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Fancy Footwork

January 18th, 2010 · 6 Comments

Well today was an interesting one.  Since there’s still pain in my foot, especially at the base of the big toe, Dr. S sent me for x-rays prior to an office visit today.   He left a Rx at the imaging center down the block from his office.  I called them first thing this morning that I needed an x-ray and they directed me to come in anytime.

So mom and I dropped the twins at school at headed to the imaging center.  We got there right around 9AM.  After filling out the paper work, I was directed to take a seat.  I started doing a little sock knitting (utter failure but that’s another story) and watched Hoarders on the TV in the waiting room.  At 10AM, mom notices that everyone who was there before us had gone, as well as lots of people who’d come after.  She went to ask the receptionist how much longer it might be.

“We don’t know.”  Was the answer.  Why you ask?  They didn’t have an x-ray tech and didn’t know when one would show up.  Could be an hour, two, three, or not at all today.  Joy.

I pulled out the trusty iPhone and surfed through the provider list for United Healthcare for another radiology center in the area.  I made a phone call and was told to come on over.  I got my Rx and headed out.  At 11AM, I was having both feet x-rayed at the radiology department at Mountainview Hospital.  Took half and hour to get copies of the films.

I finally get to see Dr. S and there’s no fracture in my foot at all.  He had shots of both feet for comparison.  Soft tissue damage.  Big toe is weak and the focus of the pain at present.  He put on a compression bandage that reminds me of casting material, though it doesn’t harden.  I then put my fancy boot back on.  If its not better in a week, I get to go for a MRI.  Oh yay!

I’ll be working remotely again this week.  I might work a longer day remotely, but there are upsides.

  1. I get to sleep later.  Alarm is at 7:15 rather than 6
  2. Don’t have to buy lunch!  (big money saver)
  3. Shorter commuter 😉

I did get some spinning this weekend.  Was tough using the foot that has been avoiding spinning as the primary treadler.  But I was able to do it.  YAY!  Filled up another bobbin on the Vermont wheel while watching UP with the boy.  Someday the CVM roving bag will be empty and I can start plying.  I’m up to 11 bobbin’s worth of singles and the bag barely looks touched.  Sigh.  Magic fleece bag it is.

I have fought the lace bug (and single project bug) for as long as I could.  I’ve been hearing the siren’s call of lace for a while now.  The WRS has been especially loud as I see new and exciting lace patterns appear.  I remember that sweetie sitting and waiting for me.  I could withstand it no longer.  I pulled WRS out of her slumber and got back to work on her yesterday.  I’m now through the first repeat.  Woot.  I think there are 13 more to go.


I hadn’t quite finished the first repeat when I took this picture but have since.

I also realized that I don’t have a purse project.  I grabbed some yarn and needles to take with me this morning.  But it was handspun, right off the bobbin.  It was overtwisted.  Maybe.  Whatever it was, it needed a good soaking and was producing a biased sock.   I pulled the needle out and spent from 10AM this morning onwards with no knitting project.  I KNOW.  It was hard.  I did have my iPhone with the Kindle app so I didn’t need to chew my foot off.

So as to avoid this happening again, time for a real sock project.  I picked the yarn and the pattern.  Getting there 😉


I’ll be using this brightly colored Noro Kureyon Sock and US1 to knit So Simple Silk Gardens. (Rav link) by Glenna.

Time to get the monkeys ready for bed.

Craft on!

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Two Sticks

February 22nd, 2009 · 10 Comments

Fortunately the creeping ick that passed through the house didn’t last through the weekend. ¬†Alex’s fever ended on Friday, figures because I took him to the pediatrician then. ¬†Saturday he was a little low key, which was all right be me. ¬†We took a pajama day and watched movies while I knit. ¬†After the monkeys went to bed, I watched The Other Boleyn Girl and finished Adamas which I blocked this morning:


I had my blocking supervisors to make sure all went well.


