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Follow Up

November 24th, 2008 · 12 Comments


I guess its time to come clean. ¬†I mentioned recently that I was trying to get on the waiting list for a Wyatt Pegasus. ¬†Well on Friday I saw a sales post on the Spin-Sales group where someone was selling hers. ¬†Fortuitious no? ¬†Naturally I lept and sent an inquiry regarding the wheel. ¬†It was still available, however it was a right flyer and a miner’s head too.

Miner’s head scare me. ¬†That pointy bit of metal sticking out scares this klutzy individual witless. ¬†Additionally I’m also left flyer kind of girl. ¬†Its a gorgeous wheel that I’d still love, but that configuration just wouldn’t work for me. ¬†

However, in the background of one of the pictures she sent, I spotted a beautiful wheel. ¬†I re-read her posting, which had listed some 6 different wheels. ¬†Below the Jensen Tina II (which I usually remember last minute that I have one too) was a Van Eaton 24″ Production wheel in Black Walnut with many extra bobbins. ¬†I requested pictures of that if it was still available. ¬†It was and those pictures I received are the ones I posted as a teaser the other day. ¬†After doing some research into the wheel and getting the sellers opinion as to how it compares to say the Tina or a Schacht, i decided I had to have it. ¬†I sent off a check and when it clears, she’ll be shipping me my new wheel. ¬†I can’t wait.

You know what a new wheel means, right? ¬†One has to go. ¬†This one is a tad bittersweet for me. ¬†I sold my Lendrum folding wheel. ¬†My very first wheel. ¬†I know I can’t use it, it hurts the ankle too much, but she was my first. ¬†I also sold my drum carder. ¬†I don’t use that either. ¬†I have so little craft time that when i do have craft time, I’d much rather spin, then prepare fiber. ¬†That baby went off to her new home in Utah today.

So there you have the rest of the long story 🙂

As I don’t have enough going on, remember my sister is with child. ¬†A baby girl. ¬†Remember also that I spun me some yarn to knit the wee one a sweater. ¬†Well, last week after injuring my knee and spending the weekend laid up, I got some serious baby knitting done…

Whatever could this be?

Of course, it’s a Baby Surprise Sweater!



¬†Here’s a closeup of the cute little buttons I found in my stash:

Awww widdle bunny

Awww widdle bunny

We’re headed out to my sister’s house for the holiday. I’ll finish up the seams and sewing the buttons on before we leave on Wednesday. The baby girl keeps threatening to come early and this weekend provides to be a good time for sweater turnover 🙂

And because I don’t have enough going on, I took the kids to buy new coats last week. ¬†Three winters out of a single pair of coats just wasn’t to be 😉 ¬†Alex’s arms were finally getting too long for his, though Kat could probably have worn hers for another year. ¬†She just hates to wear a coat and had refused to put it on to day. ¬†I figured that maybe being able to pick a new one would take some of the coat sting away. ¬†So off to Sears and the Land’s End section we went. ¬†Out we walked with 3 new coats. ¬†One each for the monkeys and one for their mama. ¬†Got tired of that hideous raspberry coat I’ve been wearing for 4 winters now. ¬†Problem I generally have is that I wait until late in the season to buy and wind up with one that fits, but the ickiest to me color. ¬†Not this time. ¬†My new baby is a Land’s End Weatherly Parka in Spice Brown. ¬†Not surprisingly, this brown coat has pink and cream accents. ¬†Go figure. ¬†After years of Neapolitan rovings and yarns, my winter coat now matches. ¬†But it does mean that the charcoal and pale pink that I bought to make the Fiddlehead mittens now doesn’t match so well. ¬†I picked up a skein of Cascade 220 Superwash in a perfectly matching brown yesterday at MY. ¬†Last night I got busy:

Neapolitan Fiddlehead Mittens

The mittens will have a cream alpaca lining. MmmmMMmmMMM. Can’t wait!

That’s about it for today. ¬†I’m far behind in just about everything right now. ¬†Sorry 🙁

Have a happy Thanksgiving to all!

Craft on!

