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Bark bark

December 21st, 2022 · Comments Off on Bark bark

This is the newest member of the family! Her name is Chloe. Born 4/30/22. She came to love with us on 11/28 right after thanksgiving (when I hosted the whole family for the very first time!). She’s a sweet little thing. I’ve always adored papillons and finally got up the nerve to get a dog. They are a huge learning curve. I’m pretty darn tired. This girl is up by 6am every day. I adore her and love having a constant companion.

I sneak in some knitting time while she naps and I’m not doing something else. I’m back to being a sock knitter. Here is the current pair on the needles.

The yarn has been marinating in stash for a decent amount of time judging from the ball band. Forbidden Fiber Co Fortitude in Phoenix color way. Evidently a May 2016 club color way ;). No I haven’t changed much even if the surroundings have changed greatly.

craft on!

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