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One Crazy Fiber Lady


May 2nd, 2012 · 4 Comments

I’ve made a great deal of progress on Evenstar and while I like the pattern, I’m just not sure about the yarn. The gradient is far more variegated than I expected.

I’m just not feeling it. Spreadsheet says 31% complete and I think I should stop now and restart with a different yarn. Now. Rather than layer. Yes?

On other news I saw a rather unusual sight this morning on my way to work. Driving down the block on the way to the station I spotted something on the neighbor’s lawn that I initially took for a lawn ornament. Which moved. I backed the car up. This is what I saw:

Sorry for the crappy photo but the regular camera was in my purse in the back seat. My iPhone was in my pocket. Internet research leads me to believe s/he is a red tailed hawk. I interrupted breakfast. Shortly after I snapped this the bird flew with the catch to a nearby tree and I headed for the train.

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