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Weekly Words

March 18th, 2012 · 2 Comments

Wow do I have a lot to report on this week.  Let’s just jump into it…

On the Needles:

1.  Stripe Study Shawl – FINISHED! – I finished this up on Thursday night at SnB, which was very convenient as it was cold in Panera.  Love this shawl, though by the end of it, I did get a tad tired of the endless garter stitch.  Didn’t really appreciate the blue from the Misti Alpaca coming off on my hands.

All the project stats are available via the link above, which points to Ravelry.  What I really liked about this project is that it used up two skeins of sock yarn from stash!  YAY me 🙂

2.  I’ll Name Them George Socks – FINISHED! – I finished these bad boys on Wednesday night after signing the monkeys up for summer camp.  Paid for it in full as there was a discount for paying it off by the end of March.  That was a quick tax refund 😉

These socks are loved and yes, they have been worn already.  I wore them Friday when I participated in a parents night out with a couple of other parents from the ‘hood.  We all took our kids to this party/gym location where they were fed and entertained from 6-9pm for $40 for my kids.  The grown ups went to a local restaurant where we indulged in adult beverages, food and conversation.  I can happily report that this is a monthly occurrence at this gym and oh yes we are participating!  Anyway, this is the third pair (and 5 skein) towards the Year of the Sock Yarn.

3.  Basic Socks – started – I cast on new socks Thursday morning during the commute.

  • Pattern:  Hermione’s Everyday Sock
  • Yarn:  River’s Edge Fiber Arts Extreme Sock Yarn
  • Mods:  Reduced overall stitch count to 52 as I have wee skinny feet.

These require a bit more concentration, but that’s okay as I’ve been knitting them while listening to either audiobooks (giving those another try) or podcasts.

4. Mawata Lilies Shawlette – I picked mawata’s with the goal of knitting without spinning them first:

Aren’t they pretty?!  So I started the pattern yesterday.  The body is stockinette with a garter edges.  I finished it early this afternoon:

and started the lacy edging.  I totally love this process!  I’ve got another set in a different color way and will probably knit some mitts from those.  This is going to be the home/snb project as I can’t imagine commuting with the sticky, fly-away silk.  I’m definitely doing more with unspun silk in the future.

On the fiber front

1.  I finished spinning the merino blend on the Schacht (weeeee, I can go back to saying that now as I only have one that I’m using! 🙂  Now I just need to pull out the electric and ply it up.

2.  I went back to an older project in process on the Russo Vermont Wheel.  The fiber is from ITW and is 64’s merino top in Blackforest Cake.

I’ve still got probably an once or so of the fiber left to spin.  I’m planning on n-plying it.  And as usual, it is spinning up rather fine, but what else is new.

Other Stuff

I have a very productive week at work as well.  I’m now responsible for being the primary developer on a re-write of core functionality for the entitlements and access system.  While that’s pretty cool, the not so cool part is that there are no current specifications of what needs to be done, not all the current source code is available to review and there are a bajillion versions of everything being used.  Oh yeah, this will be a challenge.

Haven’t shown a shot of Serendipity in a long time.  Here she is sitting only spinning stool next to the Russo wheel.

Well that’s all for now,

Craft on!


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Super Sunday

March 11th, 2012 · 1 Comment

Once again it is Sunday evening.  And once again, a very busy week that started with Kat having a fever and has now ended with Alex suffering a terrible headache and vomiting this evening.  He’s now sleeping, though I fear he’s inherited his mother’s problem with migraines.   I’m calling the pediatrician tomorrow.

On the Needles

It must be getting boring to see updates on the same two projects week in and week out.  Though I guess it is encouraging to me that there is actually progress to report each week!  I think I’ve finally discovered the secret to finishing stuff, its to actually focus on it!  To wit:

1.  Stripe Study Shawl:   Oh so close on this one.  In the last week I finished the final contrast stripe and have moved to working on the last stripe in the main color.   I just measured and I have 2.25″ of the 4″ called for in the pattern.  It is sloooooow going as there are lots of stitches on the needles!    I started schlepping it with me on the train in the hopes I could knock the project out this week.  No such luck, but getting there.  I took it to SnB on Thursday to find that the dye was transferring to my hands by the end of the night. I was smurfy 😉

2.  I’ll Name them George Socks:  I finished the first sock and started the second.  I didn’t get as far as I could have since Stripe Study retook train knitting time.  PATH time was for the socks, still there was progress.  Oh and there was one day where I took the bus this week as the trains were futzed up in the morning.  That was always good sock knitting time.