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Like Coming Home

November 14th, 2008 · 9 Comments

With all the sweater and other knitting recently, I’ve been seriously jones-ing for some lace. ¬†I’ve managed to fight the urge for a while now, but after finishing the mittens yesterday, I couldn’t fight the fight any longer. ¬†I spent some time perusing my lace queue at Ravelry but nothing jumped out at me. ¬†I then moved to the large pattern collection on the whole and found what I wanted to do. ¬†Adamas. ¬†Last night fortunately was SnB night and MY has a nice selection of laceweight yarn. ¬†I found me a yummy skein of Misti Alpaca Handpaint Laceweight in shades of green. ¬†Reminds me of the ranges of greens in summer foliage. ¬†Naturally I cast on immediately 🙂


Adamas is born

Adamas is born

Not the greatest of pictures, but the best I could do this morning on the train.  I likes it.  And it is like coming home again for this lace knitter!

Kat discovered her newly finished mittens on the kitchen table this morning and immediately put them on.  A happy kitten in her new mittens (and hat)!


Happy in Mittens

Happy in Mittens

And yes, she is wearing a nightgown. ¬†They have pajama day one Friday a month at school. ¬†I like those Fridays as we don’t have a fight over what to wear.

Lastly, I haven’t neglected my teacher gift knitting duties. ¬†I worked on the second bag on the ferry this morning…

Teacher Bag 08

Teacher Bag 08

The color isn’t quite right in this picture. ¬†The yarn is a darker purple in reality.

Have a good weekend! ¬†We have a birthday party at Build-A-Bear tomorrow. ¬†Yay 😉

Craft on!

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Busy Busy

November 13th, 2008 · 5 Comments

Sorry for the recent dirth of posts.¬† Life has gotten a bit busier recently for a couple of reasons.¬† We’re on a pretty tight development schedule at work (I’m actually ahead of my project plan for a change), and I started studying for the first exam on my way towards the Microsoft Certification (MCPD in ASP.Net for those that care).¬† I’m hoping to take the test next month.¬† I’ve been juggling spinning with video gaming and knitting at home… oh and the twin wrangling and other assorted household things.¬† I sort of prefer to be busy, but I could definitely use a vacation.

I finished the main body of the first teacher bag. 

Modified Booga Bag for Miss M.

Modified Booga Bag for Miss M.

As a reminder, this is a combo of Patons Merino and Lion Brand Wool.¬† I’ll be knitting the idiot-cord on the knitting machine when I have both bags finished.¬† That varigetated skein to the right (on the guidebook for the current gameplay) is what I’ll be using.¬† I’m pleased with how it came out.¬†

I started the second one on the train yesterday morning, though haven’t gotten very far as I’ve been working on Kat’s Mittens.¬† I finished the second one while waiting for the ferry this morning.

Kathryn's 2008 Mittens

Kathryn's 2008 Mittens


Actual knitting time was far less than that.  I know I cast on for the second mitt yesterday and finished it this morning.  I could have finished it on the way home last night but was busy reading about the .NET Framework.  Now to knit her a scarf or cowl.  Probably a loose cowl as she hates anything tight around her neck (turtlenecks are a big NO-NO!) and I can see my klutzy little girl tripping over a scarf ;)  Just need to take some measurements and mod a grownup cowl.  More pink yarn.  Joy.

That unfortunately is all I have for today.¬† I thank all who pulled for the eBay auction, but alas I did not win.¬† Probably not a bad thing as I’d have to part with another wheel or two.¬† For those who are curious, it was this Norm Hall wheel and assorted goodies to go with it.¬†

Taken from eBay

Taken from eBay

The final price was $2,710.69 which I just could not justify, especially with $175 of shipping above and beyond that, and not being able to judge the actual condition of it. It wasn’t meant to be. I would, however, like to get on the waiting list for one of these beauties, but I’m not getting a response from either email or phone messages!

Craft on!

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Moving Forward

November 6th, 2008 · 2 Comments

I’m still on a hopeful high. ¬†Judging from all the blog posts, email exchanges and smiles yesterday, I’m definitely not alone. ¬†One other thing I’m hopeful about, finishing the teacher gifts early this year! ¬†I’ve already started..