For some reason, I expected this shall to be smaller. No idea why, but I did.  I love it!  The pattern was easy to memorize and just looks very nice.  It reawakened my lace love and reminded me I have another lace project.  I pulled this one out again:


Wedding Ring Shawl

Wedding Ring Shawl

I managed to work 6 rows today and hope to do a few every day. ¬†This is a LONG TERM project, but it doesn’t have to be a forever one. ¬†

It was also time to return to Mr. Greenjeans, or in my case, Mr. Not-So-Greenjeans. ¬†I picked it up again late this afternoon while watching a hockey game. ¬†My Ex introduced me to the NHL when we were first dating and we regularly watched games throughout our relationship. ¬†Unfortunately our team is out of market. ¬†While I will root for the Devils as they are the local team, my heart belongs to the Boston Bruins. ¬†Guess this doesn’t come as a surprise with my avowed devotion to the Red Sox (3 days to the first spring training game!!!). ¬†G and I even went so far as to put up a satellite dish so we could watch our team play. ¬†When we split, he got the dish and I haven’t really kept up with the boys… or the rest of the NHL ¬†(with the exception of watching my fav player of all time win his first Stanley Cup after being traded to Colorado). ¬†

Now though, you don’t need a satellite dish to watch out of market games…


You just need a computer! ¬†I got an email last week from regarding the season subscription that was about to renew. ¬†They’ve packaged the remainder of the NHL season with it for an extra $25. ¬†SOLD. ¬†I have a lot of catching up! (Like when did Tampa Bay change their home uniforms to those dopey ones that say “BOLT” on them??)

Anyway, I made some serious progress on Mr. Not-so-Greenjeans:


Yup. ¬†I’m up to the cable rib portion at the bottom. ¬†Lurve the Malabrigo in the Buscando Azul. ¬†

I’ve stayed up way too last the last couple of nights so I think I’ll call it an early night,

Craft on!

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Third Time

August 28th, 2008 · 7 Comments

…is the charm right?

The project I’ve been hinting at for the last two posts is.. ta da… Wedding Ring Shawl:¬† Take 3

What’s different this time?¬† Well both the color AND the yarn.¬† I’m using White yarn for one.¬† It is the Gossamer Merino from Heirloom Knitting.¬† I got an excellent deal on it through a stash sale on Ravelry.¬† A deal I just couldn’t pass up and now I’m glad.¬† It really is a joy to work with.¬† Finer than the Yarn Place Angel that I’d been using.¬† It also has another advance over the Angel, it isn’t superwash.¬† I’ll be able to spit join.¬† Love me that join.

I spotted my ginger colored fuzzball curled up in my bedroom easy chair while I was working yesterday.¬† Her fur is almost all growed back.¬† She’s still missing a great deal of underfluff along her back.¬† Slowest damn coat growth I’ve ever seen in my life.¬† Silly thing hates when I pet her, but the twins can pet her anytime they please.¬† Cats is weird.

Finally, I think this picture sums up W.O.O.L.’08 perfectly:

The photo is courtesy of the fabulous organizer of the event, Tina.¬† The purple stuff on the left is the Ultraviolet I spun.¬† The brown is some lovely navajo plied yarn of Tina’s and the remainder is JessaLu‘s gorgeous work.

Craft on!

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Tabula Rasa

July 23rd, 2008 · 14 Comments

It has been ages since I posted regularly.¬† I’ve mentioned this is the past that the longer I go without posting, the more I want to write, the more time is necessary to write it and as a result, the less likely that an actual post is going to happen.¬† This morning on the train I decided it was time to break my radio silence and just move on.¬† Declare tabula rasa and start fresh.¬† That was my approach to blogging in the first place as well as how I’ve handled Ravelry.¬† So no more waiting for me to organize and upload the gajillion pictures I took from the boat over vacation.¬† I might eventually get around to it, but don’t hold your breath.


I’ve been plurking.¬† Go figure, I’m crazyfiberlady there.¬† Seriously fun timesuck.¬† Good for slow days in the office for sure.


What else?¬† Oh yes.¬† There’s the spinning.¬† I’ve been trying to do the 10 minute a day thing.¬† While it didn’t work while on vacation (no didn’t bring a wheel on the boat) and took me a long while to get back into it after returning home, I’m back to it now.¬† First, I finished the merino that I’m hoping will be a sweater for Alexander.¬† I just need to break out the Fricke eSpinner and ply.¬† I have to admit, I honestly didn’t enjoy spinning this.¬† The dyed merino was slightly felted and made for uneven spinning.¬† The solid stuff had clumps and shorter bits in it that also made for uneven spinning.¬† Bleh.¬† I still have 8oz of each left and hoping that plied, this is enough for A-man’s sweater.