That’s it for the knitting.  I’m starting to think of the next project for when Stripe Study is done.  There are a couple of possibilities.  Ok, a couple is a bit of an understatement considering my Rav queue is 9 pages long.  The top contenders though are either another shawl (Hitchhiker) also in Woolmisery, or a shawl from unspun mawata silk.  Or maybe one of the lightweight sweaters that would be perfect for the coming spring weather.

On the Fiber Front

I finished the first bobbin of Mountain Mist in Strawberries and have made serious progress on the second.  Probably another hour or so to go.  A few mornings this past week, I spent some time with the wheel before going to work.  Boy was that an awesome way to start the day.  I’m going to have to do it more often!


Other Stuff

There’s been assorted acquisitions this week.  My tax refund was direct deposited into my account this week, which was good!  I met up with Dorre at Purl Soho on Tuesday.  That was my first trip to see their new store.  Yes, I know it isn’t so very new.  I picked up some yarn for a cowl and a sashiko kit.

Time to get the monkey girl ready for bed and finish up the laundry before sitting down for a crafty evening.

Craft on!


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A habit begins

March 4th, 2012 · 2 Comments

It looks like I can just about commit to posting once a week.. and it appears that Sunday is that day.  Kat is in her room chilling before bedtime, Alex is off taking a shower, and I finally have some down time.  Its been a long interesting day but we’ll get to that in a bit.  Here’s the update:

On the needles

1.  Stripe Study Shawl is definitely moving along.  I had some good quality knit time yesterday and finished contrast stripe 11 of 12.  As of  a few minutes ago when I put it down, I was halfway through the last contrast stripe.  Almost done with this project.  Still need to do a load of the dark color garter stitch.  Hopefully this will be done by my next update.  It should be.

Will be nice to see it finished and spread out in all its glory.  I have to admit, I’m liking the Woolmisery and bought another skein off someone on Ravelry.  Nice that the price for the yarn has returned to earth.

2.  I’ll Name Them George Socks – The yarn is the ITW club yarn for February and is just awesome to work with.

It’s my standard recipe plain old vanilla sock over 56st, toe up, short row heel on US0.  The socks have been my purse knitting, being worked on primarily on the train and at work while reading.  I finished my coding project on Tuesday last week and moved to a research project that has me reading tech books.  The socks let me focus on the tedious stuff while making excellent progress.  I should have finished this sock during the week and honestly, can’t remember why I haven’t, but the train has been crowded on the way home and I didn’t get as much knitting done as I’d like.  Oh well.  It will probably get wrapped up tomorrow and then I’ll start its mate.

That’s it for the knitting.  I’ve been pretty darned good about keeping the WIPs under control, though the biggest part of it is resisting the urge to cast on something new.

On the Fiber Front

I haven’t done much spinning this week, though I have done some, on a new wheel at that!  Hold on, the wheeling and dealing hasn’t stopped. As you know, the Sidekick was boxed up and shipped out this past Monday.  Her new owner loves her already  Go figure that after scrounging for a box to ship her in, I found the original Schacht box in the basement this morning.  Ugh.  Anyway, I’ve also gotten a deposit on the CPW and she should be heading to her new home this weekend.  Neither is news…

So, I’ve been eyeing a Matchless, yes I know I have one.  But since the left foot injury to balance out the right ankle injury, I’ve found that my feet don’t really like a single treadle wheel.  But I loved the matchless.  I toyed with shipping her back to Schacht to convert, but decided to buy something else instead.  I saw posted on Ravelry an almost brand new Double Treadle (DT 072111 2) for sale in NYC.  After a bit of back and forth, I sent a deposit via PayPal to indicate my sincerity.  Kat and I drove into Manhattan this morning and picked the wheel up on the Upper West Side.  I got the new wheel home and sat her next to her older ST sister:

You can see the patina that my ST has developed (her bday was 5/2007).

