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August 11th, 2014 · 1 Comment

So I’ve been working in the city again now since May 19th.  I’ve now finished my fourth pair of socks since I’ve been back!  My train ride isn’t all that long, 30 min each way if I catch the express, with another 15 min on the ferry, but that’s 45 min I didn’t have at all when I was driving to work.  Here’s the pair I finished off on the boat Saturday:


To spice things up, I knit these cuff down with the flap heel!  Haven’t knit one of those in so long I had to look up a pattern.  The yarn is the June 2014 Into the Whirled club yarn.


This morning I cast on the next pair, also in Into the Whirled yarn, colorway is Mukhina.  Love the names that Cris comes up with.


By the time the ferry hit Wall Street, I’d finished the toe.


Craft on!

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