Once done with those singles, I pulled out some fiber that hasn’t been marinating for very long.¬† It is kettle dyed BFL from Wool Peddler in Neapolitan that I blame credit Jess with making me buy.¬† It is so very worth it.¬† First, most of ya know my tendency towards the Neapolitan colorway.¬† I’ve gone through a bit of it over the years in both yarn and fiber form.


I’ve got 8oz of this heaven.¬† I tore the roving in half and have been taking arm length sections of one half, splitting that into finger width sections or so and then spinning those in the same orientation.¬† This stuff is spinning itself!¬† The fiber is perfect.¬† No clumps.¬† No felting.¬† No fuzzballs.¬† Nuthing.¬† I nearly bought myself a birthday present yesterday of enough in the Moulin Rouge colorway to spin myself a cardigan.¬† Hmm.. might have to do a little destashing sale to support that idea.¬† Check back soon on that all right????¬† Anyway…I’m making slow but seriously enjoyable progress on this and might take it slower than normal to savor the experience!


I’ve also been knitting.¬† Here’s my progress on WRS.¬† No you aren’t seeing things and I’m not trying to trick ya with some photoshop color change magic.¬† I did restart it, this time using a light heathered grey.¬† Same yarn though.¬† I’d been looking at the Dark Rose and as the knitting progressed, I just wasn’t loving the color.¬† It isn’t me.¬† Its also a huge project and to not love love love love the yarn was the kiss of death for it.¬† I liked the yarn itself, so I ordered more in this more traditional color.¬† I cast on for it on 7/15, this time using red perle cotton as my waste yarn.¬†¬† I really like the light grey and the heathering has some lovely effects that my camera couldn’t catch this morning on the ferry.¬† At some point, I might be able to relay those.


We’ve got a new lunch spot near the office.¬† Well, it isn’t exactly around the corner, but it is a free ferry ride away!¬† NY Watertaxi runs free shuttles from Pier 11 (4 blocks from my office and where I pick up my commuter ferry) over to this spot behind Ikea in Brooklyn.¬† Ride takes about 15 minutes.¬† A couple of us took the trip last week, or was it the week before.¬† Excellent lunch.¬† Had a pair of Ikea newbies with us so lunch took longer than normal as we walked them through the store 😉


Finally, I spotted this bus on the way to the office one day parked near the South Street Seaport.¬† We speculated that the back section is a sleeper area.¬† Anyone know for sure what’s up with this thing?

That’s it for now.¬† More sooner than later this time.¬† I promised.

Craft on!

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July 7th, 2008 · 10 Comments

Well I’m now officially back from vacation. I have a ton up pictures to upload and I need to organize the 10 days out of the office into some coherent post. But I haven’t blogged in a while and didn’t want to wait any longer. I suspected I might get a few “are you okay” emails and I didn’t want to worry anyone.

So here’s just a quick post, I’m back. I boated. I knit. I did both together.


Yes, that is the WRS I am working on.¬† I finished the second repeat and started the third.¬† I also knit a pair of socks, shopped, guitar hero’ed and a few other things.¬† Hopefully I’ll have a real post later in the week.¬† Now its back to the daily routine.

Craft on!

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Random Wednesday

June 18th, 2008 · 13 Comments

Borrowing a much used theme for a Wednesday, I have a bunch of random unrelated stuff to relate, though I’m not entirely sure how that differs from any of my other posts 🙂

1.  Knittin stuff:


How I’ve been spending my commute. ¬†I’ve completed the first 62 row repeat for the center square, only 300 more rows to go before the insane border stitch pickup 😉

My new glasses arrived and I can now actually see my knitting without blinding myself either from no glasses or overpowered glasses.  Life is good.

For a change, I think the color representation of WRS is actually pretty close to real life.  Last week when I had lunch with  Nancy and she commented upon seeing it in person that it was much pinker.  


Hand blocking, one handed at that, is awfully difficult.  Add in that I was on the ferry and trying to snap this shot really made it fun.  But you can get a sense of where I am in the thing and how big (or small) it is after 62 or so rows.

