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This and That

August 31st, 2011 · 4 Comments

This will be a post with lots of randomness to it.  First, the last finished project.

Spunky Neapolitan Socks

  • Yarn:  Spunky Eclectic
  • Colorway:  Neapolitan
  • Needles:  US1
  • Pattern:  Basic over 52 st
  • Started: 08/03/11
  • Finished: 08/27/11
They aren’t quite so dark, but the poor iPhone camera was terribly fooled by the awful lighting conditions in my room.

Next up:

I had to restart Kat’s sock.    I started with too few stitches yesterday and wound up with a really really pointed toe.  This time, instead of six(12), I cast on 12(24) using that awesome method I linked a while ago.  I’m much further along as of my morning commute, however, I learned a very important lesson:  you can’t take a decent picture of knitware on your lap while on a moving subway train 🙂  I would have waited but next stop was mine.  Better picture tomorrow.

The kids have me dizzy.  For quite a while they not only refused to wear my handknit items, they actually pointedly asked me to buy them something instead.  Okay.  Fair enough.  I respected their wishes, and really, redirected the knitting energy on ME.  I am a selfish knitter after all.  So now?  They’ve both put in a request list:  socks, hats and sweaters!  Wow.

This has me scratching my head a bit.  All over the city, they are removing cobblestones and/or paving over them.  What’s going on out here in the boondocks known as DUMBO?

They’re actually putting down cobblestones!  I’m not a huge fan of the pretty bricks.  Chalk it up to my foot size and/or my terrible ankles, but I have a heck of a time walking on these things.  They are a broken ankle waiting to happen if you ask me!

Pet peeve:  listening to people chew.  Totally squicks me out.  Sadly, two days a week I have to hear it at work.  I have a co-worker who blessedly works from home most of the week.  I saw blessedly as when she’s here she nibbles on ice.  ALL.  DAY.  LONG.  She sits in my bionic hearing rang.  I hope after the move that my desk is across as it is getting old having to sit with the headphones in all day.  I think I’m beyond the point where I can gently ask her to knock it off in a nice way.  UGH.

I’ve discovered that this blog is good for more than figuring out when I knit something or bought this or that item.  I found a true practical usage.  Last week I suffered through a terrible headache for the better part of it.  Like always, I initially wrote it off to stress, weather, not sleeping so well, for staring at a monitor all day long… all of the above.  All good excuses for a headache, but nothing out of the ordinary that should be causing misery for that long.  Then I had a vague memory of another weeklong misery period that I remembered blogging.  I couldn’t remember when it had fallen so I did a little reading of the archives.  I found it had been in the early fall of Sept 2008 for well over a week.    I smell a pattern Batman.  I pointed it out to mom.  She went:  Hay fever.  Awesome.  I think she’s right.  I went back to taking regular allergy meds, adopted a Neti Pot and now the headache is gone.  thanks to 2008 CFL for recording this info for her future self.

Finally, we all know that I’m a bit of a collector of things:  yarn, fiber, wheels, electronics, purses.  I don’t need all the stuff I have and well, some of it needs to find new homes periodically.  I’m considering putting up a small ‘store’ on the blog, an online garage sale if you will, to find new homes for all the excess stuff.  I’d list things like the once loved by now replaced electronics, commercial and handspun yarns, fiber, and like new Coach bags.   Good idea?  Bad idea?  Feedback would be much appreciated..

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Commuter Views

July 6th, 2011 · 3 Comments

The new job is awesome, but the commute from NJ to Brooklyn is a bit longer than I’m used to.  To get to the office, I take the train to the PATH to the Subway.  Coming home, I’m splurging and taking the Ferry to the Ferry to the Train.   I thought that for today, I would post something a little different.  Instead of yarn, or electronics, or even my children, I would post pics of what I see each day during my commute.

Sixth Avenue looking south

West 4th Street A/C/E Downtown

Cadman Plaza Park

The Manhattan Bridge as seen from under the Brooklyn Bridge

DUMBO ferry pier looking west (can just see my old office building 😉 )

Pier 11 Manhattan ferry pier looking east

Yes, the DUMBO ferry takes me to Pier 11 almost directly across the East River.  I hesitate to admit that the 3 minute ride costs $4 each way.  But its soooo convenient, not to mention a nicer way to commute.  I’m not a mole 🙂  Anyway, that’s some of what I see each day.  My favorite bits are the ferry and the stroll through Cadman Plaza Park.

Craft on!

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July 7th, 2010 · 4 Comments

At 8:09am this is not a good sign…

Going to be another scorcher.

Stay cool!

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Things that make me smile

June 8th, 2010 · Comments Off on Things that make me smile

I think I’m going to start a new semi regular feature around here. Photos of things that make me smile. Today is a good day to start as I don’t have much knitting progress to show. I didn’t knit much during the commute but read. Last night I did work on the socks while watching the Sox and playing the Sims 🙂

For those that don’t know, NYC is a city of jaywalking. Very few cross in crosswalks or even wait for the light. So color me surprised when I went back to taking the PATH train a few weeks ago to the WTC and walking to my office near the Seaport.