Booga Bag Modified

Booga Bag Modified

Since the kids have the same teachers this year as last, I had to do something different from the scarves. ¬†I opted for making modified Booga Bags for the ladies. ¬†Here I’m using Patons Merino for the black and that multi colored bit, and the Lion Brand Wool in red. ¬†I used the Random Stripe Generator here. ¬†Loving it so far. ¬†I think I’ll pull out a knitting machine to do the dumb i-cord handles though. ¬†I don’t relish hand knitting 80″ of i-cord. ¬†Ugh. ¬†Should take about 15 minutes, if that long, on the machine. ¬†Now to find where I stashed that!

I posted some two weeks ago a picture of local gas prices, here’s an updated shot from the same station.

I took that a couple of days ago. ¬†It was actually even better this morning. ¬†No picture as I didn’t have the advantage of the red light 🙂

And now, to write some technical specifications.  Fun!

Craft on!

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Hello Hello

September 3rd, 2008 · 6 Comments

See I knew the regular updates would last forever.¬† Its been so crazy at the office that I haven’t (and won’t) be able to blog from there for a while.¬† I work for a company whose product is school centric and my job involves the automation involved in populating/assigning/etc students, teachers and classes.¬† With school starting up again, its been crazy.¬† I likened it to tax season for my accountant father.¬† Add in some tech problems that hit us out of left field and I was doing code debugging on Labor Day.¬† I just finished (9:20PM) cleaning up various user accounts in our assorted databases.¬† I’ll be happy when what we call Implementation Season is over.

I have, however, been knitting.¬† I started a new project even, well technically two, but ripping out one sock pattern for a different one doesn’t count.¬† That’s more of a restart.¬† I swapped the Cable Rib Socks for my old favorite Hedera.¬† Alas, I’m somewhat incapable of taking pictures of socks considering I actually did finish a pair during SOS’08 but they’ve never seen the camera.¬† Oh well.

The new project is also a knitty pattern, Helena. I’m using the yarn I finished at WOOL.

I took this picture this morning on the ferry.¬† I’ve since finished the second lace repeat with three more to go before the picot hem.¬† Odd shot I know with the collar at the bottom edge of the picture.¬† What can I tell you.¬† I’m loving this project.¬† The yarn is a dream to work with and the pattern is well written.¬† I started this Saturday morning while sitting with the kids.

Later Saturday I did a little shopping.  Anyone care to guess where?

That’s about all I have for now.¬† I’m exhausted.¬† Time for a little knitting and Project Runway before turning in early.

Craft on!

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Coming Clean

December 13th, 2007 · 8 Comments

Wow, time really does fly when you’re not paying attention.  Days flow in their normal way.  Work, kids, sleep.  Rinse.  Repeat.  Oh yeah, knit on the train.  XBox at night.  I finally found the family timer on it and set it for 90 minutes a day.  I finally got some knitting time last night as I didn’t totally lose track of time and play Puzzle Quest until midnight.


I finished the first of the teacher scarves last week ( I think, lost track of the time and stopped noting when thing were started and finished.)  Here is scarf number two, also in Malabrigo worsted, colorway Amoroso (?).  I finished it last night while watching Project Runway.  See, the timer on the 360 is a good thing. 

Friday night/Saturday I was sort of pushed to finally get an item off the queue and onto the needles.  See, Friday night the twins got robes from my folks for Hanukkah.  Alex’s came with slippers.  Kat’s did not.  I’ve been unable to find her slippers.  Then I remembered Twinkletoes and that I had already had the Calmer in pink marinating in the stash.  So I knit the little miss a pair of the toddler size.  She’s got wee feet like me.


I’ve become the role model for avoiding SSS.  I giggle when I read others quoting my "immediately cast on for the second".  So what does this say about me?


All three are first socks.  I can’t remember the last time I had three single socks on the needles!  Left to right are:  Duet Skinny in Sailor Girl, Regia in the Kaffe stripey goodness and Jitterbug.  It has been a very long time, September to be exact, since I finished a sock!  The Duet was started on 9/11 believe it or not.   I haven’t a clue when the other two were started.  I’m not looking forward to all those second socks! 