Work on the Nutkins socks is also progressing, pretty slowly too as WRS is the primary commuting knitting. ¬†I get to put a few rounds on the sock each day while I stand and wait for either the train or the ferry. ¬†I’m tempted to start another sock, a very plain on for the totally mindless, no eyes on the fingers necessary, knit. ¬†I have plenty of opportunity for that over the course of the day, and neither Nutkin nor especially WRS is particularly suited to that. ¬†Nutkin is a great pattern and easy to remember, but each there’s a bit to pay attention to especially using handspun. ¬†I think I’ll take some measurements and start knitting socks for the monkeys.

2.  Spinnin stuff: 

Yummy fiber

Two bits here. ¬†First, I blame this on JessaLu. ¬†After seeing her goodies from Cummington, I spotted my favorite colorway and just had to have some myself. ¬†I know. ¬†I’m pretty darn week. ¬†But there it is. ¬†At least I only bought 8 oz…

…and thanks to Carole’s 10 Minutes a Day, I’m actually spinning a bit every day. ¬†I started doing this late last week and really, it is amazing how much you can accomplish when you actually spin somewhat frequently. ¬†I’ve taken to spinning during that half hour that the kids and I watch Spongebob prior to bedtime. Some nights I do a bit more time, so less. ¬†Its all good.¬†

bluengreen1.jpg¬†With all the time at the wheel, I finished the 8oz of the blue/green merino. ¬†I’ve started on the blue merino that will be plied with it. ¬†While you can’t see it quite so well in the bobbin as it worked out, but the solid blue matches a shade in the blue/green mix. ¬†I’m looking forward to plying it all up and seeing the resulting yarn. ¬†Should be gorgeous on the little boy.

3.  Toy Stuff:


I mentioned this last week in passing, but I picked up a new toy after reading about one on Woot. ¬†It has come in amazingly handy for this Red Sox fan who lives out of local range. ¬†In years past the only games I get are the playoffs and when they play the Yankees. ¬†I really wanted more than that and found that XM carries ALL games. ¬†While I still can’t watch, I can definitely listen. ¬†Have I mentioned how much I love this thing? Last night I sat and listened to the game while spinning. ¬†It was awesome. ¬†Baseball is a great knitting sport as you can look away and not miss much. ¬†Its even better on the radio 😉 ¬†The display is cool as it gives you the score and the inning. ¬†This is a portable and I’ve discovered that there are terrestrial repeaters near my office as I was able to listen to today’s day game from the comfort of my desk while I coded. ¬†Oh yeah, the music choices are pretty darn good too 😉 ¬†I’d highly recommend it! ¬†

4.  Family stuff:


I also mentioned this in passing last week, but last weekend was the kids’ graduation ceremony. ¬†The school had a ceremony for the two preschool classes, about 50 kids in total. ¬†Some, ¬†like mine, will be in the same class (or the other preschool class) next year so it was more of a dress rehearsal. ¬†It was very well done. ¬†The kids were all up on a stage, sang a bunch of songs and there was a slideshow of pictures of the kids to the tear inducing tunes. ¬†As homework each kid put together a poster with their favorite thing. ¬†Not surprisingly, there were a great number of posters containing Power Rangers, Super Heroes and Disney Princesses. ¬†One by one, at the teacher held up the poster, the kid came to the microphone and announce “my favorite thing is:…” and generally announce what the poster indicated. Kat stuck to the script and declared her love of Disney Princesses. ¬†Alex was the row behind her and I saw his poster come up when he totally surprised me by saying: ¬†”My favorite thing is my mom”. ¬†Whoa. ¬†That’s my boy 🙂 ¬†Don’t they look cute in the caps & gowns! ¬†I had to wait for High School graduation before I marched to Pomp & Circumstance and got a tassel.

I’m not sure how much I’ll be posting in the days to come. ¬†I was handed a pretty big project today at work that is high on the Pres’ radar list. ¬†It should be nice and challenging as it will involve front end web page work and not the usual plumbing/behind the scenes kind of coding that I’m used to. ¬†I also have to do my self-eval for review season. ¬†Seriously, I hate those things. ¬†I rank em with root canal and earaches… oh and tired/hungry toddlers 😉 ¬†Anyway…

Craft on!