There weren’t two Matchless wheels in this house for very long.  A dear friend, and SnB buddy, who was looking for a wheel to take places (has a S-R 24″) came over to “try it out”.  He he he.  I’ve never tried out a wheel that was for sale and not taken it home.  Didn’t happen this time either.  The ST is no longer her mine.  I’ll miss her, but know that she’s gone to a good home where she’ll get plenty of usage.  Too much competition around here!  I also look forward to seeing how the patina develops on the DT.

So what am I spinning on the new girl?  Well, I was scanning one of my favorite forums on Ravelry when I spotted a leap day sale (10%) for a fiber dyer I hadn’t spotted before.  I surfed over to her Etsy store and had to order a couple of braids.  They were shipped quickly and arrived just in time yesterday, err Friday.  Working from home is making me lose track of the days.

This fiber is the Mountain Mist fiber (60% Superwash Merino / 30% Bamboo / 10% Nylon) in the Strawberries colorway.  The braid is so squoooshy that you just can’t tell from looking at it, but just invites in person.  I broke the 4oz length in half.  I then split each lengthwise into smaller sections..

It is almost spinning itself..

I do love me good fiber on a good wheel..Just about done with the first 2oz.

Yup, happy girl here.  Tired as the day started early with a trip to Manhattan to get the wheel.  Then Tami came over to try the Matchless.. This was followed by a birthday party that Kat went to out in Fairfield.  Alex and I went with another family with one kid at the party to a restaurant.  Didn’t get home from the party until 6pm.  Alex still needed to do the rest of his reading homework, baths, teeth, bed.. you get the picture. So, I’m torn between spinning and maybe, just maybe, finishing contrast stripe 12.  I’ll probably knit and save the spinning for another night.  or…. maybe I can squeeze in 5 min or so before work.  Yeah.  I like that idea.


Beyond the boring (and inspiring) tech books on SOA and WS-Security, I’ve finally settled on a fictional book to keep my reading interest:  The Lion.  I’ve always been a Nelson DeMille fan and I’ve had this book for ages. Its just that he puts out books so slowly that I tend to hoard a new one. Yay me, just hope I don’t flounder for two weeks when I finish this one!

Garage Sale

I finally got around to photographing the various knitting bags / purses that I don’t use and would love to find a new home.  I posted them on Ravelry here, here and here 🙂

Well that’s it for this week.

Craft on!

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Weekly Words

February 26th, 2012 · 4 Comments

Wow looks like I’m going to make two weeks in a row.  Wonder how many recurrences is necessary before it becomes habit.  Anyway, here’s this week’s update:

On the needles

1.  Stripe Study Shawl is moving along.  For the last week it has been my only knitting project.  I worked on it at SnB, train, work (while reading a tech book) and at home in front of the TV.  There wasn’t much TV knitting this week as the kids were home on vacation.  They wanted to spend time together after I got home from work.  I did get TV time last night while watching a couple of movies that I hadn’t seen yet (King’s Speech and Hotel Rwanda)  I’d wanted to watch both of them and happily knit a couple of stripes doing so.

I’m really enjoying this pattern.  Pretty nifty and I like how the Woolmisery is working up.  I might just have to add another skein of the stuff to stash.

2.  Socks – Since Stripe Study is getting a bit big to qualify as purse knitting, and this yarn is yelling at me to work with it, i’m going to cast on for sock.

The yarn is the most recent installment in the Into the Whirled sock yarn club.  it is 3 ply super wash merino in the February 2012 Club – Mercy Hartigan.  I’ve been staring at it all week, ready to pet it, hold it and name it George.  I can no longer resist and will break out the ball winder and sock needles post haste.


I spent a bit more time with my new Bee and am really enjoying this wheel.

Look how solid the base of that flyer is, how many layers of lamination there are!  I also really like the open orifice, no hook necessary.  Get a load of the pegs on the arms of the flyer, no hooks, but what looks like screws covered in a very smooth plastic.  They are perfectly offset between the two arms and allow for a very nice wind on.

She’s a real smooth spinner.  I’ve been using the middle range and finished up my first yarn yesterday. I plied it, using the continuous plying method, on the Womack Butterfly.

