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June 26th, 2012 · 6 Comments

I hints at something in the air last week but was waiting for some things to finalize before I let you all in on the news. Well those things have now settled so now I can share with you what the latest the winds of change are bringing my way:

I’m changing jobs. Again.

There I said it. This time, like the last, is also by choice. Initially I really liked this company and my job. That changed when I was traded to a different team, without consultation, to do stuff that I just don’t like doing. This is a team of consultants working on a huge new product with a few token employees. Well I was cherry picked by them to replace another employee who’d been fired (some political nightmare) as a new token employee. Add in that the corporate environment has changed considerably since I started here and a global reorg was announced last week that I predict will have trickle down streamlining effects.

So in the setting, my fired former coworker and I have been in contact over Skype since he left. A couple of weeks ago he said hello from his new spot. A spot in a location 8.9 miles by car from my home. I casually inquired as to whether they were still looking for senior developers. Oddly enough they were and after he verified with his superior, I decided to update my resume and give it a shot.

A week later, my buddy skyped me, could I be available for a tech phone interview the next day. Thanks to a number of Starbucks locations (can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a Starbucks) I had my screen call. I had very mixed feelings over my performance. Always hard to tell.

Two days later I get an email, they would like me to come in for a face to face panel interview and write some code. This meeting was last Tuesday, starting as 9am. Three questioned me for an hour and then I wrote an web app. I left there at 11, home by 11:23. Phone rang at 11:56, they would very much like me to join them. However since they only use consultants on this open ended indefinite contract, did I have a company or would I like to be in contact with one of their preferred vendors, I went the vendor option, worked with them to set my hourly rate, which was approved. I gave notice on Wednesday after getting a countersigned contract. My last day is 7/3.

So there you have it. I’m divorcing NJTransit, whom I’ve been married to since 1997. I will miss the knitting/reading/detox time but I won’t miss being on their schedule. Not to mention, I’ll jut be closer to home! And working as a consultant, hours are going to be fixed, anything over 40 needs approval, I’ll have more me time. My hourly rate has time off built into it so I won’t resent holidays and can still take a sick day or vacation or two.

Oh and my boss fist-bumped me when I handed him my resignation letter!

So taking advantage of the remaining train time, I’ve been knitting and reading, sock one just about done. Actually I finished last night at a baseball game, but I took this picture on the way in yesterday with the intent of writing this post yesterday.

Craft on!

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