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May 23rd, 2012 · 1 Comment

I’ve always seemed to do my hobbies in phases. In the past, I would route through the hobbies, doing one for somewhere in 3-6 month bursts and then onto something else, eventually looping back around. This changed in 1999 when I started spinning.

While I still go in phases on some things (weaving, beading, etc), there are two main constants that if not both done every day, they both appear over the course of a week. Neither one disappears for very long, no more than a day or two, from active rotation. They are spinning and knitting. They are balanced in my repertoire like Yin and Yang, forming my fiber-y life.

On the spinning side, I’ve been actively working on a number of different things and different spinning devices. On Sunday, I finished that bobbin on the Journey Wheel of the never-ending-1lb-left CVM and started a second one last night. I’ve show enough of that fiber over the years that I won’t bore you with it until it is all spun up and I can show off the mountain of singles in their ball-winder cakes all ready for another 4 years worth of plying 😉

The other spinning has been on spindles (also not to display yet another half spindle full of silk) with probably more of that to come as my Tibetan Support Spindle is showing as out for delivery today so I’ll be obsessively trying to figure that out tonight.

Finally, I’ve been working on some targhee that I bought from Jessica in the Redwood Colorway. I might have mentioned it when I first started spinning it a while ago. Well, I pulled out the Matchless on Monday night and finished up the first bobbin’s worth. Started the second half last night.

I’m most pleased with the first half.

There isn’t quite as much going on on the knitting side. I finished the collar on Featherweight but when I put it on, found that the sweater was too short. I have a choice to make at this point before I start knitting the sleeves. Do I rip out the 4″ of 1×1 rib collar, remove the bottom 2″ of 1×1 ribbing and lengthen the sweater, OR do I see how it fits Kathryn 😉 Other than the length it fits fine. I think I’ll pull out the collar, lengthen and then just do a new stockinette collar later. At this rate, my nice spring/summer sweater will be done for next year’s cruise 😉

The other knitting has been limited to socks on the train.

This is the sock I started right before going to Boston to catch the game at Fenway (which was AWESOME!!!!). I started the top ribbing this morning. The yarn is from Cris in her monthly yarn club. This was the April installment and is just gorgeous. I love how it is striping!

All right, back to work. Have to fight with the system that I’ve come late to and try to shoehorn new functionality into it. Thanks for the break!

Craft on!

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