The Jitterbug sock has presented additional difficulties and is now on its third set of needles.  The first set were the ebony Lantern Moons that I bought at Rhinebeck.  I managed to snap two of the needles.  WHILE KNITTING.  Not while taking out of purse, or just collateral damage in purse.  No.  I was actually knitting, on the train, and snapped first one, replaced it, and then a second one two days later.  Damn.  I  swapped in a set of rosewood needles over the weekend only to find that the 6" needles do nothing more than piss me off, jabbing me in the hands.  I’ve now gone to the third set, and apparently my favorite needles, Clover Takumi’s. Good.  Maybe now I’ll finish the damn thing.  I have to say, I’m sort of tired of these socks.

This is the first year we did the 8 nights of presents for the kids.  They really "got it" this year.  (As always click for bigger)


Thanks to the snow falling outside presently, no SnB for the second week in a row.  I’ll probably be leaving the office early to avoid having to dig my car out of a large snowdrift at the station with nothing more than a stupid brush.  Have I mentioned before my serious dislike of the white stuff?

Craft on!

Edited to add:  almost immediately after I hit the post button, the kids’ teacher called to tell me that Tutor Time was closing at 2:30 because of the weather.  I gotta leave in 25 minutes in order to get them.   

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December 2nd, 2007 · 7 Comments

The reason I’ve been so quiet is that I’ve been on vacation since right before Thanksgiving.  Monday before, I got a surprise when my boss informed me I had 7 vacation days that I needed to take before the end of the year.  What a better time than to pair with a 4 day weekend.  So I’ve been home and busy.  Thanksgiving was at our house this year and it was filled with family.  No better way than that to spend the day.

Black Friday, the folks and I hit a store for a bargain.  This one is mine…


Damn, the xbox looks good on that!  And yes, I’ve been spending significant time playing with that toy.  Got mom hooked on it too.  After the kids go to bed for the night, we sit down and play Lego Star Wars or Puzzle Quest (thanks Lizzy for that one!).

I managed to sneak into the eye doctor on Monday for my first appt in 6 years.  Turns out that the nearsightedness that I’ve had since starting college has resolved itself thanks to aging 😉  I now need reading glasses.  My doctor recommended saving the cash and buying a pair of .75 or 1.0 glasses from the pharmacy.  Works nicely so far and working on kauni has been made easier.

Speaking of Kauni, while I haven’t knit much over the last 11 days there has been some progress to speak of.  I’m pass the beginning of the front neck steek and halfway through the reductions.


In other knitting news, it is teacher gift season. New school means new teachers that haven’t received a particular gift already.  I’ve sort of decided to set a standard gift of the One Row Scarf from Stephanie in a yummy yarn.  Malabrigo to be exact.  Here’s the first.


I’ve also been doing some sewing.  I made two little skirts for Kathryn out of quilting stash fabric.  Each skirt took just under 3 fat quarters.  I’ll definitely make a few more of these for her. 


Finally, this morning we awoke to find it snowing.  The kids were eager to go outside.  They helped clean off the cars before embarking with Pop-pop to make a snowman on the driveway.


It’s been a confusing seasonal change around here for sure…


Craft on!

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Friday in Pictures

April 20th, 2007 · 8 Comments

Its almost time to head home for the weekend and I just don’t feel like toiling at the moment.  The ache in my ankle (yes the bad one) is terribly distracting.  Two weeks ago it went from its on and off dull roar to constant.  Didn’t help that I rolled it again stepping in a pothole coming home from the SnB.  It hurt something fierce that night but was better by morning.  The last week has seen it become constant with the added bonus of tingling in the foot.  Nothing like nerve involvement to freak someone out.  I decided it was time to see the doctor.  I have an appointment next Friday morning with a foot & ankle ortho specialist.  In the meantime, I’ll be pulling out my old ankle brace and making sure the advil is stocked up.   Good thing I’m adding a single treadle wheel! 😉  (Might be time to use the electrics until the Schacht arrives)

Anyway, ankle bitching aside, I have been knitting.  First, the important bit.  Setesdal is done.


Doing some checking for the album, I discovered it took me just about a month to do this sweater.  Not bad, considering it was almost entirely done at home on nights and weekends.  I do hope my sister likes it.  I’m happy with it though and almost ready to make another one.  Though if I do, it will not be superwash wool!  I’d like the yarn to work with me if I have to steek it.  I did discover my error with the sewing as to why the ends popped out.  My sewing machine has an automatic stitch size and it defaults to that when you turn it on.  I forgot that.  I saw the levers down at the smallest end of the scale and went with it.  Oh well.  I ran it through again using a much smaller stitch size before picking up for the second front band and everything stayed in place.  Whew.  Still, I’d much rather a grippy wool.  I guess I have to make a Dale for Kat now.