There is no jaywalking near ground zero. These pedestrian safety officers block access with chains!

Craft on!

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A New Year

January 1st, 2010 · 3 Comments

Happy New Year everyone!

Thank you all for your warm wishes regarding my injured ankle.    I guess I need to explain how it happened.  I was working at my desk, moving my blog from one host to another well into the evening on Tuesday.  By 12:45 AM Wednesday, I decided it was time for bed.  Unfortunately, I’d been sitting on my foot and it was well asleep when I stood up.  I figured if I was careful, I’d be okay.  I slowly made my way across my bedroom when about 2 steps from my goal, I apparently caught my big toe on the area carpet.  I then stepped down on the dead foot, folding it.  I heard an audible crunch and even though the foot was asleep, felt it sharply.   Ouch.

So that’s the story.  I did a stoopid thing and now I know better.  The ER doctor directed me to follow up with a podiatrist within 3 days.  Fortunately, a friend of mine’s husband is just that.  The stars aligned on Wednesday as it was holiday SnB at Panera, Tami was going and since she sprained her ankle a few weeks ago, her podiatrist husband was bringing her again this week.  I had called her as a fellow left ankle sprain buddy as I left the ER.  She contacted her hubby and he said he’d see me that night if I could make it there.   Not one to miss a SnB for something minor like a sprained ankle, I made it there with much help from mom.

A thorough exam in the corner of Panera (the weirdest location I’ve even been in 😉 and I’m now sporting a serious boot and have a script for an NSAID.  We’re in the stay off it and let it rest phase now.  Might need an MRI in a week or so to see how bad the muscle damage is.  I have seriously reduced strength in my foot and can barely move my toes up or down.  There’s also some ligament damage and IIRC an entrapped nerve.  Hey, if you’re going to do it, you do it right 😛

This has given me some bonus knitting time though!  Recently all my knitting time has been on the train.  Home time was spinning time.  Not so much right now, though it is a good thing I have all those single treadle spinning wheels!  So I’ve been knitting.  I’m working on a top down raglan using Rowan Felted Tweed.  I started it a week ago.  I put the sleeve stitches on waste yarn while sitting in the ER waiting for the Doctor to read my X-rays.  At last measure, during the first period of the Winter Classic, I was 2.5″ from starting the ribbing at the hem.


Sorry for the craptastic picture but the real camera is across the room.  The iPhone was far closer 😛  I dearly love this yarn.  It is my favorite shade and I’m really enjoying working with it.

I have other projects, knitting and weaving to show, all finished, but the shots haven’t been downloaded out of the big camera yet, so they’ll have to wait as well.  Suffice it to say that while I haven’t been blogging, I have still been busy.  I split teacher gifts between knitted and woven this year.   I finally got my floor loom out of storage, replaced the metal heddles with texsolv ones and even warped it.  I’ve used my Schacht Flip Rigid Heddle a couple of times.  So yes, I keep myself occupied.

OK, the family is off at Kohl’s doing a little shopping.  I’m going to return to this sweater and the remainder of the Winter Classic.

Craft on!

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December 30th, 2009 · 5 Comments

I know I owe a real post. You’ll get one. Eventually. In the meantime, there’s this.

I did it again. Not the bad ankle, but the “good” one. Xrays this morning say no break. Just a sprain.

Word to the wise, never walk around on a very asleep foot. OUCH!

Why yes, I did knit in the ER 🙂

Happy New Year!

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Playing Around

July 28th, 2009 · 7 Comments

I mentioned in my last post that my parents got me a new lens for my birthday. ¬† ¬†They got me the Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS SLR Lens replace the kit lens that came with my Canon Digital Rebel XT . ¬†It was delivered while I was at the dude ranch so I couldn’t play with it until Sunday.

Play I did.




(As always, click for bigger.)  I like!  What say you?

Craft on!

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As the borg say…

August 7th, 2008 · 6 Comments

…resistance is futile. I could withstand it no longer. All the futzing around with different phones was because I really wanted one of these:

I could fight it no longer. I just got back to the office after waiting in line here. I picked up the 16g black sweet heart. Anyone who remembers the fight I had a while ago porting my number from T-Mobile to Sprint (and yes there will be hell to pay at Sprint for breaking my contract early) will be happy to know that while it took over a week then, it was done in no more than 5 minutes this time. Totally amazing.

