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Back on Track

August 12th, 2008 · 6 Comments

It appears the little derailment in Ballerina I had yesterday was short term. Much like this one that futzed up my train line. Fortunately the derailment was beyond my station so my actual commute wasn’t really affected.¬† They were stopping trains east of the problem and busing folks west where they’d take another train.¬† Yuck.¬† NJTransit spammed my text alert system with multiple notifications of the situation. Nice that it works! Didn’t get the stupid messages when I had the Mogul on Sprint. So far AT&T is stellar not to mention the iPhone itself is worlds cooler 😉 Made even cooler when I found eReader available for it in the AppStore for free. I’ve been an eReader user for years now and installed that free sucker without hesitation. Downloaded a few books from my library and I’m rarin’ to go. LOVE IT. Anyway… Ballerina is back on track now too:

You can see the raglan “seam” shaping up nicely. Upon closer look, I’m awfully close to finishing this sleeve business and getting on with the back:

The eagle eyed might notice that the stitch count doesn’t match again between the top and bottom needles.¬† Well, there’s a good reason for that.¬† I changed my mind about the whole three-needle bind off.¬† I was doing it right but examined the resulting seam after a couple of reductions.¬† I didn’t like it.¬† I moved to the bind off as called for in the pattern.¬† What do I plan to do with the other side?¬† Take a length of the yarn, splice it to the end where I cast on those stitches and simply bind them off.¬† I’ll sew the remaining seam and should be able to clean up the weirdness.

Is everyone bored of this sweater by now?¬† Are ya’ll hoping I’ll move onto some more interesting yet faster project soon?¬† Just so many ways for me to show acres of garter stitch on 3mm needles.


Craft on!

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Monumental News

August 11th, 2008 · 10 Comments

Oh yes, we have serious trouble. I made a boo-boo with Ballerina. Yesterday afternoon while the twins (and their grandfather) took a nap in the backyard, I moved me and my laptop back inside to watch the Sox. I pulled out Ballerina to work on as I watched the game. I hit the point where the edges of the sleeves were to be bound off in stages, about 2 stitches ever ridge. Good right? Yes. Making progress.

This morning on the train I did a basic count to see how many more repeats I was in for and did some counting. There were different numbers of stitches. Frak. I spent the remaining ride trying to figure out where the heck I’d gone wrong. Just as the train was pulling into the station it struck me. I don’t do the three-needle bind off very often and had screwed up the process at the beginning of each row.

What was going on was that I was knitting together three stitches from each needle to bind off the two, but then on the next ridge, repeating it. But since the third stitch from the previous ridge, which was now the first live stitch was bound off with one from the back needle, I was really reducing an extra back stitch for each ridge. Doh. I started tinking it, but that’s alot of knitting with small needles and grabby shetland. I couldn’t just frog it because the other side of the sleeve is a provisional cast on. While it is grabby shetland, with the way my luck is running, the whole sleeve was unravel bottom up, not to mention it is harder to find those freakin stitches. Soooo…I went back to the first occurence of stupidity and picked up each stitch in that row. I spent the ferry ride on the active side and will hit the other side on the way home.

(click to biggify)

Oh well. Thought I was further along that that 😉

Now for some monumental news of a good type rather than a brain dead knitter type, the twins learned to swim!! Last summer I paid for swimming lessons through the Y where a teacher came to the house and tried to give them lessons in our pool. Most days Kat wouldn’t even get in the water with her. Call it a waste of yarn money. This summer, I opted to skip that (with the ‘rents blessing) and dad has taken to given them basic swimming lessons himself, first getting them to blow bubbles and all that. This weekend there was significant in that they went from jumping into the pool with tubes on and just putting their mouths into the water to blow bubbles to really swimming. Donning goggles, Alex swam from the steps to the ladder. Really swimming. A few hours later, Kat did it too. AWESOME! I watched them jump off the edge of the pool and swim to the stairs. While they need to learn at some point to turn their heads to breath but this is a huge milestone. THEY CAN SWIM!!!!! When they are ready to do something, they really do it. Bravo my babies.

Craft on!

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August 6th, 2008 · 11 Comments

I didn’t get as much done last night as I wanted to. First, I’m just working later. We had a new CEO join the company who has questioned my boss as to what hours the development team works. As a result, we’ve been requested to at least be in the office for core business hours: 9-6. I’d been leaving a smidge before 5:30 so as to catch a 6:01 train and get home somewhere around 6:45 so that I could have dinner with the kids. Now I’m leaving a smidge before 6 and on a 6:34 train, not walking in the door until 7:15 or so. With the twins going to bed around 8:15, they can’t exactly hold dinner for me. I’ve been having a quick bite by myself after I get home and then try to round them up for bed. Ugh. Not ideal, but you gotta do right? We’ll just make an extra effort to have quality family dinners over the weekend. This started late last week so I’m still in a bit of an adjustment phase.

Last night the little peeps decided to trade the regular bedtime routine (jammies, teeth, spongebob) for playtime in Kat’s room. I agreed and broke out the XM (Sox beat the Royals – YAY) and MLB The Show. Is it weird that I’m listening to a game while playing another one? I took a picture of my favorite corner in my room. I love the juxtaposition of the sock yarn basket and the electronic goodies. Pretty much sums me up, eh?

Why yes, I have a few game controllers on my dresser 😉

After getting pretty well beaten by the CPU in baseball, I took a shower, trying something new with the hair. I decided to see how much curl I can eek out of it. My hair isn’t curly and it isn’t straight. It is the middle ground: wavy! Means that with work I can do either curly or straight and it stays pretty well. I picked up a few products yesterday during my lunchtime outing along Fulton Street and hope that it helps the curly aspect a bit. I am at a the monthly crossroads though. The bangs. Every four weeks or so, I need to make a decision: do I cut the bangs or let them grown. For the last year or so, the scissors have won. What do you say?

(Please to ignore the dopey look and eyebags, ’tis allergy season still. This was the best picture of a half dozen. Why is it so darn hard to get a shot of yourself without looking truly dorky?)

Once I finished futzing with the hair, I sat down to spend some quality time with the Ladybug. As the baseball game ended in Kansas City, I finished the first of the 4oz of Ultraviolet.

You can just make out the second braid sitting in my spinning basket waiting its turn. Very yummy stuff

I’m still working on Ballerina and she’s progressing nicely. I finished up the 17 sleeve stripes this morning on the ferry. Yesterday I spent some time with Excel and the pattern creating a cheat sheet for tracking what all has to be done. You can just see it peeking out from under the knitting. I’ve got three columns: color, neck edge notes, hem edge notes. The pattern has a few too many of those “AT THE SAME TIME” directives that this will be time well spent. I can see each ridge and what has to be done.

This morning’s huge rainstorm had the benches a tad damp so I couldn’t take a full picture. This is the end of the sleeve. The pink is the waste yarn where I provisionally cast on the sleeve stitches. I started the solid blue section on the other side of the stripes shortly after taking this photo. It will have both short rows for the sleeve/back raglan “seam” as well as staggered 3 needle bind off for the sleeves. Its all good.

Craft on!

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