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June 5th, 2009 · 7 Comments

I’m getting good at this prediction stuff. ¬†Yesterday, I predicted not much progress on the Sox Sock. ¬†I was totally right. ¬†I did work on it at stop lights on the way to Panera so there was some minimal progress. ¬†But not alot. ¬†Not like the first couple of days on the project. ¬†I guess I could have worked on it at SnB, but I generally don’t knit socks there.

I did 2 rows on Wedding Ring Shawl, but that doesn’t make for good SnB knitting. ¬†Intricate lace is not social knitting friendly. ¬†Though I have successfully worked on that piece out in public, just not where I have to talk to anyone ;)¬†

So, what did I work on? ¬†A project I haven’t showed since I started a sleeve. ¬†The Fair Isle Cardi!


Why yes, I am a bit beyond the sleeve knitting now 😉 ¬†I’ve been quietly working on this at home. ¬†I likes it!

Well, I have to go debug problems in both the Production and UAT (user acceptance testing) environments.  Not to mention unit test the code changes I made yesterday.  Good thing I like to be busy, eh?

Craft on!

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Set Course

April 16th, 2009 · 6 Comments

We have now set sail for sleeve island.    I finished the body of the Fair Isle sweater to the armpit last night on the train.  I cast on for the sleeve this morning:


I didn’t get very far as I was busy gabbing and newspaper reading this morning. ¬†I also didn’t get any knitting done last night as the Sox had a day game. ¬†Pair that with heading to check out a new gym after the twins went to bed. ¬†

A commuting buddy was talking about his gym while on the train yesterday. ¬†I’ve been thinking about joining one. ¬†I have a load of videos and various bits of exercise stuff, but nothing like a treadmill or a bike. ¬†Even while I own all this, I still have a tendency when home at night to parked my arse on the easy chair in my room and knit or futz with the computer. ¬†Doesn’t necessarily lead to getting into some semblance of shape. ¬†Not to mention I think I’ve lost all that I’m going to lose by diet alone. ¬†I had to take it to the next level and actually move around a bit. ¬†Enter the gym. ¬†

I joined it. ¬†It is a couple of miles from my house, conveniently located so I could technically hit it on the way home from the train. ¬†But probably won’t but will go until after the twins go to bed. ¬†They are open until 10PM, have lots and lots of machines. ¬†I lurve that the treadmills/bike/ellipticals all have integrated TVs with cable and dedicated headphone ports. ¬†Nice. ¬†I’ll still bring my smidge of a iPod.

The place is CLEAN! ¬†The ladies locker room was spotless with a gorgeous shower facility. ¬†Lockers with keypads that you set so you don’t need to schlep a lock. ¬†Towels abound. ¬†Juice bar. ¬† Nice. ¬†Its not a muscle head place so I don’t have to feel like a weakling around there. ¬†Plenty of equipment so there’s no waiting. ¬†I did about 45min of cardio on the bike and treadmill last night after getting a tour and signing on the dotted line. ¬†I have a one hour session Sat morning with a trainer.

Craft on!

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Can I get an Awwwww

April 15th, 2009 · 7 Comments

Isn’t this the cutest lil techie thing you’ve ever seen?


iPhone for scale 😉 ¬†yes, I know the iPhone plays music. ¬†I’ve been using it for music on and off since I bought the thing in August. ¬†However, the headphones get plugged in, they get removed repeat ad nauseum. ¬† Invariably the headphones are left where ever I am not resulting in more than a few commutes without headphones. ¬†Not to mention I don’t like draining my cell phone battery playing music.

And this¬†thing¬†is just sooooooo cute and wittle that I’ll barely notice its addition weight in my bag. ¬†Hey, I’m an Apple groupie (and shareholder now too thank you verymuch), gotta do my part 😉 ¬†Have to leave the headphones plugged in so I can find the sucker. ¬†Problem solved!

What else? ¬†Oh yeah. ¬†I noticed that my skinny little mini cat, Duchess, was even skinnier this weekend. ¬†She turned 12 in December so I was concerned. ¬†Dad got her to the vet yesterday where they knocked the little fireball out and took some blood. ¬†She’s got a super duper hyper active thyroid…. and now an account at CVS Pharmacy. ¬†


Boy did they give me a weird look when I picked it up last night. ¬†Yes, first name really is Duchess. ¬†So far she’s been pretty good about taking the pill. ¬†I’ve been embedding the little things in a small piece of meat. ¬†Good thing she doesn’t chew her food 😉

Thanks to the return of baseball, I now have plenty of sit around and watch tv or computer screen time.  Perfect for working on the EPS Fair Isle sweater. 