Socks are the standard knitting project for me.  Here’s the finished shot of the Vesper babies.


Full details here.  I wore them yesterday with a pair of cords that matched the brown exactly.  They were comfy, if a pain to knit.  Love the colors!

The Trekkings are progressing very nicely.  I mentioned the first was done and I’m halfway through the foot of the second now.  I’ll finish that tonight.


And finally, here’s a shot of the pretty pink Spring Things.  I worked on her last night at the SnB so she’s further along than this picture by another 3 repeats or so.


Tomorrow is the baby shower and thank goodness the weather has finally turned to spring.  It should be far nicer to allow some 25 people outside rather than cooped up in the house.  Oooh, we’ll probably finally get to use the porch!  I’ll tuck a sock in my pocket for random knitting during the day.

Have a great weekend all.

Craft on!

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Coming Clean

April 11th, 2007 · 10 Comments

I expect that most of you are now used to my rather sporadic posting.  I have to admit, I’m not.  I liked posting more often and well, miss it.  But then there’s the whole time crunch thing.  There’s a secondary problem that if I don’t post for a while, I want to write about so much that I expect it will take forever to get that one out of me that I don’t actually do it, compounding the short absence to a longer and longer one.  Someday I’ll have it all figured out.   

This week has been rather crappy at work, but at least going rather well outside the office.  Which is good.  The kids finally went back to school yesterday.  The daycare center director apologized profusely for the length of the "spring break" and thanked us for our patience.  She’s have a "parent appreciation dinner" next week and has changed the remaining vacation schedule to make up for the additional 6 days that they took now.  Nice lady.  Excellent center.   Miss Kat went wearing big girl panties yesterday for the first time.  She did rather well, with only a small accident.  Naturally I sent extra clothes for such emergencies.  She was so excited this morning that she announced she would hold it until she got to school.  Mom and I convinced her otherwise.   She’s an odd duck 😉

This weekend another one of the wheels went off to a new home.  The cute little hitchhiker is now living with new spinner, Dorre.  I have to come clean now and announce publicly (beyond the comments dropped around blogosphere over the last day or two and in emails) that I ordered its replacement.  I ordered a Schacht Matchless ST from WoollyManor.  I’ve been looking at this wheel for a while and know that is quite popular around the blogosphere.  It just seemed the right time, what with tax refunds on their way.  Sadly, it won’t arrive in time for the trip to MD$W (I booked my hotel on Monday – woot! – staying in the same place as 2 years ago.  Kim and Dorre are staying there too!)  According to the email I got yesterday, it is expected to ship from the factory around May 7. 

In preparation, I’ve been doing a little spinning recently.  I sat down at the Lendrum Saxony Sunday night and was finally motivated to see if I could figure out why the hell the thing squeaked so badly.  I knew it was coming from the front edge of the treadles where a metal bar went through and fit into the front legs.  After oiling and otherwise lubricating the heck out of it, mom sat and watched as I spun (and cringed listening to the squeak).  Result?  The metal bar flexes as I treadle.  It flexes enough that it rubs against one side of the treadle because while the metal is bending, the wood is not.  Little I can do to lubricate for that.  No wonder I oiled the hell out of it for naught.  I had a bit of a brainstorm and pulled a pole out of the closet that I use to get hangers up to the upper rod.  I put the pole against the block between the treadles, out back under the wheel with the other end jammed against a table leg to prevent the bar from flexing.  It worked!  I was able to spin without any squeaking!  Now I have to come up with some kind of permanent rigging, like a piece of wood from the bar to the back leg.  But at least I can use this wheel without the frustrating noise.


I finished knitting the body for Setesdal.  Sunday morning the sewing machine came out and I seamed and the cut the steeks.  Instead of knitting the neck area flat as the pattern suggested, I steeked there too.  I’d much rather do that than knit two color flat.  Bleh.  Unfortunately, while I was picking up the stitches for the first button band, some of the white ends slipped out of the machine sewing.  I grabbed them before they could unravel too far and hand sewed them into place.  I think I’m going to reinforce with some iron-on interfacing.  I have until next weekend (4/21) to finish and might just make it.