Fiber:  Forbidden Woolery 100% Falkland – Chinese Fireball colorway.  I got an amazing 610 yards out of 3.95 grams in a smooth 2ply.  The yarn needs to marinate, much like the fiber did.  I’m pretty sure I purchased the fiber at WOOL in 2010 😉

While I haven’t been working on any more of my own projects, there’s been this:

Since I sent the Ashford Scholar off to other pasture, I bought Alex a new wheel:  Dorre’s Ladybug.  Kat has the used Traveller I got her a couple of years ago.  They’ve both decided that they’d really like to learn how to spin.  Here I had them practicing controlling their feet and hands at the same time by winding sock yarn onto the bobbins and trying to keep them from being royal messes.  Then I moved them to alternating between adding twist and then winding on.   Another practice drill had been trying to start from a dead stop and go in the correct direction.  They are both using a double treadle wheel, which makes this easier, but not necessarily a walk in the park.  Next step was to sit double with them, I treadled, held the wool and with them in my lap, demonstrated what it takes to actually spin.  I then guided their hands before letting them solo.

Kat is now soloing.  I still need to sit with Alex.  I’m so proud of her.

In other wheel news, a second wheel is now leaving:  the Sidekick.  With the addition of the Bee and the presence of two other Schachts in the house, not to mention that I don’t find the Sidekick to be the holy grail of portable wheels that I’d hoped, I responded to an ISO post looking for one on Ravelry.  She’s now boxed up and will be dropped at UPS tomorrow to go to her eager new owner.  So now that’s two wheels in, two out with a third due to go as well.  The CPW should be out on Friday.  Not to worry, the herd is still sizable 😉


I’ve been doing a little floundering in the reading department since I finished that book last week.  I find that when I finish a really good book, I do tend to struggle to find what to happily read next.  I’m taking advantage of working for a publisher and sifting through the digital library that I’m allowed to borrow from at work.  Another bonus is that I can get my hands on books that haven’t been released yet 🙂  I’m now reading Ashes to Dust and enjoying it so far.

Other Stuff

Not much else going on.  I’m still pondering modifications to the two counter apps.  For the android, I’ve had more than a few requests for a widget to do quick counts.  For both, I’d like to take advantage of the Ravelry API and tie in with a user’s projects there, either to quick create projects and to sync up notes.  I also got into a discussion with a group on Rav where they are looking for either a web based or desktop based counter program.  Oh and there’s also the iPad version that I’d really like to incorporate a PDF reader with highlighting capability into the landscape view.

Oh and then there are the looms that are all sitting idle!

And the kumihimo stand..

And the sewing machines, fabric and quilt projects..

I need more time.  I also need to sift through the stash monster and pick out the stuff that doesn’t stand a snowballs chance of ever growing up into something and move it along.  Well that and the unused electronics and Coach purses 😉

I’m tired now..

Craft on!

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February 8th, 2011 · 2 Comments

I’ve had a small touch of startitis recently. Though I had a pretty good reason for starting this project. Saturday night Kat fell asleep in my bed. After I worked my way through my wound yarn supply for Fylingdales I needed something else to do as breaking out the swift and winder was out of the question. I went looking on Rav for something small and already wound. I have a skein of Leann’s Forbidden Woolery Lush in Rosehip Tea that has tried to be two different sock patterns without love. So far im feeling the shawl love. It is Simple Things. So far so good.

Craft on!


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Fancy Footwork

January 18th, 2010 · 6 Comments

Well today was an interesting one.  Since there’s still pain in my foot, especially at the base of the big toe, Dr. S sent me for x-rays prior to an office visit today.   He left a Rx at the imaging center down the block from his office.  I called them first thing this morning that I needed an x-ray and they directed me to come in anytime.

So mom and I dropped the twins at school at headed to the imaging center.  We got there right around 9AM.  After filling out the paper work, I was directed to take a seat.  I started doing a little sock knitting (utter failure but that’s another story) and watched Hoarders on the TV in the waiting room.  At 10AM, mom notices that everyone who was there before us had gone, as well as lots of people who’d come after.  She went to ask the receptionist how much longer it might be.

“We don’t know.”  Was the answer.  Why you ask?  They didn’t have an x-ray tech and didn’t know when one would show up.  Could be an hour, two, three, or not at all today.  Joy.

