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One Crazy Fiber Lady

Another Day

August 13th, 2014 · 1 Comment

Another 24 hours later and here’s the sock…

2014-08-13 08.20.32

I’ve got two short rows left and the heel is done.   I’m trying something new for the heel.  This is the OMG Heel from Megan Williams.  SpinKnitLove inquired about the technique in yesterday’s comment and it seemed serendipitous considering I was about an inch shy of starting a heel.   Not sure how it fits yet, but I like the technique so far!  I love that there’s always more to learn in the fiber arts.

On another note, anyone know when AIG put their name back on their building?  I remember when the pulled it down in the midst of the financial crisis, but I’ve been out of lower Manhattan since June of 2011.  I noticed it on my way to the office sometime last week.

2014-08-08 08.10.26

Interesting times.

Craft on!


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