Because I’m really lacking in projects, I started a new one at the SnB last week.  It is the Susan’s new pattern, Spring Things.  I’m using crack Kidsilk Haze in a color number I don’t quite remember and can’t check as it is at home.  The Vesper Neapolitan socks are the current commuter project.  I purchased silver lined crystal beads from EarthFaire, which arrived yesterday.  I’m up to a little over 100 stitches per row at this point, but it has taken a back seat to the socks, Setesdal and the Mitered Squares.

I found another sock yarn accidentally last week that I just had to order.  Pretty colors and I love the idea that it is packaged with a coordinating heel/toe color.  I went a little nutsy though and have 6 different skeins.  Two arrived after this picture was taken.  It is Duet Sock and I look forward to trying it out.  I’ll probably hit one of these after the Vesper socks are done of which I’m well into the second sock now.  Unlike my standard, this yarn is DK weight so it should make for some fast socks. 

That’s about it for now, hopefully another post sooner than later.

Craft on!


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Weekend Update

April 1st, 2007 · 12 Comments

Sorry, this will be a quick posting.¬† The weekend is drawing to a close and there is work in the morning.¬† I do have progress on a number of fronts to relate.First, a finished pair of socks.STR LucyWe have a guest spokesmodel for today’s pictures.¬† Miss Kat has been extremely helpful (and attached to me) over the last week or so.¬† More about her later.¬† I finished these socks on Thursday at the SnB.¬† Project details are:Yarn:¬† STR – LucyPattern:¬† Own basic toe-up over 52 stNeedles:¬† US1Which was really excellent timing seeing as the order Dorre placed for Vesper had arrived and she was bringing my yarn that night.¬† I saw that there was going to be an update of Vesper but as I’d be on the train home, no way could I place an order.¬† I asked Dorre if she could do it for me and she was lucky enough to get a few skeins!¬† I started my Neopolitan socks Friday morning on the train.Kat_vesperI’m back to using the US0 for this yarn as it is much finer than the STR.¬† Its not at tightly twisted as I prefer to use but rather nice all the same.¬† I’m digging the colors.¬† Somewhere along the way, I’ve gotten onto a Neopolitan kick and have all sorts of sock yarn (and some worsted for a felted bag) in the same colors.¬† I’m going to try the toe-up flap heel on this sock for something different and maybe feather and fan on the cuff.¬† We’ll see when I get there if I actually do it.Progress has definitely been made on the Setesdal for my impending niece.¬† I’m 2cm of binding off for the front neck.¬† Amazing how fast little baby knits go.¬† I did get a rude awakening after realizing that I had to use a 16″ Circ for the body.¬† I generally don’t like anything that small, but there really was no choice.¬† I’m surprised at how well I’ve adjusted to it.Kat_setesdalAnd now, the most important progress.¬† Potty training of the girl child.¬† She’s done remarkably well.¬† With the exception of an accident or two a day, she is going on the potty to pee.¬† She’s even initiated it and not waited for my periodic question of whether she had to go or not.¬† I do believe she’s rather pleased with herself.¬† There is one shadow on this sunny day though.¬† She has yet to make poop in the potty.¬† (Oh the new google hits that will turn up on the stats now!)¬† Makes for rather messy new panties.¬† This afternoon though, she was so upset about her latest accident that it took both mom and I to calm her down and tell her it was okay. Patterns are starting to emerge that the “accidents” occur right after nap so I started to drill her a little on what to do when she woke up.¬† Head for the bathroom, just like mommy.¬† We’ll see if that works.¬† We have another week before they go back to school so Mom and I can work on her further.¬† We got the call Saturday morning that the construction at the school still was not complete and certainly not inspected so they would be closed again this week.¬† Sigh.¬†I’ll leave with a final picture of the front of the house.¬† I forgot that I hadn’t posted a final/finished front shot.¬† With the wait, you can now see the new pole lamp that dad installed last week.Before…..House_front_beforeAfter…House_doneCraft on!

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