I pulled out the trusty iPhone and surfed through the provider list for United Healthcare for another radiology center in the area.  I made a phone call and was told to come on over.  I got my Rx and headed out.  At 11AM, I was having both feet x-rayed at the radiology department at Mountainview Hospital.  Took half and hour to get copies of the films.

I finally get to see Dr. S and there’s no fracture in my foot at all.  He had shots of both feet for comparison.  Soft tissue damage.  Big toe is weak and the focus of the pain at present.  He put on a compression bandage that reminds me of casting material, though it doesn’t harden.  I then put my fancy boot back on.  If its not better in a week, I get to go for a MRI.  Oh yay!

I’ll be working remotely again this week.  I might work a longer day remotely, but there are upsides.

  1. I get to sleep later.  Alarm is at 7:15 rather than 6
  2. Don’t have to buy lunch!  (big money saver)
  3. Shorter commuter 😉

I did get some spinning this weekend.  Was tough using the foot that has been avoiding spinning as the primary treadler.  But I was able to do it.  YAY!  Filled up another bobbin on the Vermont wheel while watching UP with the boy.  Someday the CVM roving bag will be empty and I can start plying.  I’m up to 11 bobbin’s worth of singles and the bag barely looks touched.  Sigh.  Magic fleece bag it is.

I have fought the lace bug (and single project bug) for as long as I could.  I’ve been hearing the siren’s call of lace for a while now.  The WRS has been especially loud as I see new and exciting lace patterns appear.  I remember that sweetie sitting and waiting for me.  I could withstand it no longer.  I pulled WRS out of her slumber and got back to work on her yesterday.  I’m now through the first repeat.  Woot.  I think there are 13 more to go.


I hadn’t quite finished the first repeat when I took this picture but have since.

I also realized that I don’t have a purse project.  I grabbed some yarn and needles to take with me this morning.  But it was handspun, right off the bobbin.  It was overtwisted.  Maybe.  Whatever it was, it needed a good soaking and was producing a biased sock.   I pulled the needle out and spent from 10AM this morning onwards with no knitting project.  I KNOW.  It was hard.  I did have my iPhone with the Kindle app so I didn’t need to chew my foot off.

So as to avoid this happening again, time for a real sock project.  I picked the yarn and the pattern.  Getting there 😉


I’ll be using this brightly colored Noro Kureyon Sock and US1 to knit So Simple Silk Gardens. (Rav link) by Glenna.

Time to get the monkeys ready for bed.

Craft on!

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Good one

June 17th, 2009 · 7 Comments

In a couple of comments yesterday, y’all seemed seemed as confused by the whole kindergarten in June transition. ¬†In email discussions with you, as well as talking to the ladies at school this morning, it all makes sense. ¬†They transition into the KG for the summer so that the effects of change are over before they really need to buckle down again for the school year.

The school/daycare center they attend is also their summer camp. ¬†So we’ll deal with the no more nap now (2 hour Pre-K nap vs. 45 min rest period) and its after effects for camp rather than interfering with the true learning portion of the year. ¬† It makes sense but wrecks that whole “first day of kindergarten” photograph. ¬†I suppose I’ll take that picture after Labor Day when camp is over.

Speaking of pictures, here are my Red Sox Socks:


Okay I lied yesterday when I said the next viewing would be the final shot. ¬†Sue me. 😛

What am I working on now? ¬†I’ve been itching to do lace. ¬†But not super-complicated-need-reading-glasses lace. ¬†I have one or two of those kind of lace projects laying about. ¬†That’s when I remembered the latest Pi shawl and dug it out from behind my knitting chair.


I’ve tinkered with it every now and again, but it is by no means much further along than the last picture I showed of it on Rav. ¬†I’m in the 640st per round section so I have a little ways to go yet.

Finally, I wanted to hit on the commute thing again. ¬†I’m parking at the less frustrating drive “lot” (well actually next to a friend’s house about two blocks away from the station) with the human frogger crossing. ¬†I had to stand there for the full length of the light last night and decided to take a shot of what I have to cross:


That bridge is the railroad trestle. ¬†I’m on the ‘station’ side while the car is on the other. ¬†Complicating things here is the fact that there are two townships involved, one on each side of this divided highway. ¬†These cars ignore the crosswalk that I’m standing in and whoosh past you. ¬†35mph speed limit? ¬†HA HA HA HA. ¬†That’s a good one.