I measured it this morning on the ferry and it is now just shy of 10″. ¬†Sweet.

Craft on!

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April 14th, 2009 · 6 Comments

I love the EPS (Elizabeth’s Percentage Sweater). ¬†I’m churning away at the body at present. ¬†Dad taking the kids to the park the other day allowed me undisturbed knitting time. ¬†Paired up with a baseball game, I managed to finish 5″ by the end of Sunday. ¬†I haven’t measured today so I don’t know how far I’ve come.

Yesterday I took a picture of the yarn in the sunlight with my little Canon Elph to see what colors it read:


(Click to embiggen and you can see a variety of colors in the strands.)  I just love Cascade 220. 

Here it is this morning on the train.  Its overcast today so there was no direct sun:


At least the little Canon is consistent in its reading of this color. ¬†The bottom marker is for the center of my steek (for later when I’m at the sewing machine) and the top is the right before the 5st steek begins and is serving as a progress round marker. ¬†I had another marker at the other edge of the steek but it disappeared on the train this morning. ¬†I decided I could live without it as I can count to 5 😉

Craft on!

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Always Moving

April 12th, 2009 · 5 Comments

If you’ve been around here long enough, you’ve probably discovered that I’m never idle.¬† I just can’t sit still and do nothing, which explains all the hobbies.¬† Well, I’ve added another one!


I’ve been eying this one for a while now.¬† A long while.¬† Way back at either my first or second NYSW, I saw someone demonstrating the using of a marudai and was fascinated.¬† Last year I bought one of those cheap foam discs to try it one.¬† Liked it but didn’t like the slowness in the foam disc, moving one strand at a time.¬† It was limiting.¬† So when a local fiber friend posted on a mailing list that she was selling one of her kumihimo set for less than I could buy a new one, I jumped.¬† Yesterday I drove out to her house and picked it up.

Love it!¬† Now I need to figure out a use for all those braids 😉

I’ve been off since Wednesday afternoon and have managed to keep myself busy.¬† I whipped out a tiered skirt for Kat in pink quilting fabrics that she picked out.¬† She was able to wear it for the family gathering at the Seder on Thursday.¬† And then she wore it again Friday.¬† And again Saturday.¬† I have no photos as the thing now needs a wash 😉

However, I did manage to finish Alex’s dinosaur quilt.


As with Kat’s, I did in the ditch quilting and machine applied the binding.¬† While my new binding foot arrived, it was too small for the wide binding that I picked up at Joann’s.¬† Sigh.¬† Oh well, maybe the next one will have a binding that doesn’t look like ass.

Another finished sewing object is this:


It is an Alexander Henry fabric, that I lined with the coordinating fabric:


I found this tutorial and made a home for my beloved MacBook.¬† It fits perfectly and I’m quite happy with it.¬† I have more of the fabric and a few plans 😉

I finally finished the Tulip Cardigan for my niece.  I spent a few hours on Thursday finishing the second sleeve and weaving in all those stupid ends.


While I love how it came out, I seriously hated the yarn.¬† Sublime Cashmerino Baby.¬† It was awful to work with.¬† I also thing if i were to make this pattern again (and I probably will since I bought some 220 in similar colors to knit it for Kat), I’m going to modify so that the button bands aren’t picked up at the end but knit along at the same time.

It isn’t all about finishing at Chez CFL.¬† Oh no.¬† It is time to start something new!¬† I watched Amy knitting this sweater and decided I had to have one too!¬† I had taken advantage of Web’s recent sale on Cascade and stashed up recently.


I cast on a few minutes ago.  The base color is reading purple by the camera.  Which is not how my eyes see it.  In my oddly lit bedroom, I see brown.  But then you look at the closeup at Webs and it is a rainbow of colors.  It is color 4006: Galaxy.


Galaxy indeed.¬† It is a galaxy of colors!¬† I kept Kat busy for a while this morning with the ball winder 😉

Since Dad has the kids off at the duck pond, I’m off to play with something.

Craft on!

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