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Small Packages

August 30th, 2012 · Comments Off on Small Packages

Wee, I’ve actually used one of the spindles I posted pictures of the other day. It is the tiniest of the bunch.

iPhone included for scale. How cute is that? And for me it spins superfine! It’s how to get all day of spinning on a tiny amount of fluff. It comes in the M&M tube which is perfect to keep in the purse.  It is a wee Spindlepop from this etsy store.

And yes I’m spinning a bit at work. See the new job didn’t work out like I hoped it would for a number of reasons beginning with being entirely bored out of my mind. So I put my resume together and after another whirlwind courtship I’ve given notice. My last day is next Friday. I start a week from Monday, back in Manhattan where I apparently belong. I’m going back to eCommerce and with a discount.

my new employer

It will be a challenge rewriting and stabilizing the existing system and learning new languages and technologies. This will be a break from Microsoft programming that I’ve done to this point but the hiring manager first wanted someone who could code and open to learning new. C’est moi!

Maybe I’ll actually finish some knitting projects now! This sweater has been in the works for entirely too long.

But it is getting there. Just need to finish the collar and do the sleeves. Loving the yarn and the colors.

Craft on!

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August 27th, 2012 · 1 Comment

While there are some things going on that I can’t share right now, I can admit to a new addiction.  I confess, I’m addicted to support spindles!  I’ve been amassing quite the collection of them, most of them from other people’s stashes on Ravelry.  In an attempt to document what I’ve got before I totally forget what they are, I’ve taken photos along with notes.  I now present them to you all as I come clean.

Malcolm Fielding Pu-Yuk


Malcolm Fielding "Fleegle Style" Tibetan


Enid Ashcroft Tibetan


Tabachek Tibetan


Malcolm Fielding Russian and bowl


All the rest of the Russians (Spanish Peacock, Texas Jeans, Skaska, Tabachek, KCL)


At least i admit to the problem.  Bigger problem is that i’m not actually spinning.  Oh well.  Can’t have em all.

Hopefully another post before over a month goes by.

Craft on!

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