No real pictures to show of knitting or spinning. Last night I didn’t touch the wheel but played two games of spring training baseball in MLB the show while listening to the Sox beat up on the Royals. I spent a good bit of the ride home yesterday trying to web browse on my tiny little screen on the Katana phone (eBay bound) to get more than a row done. I didn’t fare too much better this morning though I did manage to complete 3 ridges of the solid blue on Ballerina. I’ll be knitting more tonight. Promise. It is SnB night afterall 🙂

Live long and prosper \\//_

edited to add:¬† I had a pretty decent experience waiting on the line.¬† When I jumped on, was given my choice of which one I wanted, they told me it was @2.5 hour wait from there.¬† Turned out to be only 1.5 or so but it went fast and was pretty darn enjoyable.¬† I made friends with the guys ahead of me.¬† It was sunny and hot as we turned the corner.¬† The store folks were passing out these big umbrellas so that we could shade ourselves and well, not pass out on their property.¬† One of the two guys volunteered to hold an umbrella for me.¬† Very nice.¬† The feller in front of him picked up the tab for a couple of bottles of water from the hot dog cart guy and the three of us had an enjoyable wait.¬† Who said New Yorkers aren’t nice?!?

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Tabula Rasa

July 23rd, 2008 · 14 Comments

It has been ages since I posted regularly.¬† I’ve mentioned this is the past that the longer I go without posting, the more I want to write, the more time is necessary to write it and as a result, the less likely that an actual post is going to happen.¬† This morning on the train I decided it was time to break my radio silence and just move on.¬† Declare tabula rasa and start fresh.¬† That was my approach to blogging in the first place as well as how I’ve handled Ravelry.¬† So no more waiting for me to organize and upload the gajillion pictures I took from the boat over vacation.¬† I might eventually get around to it, but don’t hold your breath.


I’ve been plurking.¬† Go figure, I’m crazyfiberlady there.¬† Seriously fun timesuck.¬† Good for slow days in the office for sure.


What else?¬† Oh yes.¬† There’s the spinning.¬† I’ve been trying to do the 10 minute a day thing.¬† While it didn’t work while on vacation (no didn’t bring a wheel on the boat) and took me a long while to get back into it after returning home, I’m back to it now.¬† First, I finished the merino that I’m hoping will be a sweater for Alexander.¬† I just need to break out the Fricke eSpinner and ply.¬† I have to admit, I honestly didn’t enjoy spinning this.¬† The dyed merino was slightly felted and made for uneven spinning.¬† The solid stuff had clumps and shorter bits in it that also made for uneven spinning.¬† Bleh.¬† I still have 8oz of each left and hoping that plied, this is enough for A-man’s sweater.


Once done with those singles, I pulled out some fiber that hasn’t been marinating for very long.¬† It is kettle dyed BFL from Wool Peddler in Neapolitan that I blame credit Jess with making me buy.¬† It is so very worth it.¬† First, most of ya know my tendency towards the Neapolitan colorway.¬† I’ve gone through a bit of it over the years in both yarn and fiber form.


I’ve got 8oz of this heaven.¬† I tore the roving in half and have been taking arm length sections of one half, splitting that into finger width sections or so and then spinning those in the same orientation.¬† This stuff is spinning itself!¬† The fiber is perfect.¬† No clumps.¬† No felting.¬† No fuzzballs.¬† Nuthing.¬† I nearly bought myself a birthday present yesterday of enough in the Moulin Rouge colorway to spin myself a cardigan.¬† Hmm.. might have to do a little destashing sale to support that idea.¬† Check back soon on that all right????¬† Anyway…I’m making slow but seriously enjoyable progress on this and might take it slower than normal to savor the experience!


I’ve also been knitting.¬† Here’s my progress on WRS.¬† No you aren’t seeing things and I’m not trying to trick ya with some photoshop color change magic.¬† I did restart it, this time using a light heathered grey.¬† Same yarn though.¬† I’d been looking at the Dark Rose and as the knitting progressed, I just wasn’t loving the color.¬† It isn’t me.¬† Its also a huge project and to not love love love love the yarn was the kiss of death for it.¬† I liked the yarn itself, so I ordered more in this more traditional color.¬† I cast on for it on 7/15, this time using red perle cotton as my waste yarn.¬†¬† I really like the light grey and the heathering has some lovely effects that my camera couldn’t catch this morning on the ferry.¬† At some point, I might be able to relay those.


We’ve got a new lunch spot near the office.¬† Well, it isn’t exactly around the corner, but it is a free ferry ride away!¬† NY Watertaxi runs free shuttles from Pier 11 (4 blocks from my office and where I pick up my commuter ferry) over to this spot behind Ikea in Brooklyn.¬† Ride takes about 15 minutes.¬† A couple of us took the trip last week, or was it the week before.¬† Excellent lunch.¬† Had a pair of Ikea newbies with us so lunch took longer than normal as we walked them through the store 😉


Finally, I spotted this bus on the way to the office one day parked near the South Street Seaport.¬† We speculated that the back section is a sleeper area.¬† Anyone know for sure what’s up with this thing?

That’s it for now.¬† More sooner than later this time.¬† I promised.

Craft on!

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can you read me now?

May 27th, 2008 · 4 Comments

sorry for the dreaded second post in a single day but I wanted to try out a moblogging solution beyond flickr. I am not keen with how flickr puts the text in both places. soooo a little googling turned up a .NET app for win mobile devices that reminds of the app that I had for typepad on my treo. fingers crossed.

craft on!

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