Craft on!

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Two Sticks

February 22nd, 2009 · 10 Comments

Fortunately the creeping ick that passed through the house didn’t last through the weekend. ¬†Alex’s fever ended on Friday, figures because I took him to the pediatrician then. ¬†Saturday he was a little low key, which was all right be me. ¬†We took a pajama day and watched movies while I knit. ¬†After the monkeys went to bed, I watched The Other Boleyn Girl and finished Adamas which I blocked this morning:


I had my blocking supervisors to make sure all went well.


For some reason, I expected this shall to be smaller. No idea why, but I did.  I love it!  The pattern was easy to memorize and just looks very nice.  It reawakened my lace love and reminded me I have another lace project.  I pulled this one out again:


Wedding Ring Shawl

Wedding Ring Shawl

I managed to work 6 rows today and hope to do a few every day. ¬†This is a LONG TERM project, but it doesn’t have to be a forever one. ¬†

It was also time to return to Mr. Greenjeans, or in my case, Mr. Not-So-Greenjeans. ¬†I picked it up again late this afternoon while watching a hockey game. ¬†My Ex introduced me to the NHL when we were first dating and we regularly watched games throughout our relationship. ¬†Unfortunately our team is out of market. ¬†While I will root for the Devils as they are the local team, my heart belongs to the Boston Bruins. ¬†Guess this doesn’t come as a surprise with my avowed devotion to the Red Sox (3 days to the first spring training game!!!). ¬†G and I even went so far as to put up a satellite dish so we could watch our team play. ¬†When we split, he got the dish and I haven’t really kept up with the boys… or the rest of the NHL ¬†(with the exception of watching my fav player of all time win his first Stanley Cup after being traded to Colorado). ¬†

Now though, you don’t need a satellite dish to watch out of market games…


You just need a computer! ¬†I got an email last week from regarding the season subscription that was about to renew. ¬†They’ve packaged the remainder of the NHL season with it for an extra $25. ¬†SOLD. ¬†I have a lot of catching up! (Like when did Tampa Bay change their home uniforms to those dopey ones that say “BOLT” on them??)

Anyway, I made some serious progress on Mr. Not-so-Greenjeans:


Yup. ¬†I’m up to the cable rib portion at the bottom. ¬†Lurve the Malabrigo in the Buscando Azul. ¬†

I’ve stayed up way too last the last couple of nights so I think I’ll call it an early night,

Craft on!

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F or F

February 20th, 2009 · 1 Comment

Any reader of mine will know it is either feast or famine when it comes to my blogging. I can’t seem to actually stick to a posting routine and either go every day or have huge gaps between posts. ¬†One week or so isn’t huge but still, bigger than I would actually like. ¬†Odd thing too is that I uploaded photos on Monday and just now have the time and energy to write something.

While I do love 3 day weekends, and both the kids and I had Monday off for Presidents Day, they usually make me confused when the work week starts back up again. ¬†I’ve been completely lost as to what day it is. ¬†Compounding the problem is that I picked up a cold that has been making its way around and just about lost Wednesday with a fog on Thursday thanks to taking Nyquil. ¬†Last Saturday the girl had the fever and I stayed home with her as my father took the boy to a birthday party. ¬†She was better by the end of the weekend. ¬†The boy decided his turn was during the week. ¬†He’s been down for the past two days with a decent fever and congestion. ¬†I took him to the pediatrician this morning as strep has been making its way through their class just for precaution. ¬†The quick test was negative and go figure, he’s feeling better. ¬†

I’ve been knitting on the train, when not playing the Sims 2 on my MacBook (using Windows under Bootcamp). It might have the same crappy video card as the netbook (Intel GMA950), but it has a much better cpu and way more RAM so it runs better. ¬†The only down side is that when I created packages of the two locales (university dorm kid in one and her family in the other) the familial relationship, not to mention the kid’s engagement sort of got lost in the translation when I imported it to the Mac. ¬†I’ve been following Redshirt Knitting’s lead of trying for a generational thing. ¬†My college kid is only the B generation but since she isn’t technically part of the family now, and her father has the hots for her as a result of the technicality, I set the parents off to have another baby. ¬†I just hope they live long enough for second daughter to get old enough to avoid the Social Worker showing up when they croak 😉 ¬†¬†

But I digress, my train knitting has been Adamas.  I decided I wanted it finished before BSG comes to an end.  I want to wear it for the {sniff} finale.  I started the final repeat of chart 2 last night while watching a movie with the sickie.