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June 11th, 2008 · 5 Comments

The stitches in Wedding Ring Shawl are downright teeny tiny.¬† The stretchy merino yarn makes them easier to do, but I’m finding a new to wear the relatively recently acquired reading glasses to knit.¬† Okay so I need them for threading the quilting needle and doing the beading as well.¬† The eyes really do go first don’t they? Or was that the legs? 🙂

Anyway, here is what WRS looked like last night shortly before bed.¬† I spent my evening listening to the Red Sox lose using my new portable XM radio.¬† Sadly, reception dropped off during the top of the 9th thanks to the awesome thunder storm that came tearing through.¬† I’m not complaining as it also brought the end to the nasty heat wave.¬† It is way more comfortable today.

WRS 6/10/08

That was approximately 26 rows into the 62 row repeat.  Can you say long term project? :)  For a better sense of scale, I took this picture with the fingers shown and the Chibi:

WRS 6/10/08

Still.  In. Love.

Craft on!

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Little Stitches

June 10th, 2008 · 8 Comments

Judging from all the comments I got, my boy is a perfectly normal energetic boy who will keep me on my toes for years to come. I try to let him be, and think of ways to expend the energy. The backyard with the swingset and various other bits and bobs is pretty good for that, as well as the park around the corner. Now that the pool is open, the liner fixed, and the water filling, we should have another avenue for tiring him out, at least for the summer.

Orkney Pi

Sorry to have disappeared. It was a combination of a new video game and getting sick that has kept me away for so long. Fortunately, I had a pretty productive two days in bed though. Thursday I made some serious progress on my Orkney Pi. I’m actually a bit further along than this picture shows. I took this shot on Wednesday while on the ferry to the office. I have probably another 12 or so rounds completed beyond this point. I’m seriously considering cutting this off at the end of this section. I’m pretty sure I killed the other pi shawls at this state too, but I’ll have to check. As it is, each round has 640 stitches. Right now, this is the easy knitting project as there are no socks on the needles at the present. Amazing I know.


In Thursday’s mail was the yarn I ordered as another candidate for Wedding Ring Shawl. I found it on fleegle‘s blog as she was vetting possibilities for Princess. This is Yarn Place’s Angel in color 217 – Dusty Rose. MMMMMMMMM. I swatched it on Friday and fell in love. What a joy it is to work with. It is STRETCHY! Gotta love that about merino. It makes those little tiny stitches actually workable. No problems doing a k2tog where one of them is a yarn over! I have a new favorite laceweight yarn. Even before blocking my swatch (which I seem to have lost yesterday during my commute), I knew it was the right yarn. I cast on as soon as the swatch was dry and I got tired of fondling it.


Using some perle 8 cotton that I now have on hand thanks to the bobbin lace hobby addition, I cast on the multitude of stitches that make up the center square. Sorry for the lousy color in the next three pictures. I took them in the car this morning while I was waiting for the train.

Here you can see the progress I’ve made so far.

I’m absolutely loving it. Yes, Unst is on hold for the foreseeable future as THIS is the project that I really wanted to work on. So after nearly a year of swatching yarns, I finally am working on it and enjoying every minute.

Jewel Box Quilt

I’ve also resurrected another long dead to me hobby: quilting. I ordered this kit a while ago from a seller on eBay. It has been sitting and quietly calling to me from my bookshelf, hoping to insinuate itself in the hobby queue. Wednesday evening, my monthly Craft Book of the Month Club arrived and it was a quilting handbook with serious amount of text devoted to hand piecing/quilting. I seriously considered hand piecing even though my two previous forays into quilting had me using the machine to piece and then hand quilt. But, I wasn’t ready to commit to that quite yet. So Thursday while knitting and watching the tube, I loaded up a Simply Quilts episode from the DVR at random. What was it about? Hand piecing. I’d call that a sign and broke out my supplies and started hand piecing. Amazingly enough, I can sew straighter by hand than by machine. Sick. With no socks on the needles, the piecing has become my pocket book project. Those pink triangles get sewn to white triangles along the hypotenuse to form a square. If i counted right, there are 40 of these squares to put together. Before I knew it, I had 10 of em done. I managed to do three while waiting for the kids’ graduation on Saturday (that will be another post as I don’t have pictures quite yet). Good purse project.

hot hot hot

Finally, I took this picture on the way home from the train last night. It was about 6:40 pm. While summer is my favorite season by far, I could pass on thermometer readings like this one, especially in JUNE and when accompanied by 64% humidity. UGH. The heat wave is supposed to end today. My fingers are crossed.

Craft on (and stay cool!)

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