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New Toy(s)

January 18th, 2013 · No Comments

I find another way to spin super fine.  Yes, I did need it thank you 😛  Ravelry is teaching this old dog all sorts of new tricks through the forums.  I heart the forums.  Anyway, pair that with a well timed glance at facebook where I spot a Spanish Peacock store update.

So what did I get?  This.

It’s a reproduction Victorian Silk Spindle.  Bad boy weighs in a bit heavier than my normal spindle, and is far different than the ones I normally go for, but I wanted to try it.  I’ve been spinning silk on my new Golding recently:

and a long-term spinning project (circa 2003) on a Bosworth mini:

(as an aside, I finished the first 2oz of this project and plied it up on my Golding travel wheel for a grand total of 656yds)

I started the second 2oz I bought way back in ’03 on the new spindle:

sorry for the craptastic lighting.  My room is just bad for this.  But that smidge of greenish silk laying on top of the needle gauge is PLIED back on itself.   Wonder how long its going to take to spin up this 2oz!

Craft on!


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