myself 🙂  Expect action sewing shots in the near future. 

I did some spinning this weekend.  I futzed with a variety of different rovings and the eagle eyed will notice that the "On the Wheels" list got much smaller.  I decided that one full Lendrum bobbin of the blue/pink Romney Roving was more than enough for a pair of socks.  Not much else that I wanted from that colorway and after weighing it, listed it on eBay.   I pulled out the cormo roving and while it spins beautiful, the resulting yarn is springier than what I had in mind for a gansey so I tucked it back in the closet fighting the urge to break it down and sell it.  I then pulled out the CVM roving and after futzing with it for a while, it too met the same fate.  Actually that one was sold quickly and is boxed up and ready to go.  I did finally sit and spin without selling the remainder.  Deb, when she came to test my wheels a while ago, brought a lovely hostess gift of a gorgeous white pindrafted shetland roving.  It will be perfect for the center section of my Shetland Anniversary Pi shawl.  I’m spinning it pretty darn fine and plied, should be a good laceweight.  While I haven’t started either the merino for the Clapotis, or played with one of the fleeces designated for a sweater, I’m being tempted by a Wensleydale/BFL Pin-drafted roving on eBay.  How wonderful would that be for a gansey??  The price of the roving is good, but her shipping is a tad high, I do have a question is as to whether she’d combine shipping. 

I’d like to thank everyone for their assistance with the whole gansey v. aran question I posted.  I pulled out my Starmore Fishermen’s Sweaters to consult it as well.  The interpretation I’m walking away with is a gansey/guernsey/aran are all fishermen’s sweaters.  The difference is the weight of the yarn and the construction method.  While it will mean more spinning, I’m aiming for a gansey. 

That should do it for now,

Craft on!

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