That’s pretty much it for the knitting, except for the next installment on the travelling scarf. ¬†I sent one off on Tuesday and have the next one sitting next to me waiting for its turn. ¬†It has to go sometime next week. ¬†I should be able to get it done this weekend.

Last weekend I spent some quality time with my Womack Butterfly. ¬†It is the only way I ply these days. ¬†I’d amassed quite a few finished singles that needed to be plied. ¬†I in no way plied everything as I just remembered some stuff in the closet that is awaiting its turn. ¬†Oh well. ¬†Anyway here’s what I did:


358 yards BFL from Spunky Eclectic – 4oz in Winnipeg. ¬†I started this last weekend at Jessica’s spin-in and finished it Saturday.

Next up was some fiber that has been sitting around probably since the summer.  It is that blue-green merino that I bought at MDSW in May and paired up with some blue ashland bay merino.  I hope to make a cardi for my little man out of it.


680 yds Р8oz РMerino from Clover Leaf Farms in Jungle Fever plied with blue Ashland Bay merino.  Its not quite as yellow as this photo is reading.  The lighting in my room just sucks for pictures.  Both the Winnipeg and this were spun on the Ladybug.

Finally, I plied my second skein of yarn from the Van Eaton.  This is the Crown Mountain Farms stuff in Black Sun that I started a while back.  


8oz Black Sun – Handpainted BFL – 846 yds

No idea what I’m going to do with that, but I should be able to find something 🙂 ¬†I still have the toasted banana Zarzuela Fibers lace weight going on the Reeves that I put some effort into this weekend as well. ¬†Someday I’ll have that ready to be plied. ¬†Can’t even begin to imagine the quality time I get with the Womack then! ¬†The Black Sun took about 2 hours to ply. ¬†That’s when I’m really glad I have the electric and the Woolee Winder on it!

That’s really about it. ¬†I’m juggling quite a few things at work: ¬†production problems, quick fixes, as well as some long term major development. ¬†It all serves to make the day interesting.

Have a great weekend.

Craft on!

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Like Coming Home

November 14th, 2008 · 9 Comments

With all the sweater and other knitting recently, I’ve been seriously jones-ing for some lace. ¬†I’ve managed to fight the urge for a while now, but after finishing the mittens yesterday, I couldn’t fight the fight any longer. ¬†I spent some time perusing my lace queue at Ravelry but nothing jumped out at me. ¬†I then moved to the large pattern collection on the whole and found what I wanted to do. ¬†Adamas. ¬†Last night fortunately was SnB night and MY has a nice selection of laceweight yarn. ¬†I found me a yummy skein of Misti Alpaca Handpaint Laceweight in shades of green. ¬†Reminds me of the ranges of greens in summer foliage. ¬†Naturally I cast on immediately 🙂


Adamas is born

Adamas is born

Not the greatest of pictures, but the best I could do this morning on the train.  I likes it.  And it is like coming home again for this lace knitter!

Kat discovered her newly finished mittens on the kitchen table this morning and immediately put them on.  A happy kitten in her new mittens (and hat)!


Happy in Mittens

Happy in Mittens

And yes, she is wearing a nightgown. ¬†They have pajama day one Friday a month at school. ¬†I like those Fridays as we don’t have a fight over what to wear.

Lastly, I haven’t neglected my teacher gift knitting duties. ¬†I worked on the second bag on the ferry this morning…

Teacher Bag 08

Teacher Bag 08

The color isn’t quite right in this picture. ¬†The yarn is a darker purple in reality.

Have a good weekend! ¬†We have a birthday party at Build-A-Bear tomorrow. ¬†Yay 😉

Craft on!

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