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Once More

April 1st, 2012 · 2 Comments

Wow am I tired today.  There must be something in the air this weekend because I’ve been pretty draggy.  Though I think today is a result of yesterday’s driving two states away for a baby shower.  It was excellent, and I don’t like showers 😉  I’m glad I went but am paying for it today, which started somewhat early as the CPW moved along to its new home this morning.  Getting right into it:

On the needles:

1.  Hermione’s Everyday Socks –  Stick a fork in these babies, they are done!  I finished them up on Monday.

This is the first time that I did this stitch pattern and I have to say that I really liked it.  I think it works very well with handpainted yarns and was easy enough for my fuzzy brain to hold onto, though I did have issues seeing the stitches in low lighting conditions, like Panera.

2.  Mawata Lilies Shawlette – is still in progress.  It doesn’t look much different than the picture from last week.  I managed a few more repeats of the edging lace and have at least made it past the halfway point.  Each repeat is taking less time as I’ve mostly memorized the pattern, well after the third or so repeat of each sitting.  The first one or two are slower.  But, progress is being made and I’ll probably be working on it tonight when Game of Thrones Season 2 starts!

3.  Hermione’s Deathly Hallows Socks – I started these Tuesday morning on the train and bound off the first one late this morning.  As part of their homework, the kids need to read for at least 20 minutes each day.  Due to personality conflicts, Alexander usually winds up reading with me and while he reads to me, I work on the current sock project.

The yarn is Forbidden Woolery Lush in the Deathly Hallows colorway.  The pattern is, surprise surprise, the Hermione’s Everyday Socks pattern.  Figured the names of the two went well together.  I’ll start the second sock tomorrow morning.  Probably.

Mods on this sock:  working toe up instead of cuff down, plain foot and a 2×2 rib.  What can I say, I’m particular with my socks.

On the fiber front

I’ve actually made some progress this week.

1.  I finished spinning the singles of the Blackforest Cake Merino (been mistakenly calling it BFL) on Thursday night.  I n-plied it on the Schacht today.

It came out to be some 468 yrds of n-plied at 4.2 oz.  I think it’ll make some lovely socks.

2.  Friday night I plied the Merino/Bamboo/Nylon blend from River’s Arts.  It is 528yds of 2ply and somehow I forgot to take a picture of it off the bobbins and I’m too tired/lazy to do it now.  Maybe during the week 😉

3. Tussah Silk – this is still ongoing. I managed to finish off another length of silk that i had batched up oodles of ages ago to facilitate this project. no clue how much silk it amounts to, but it worked through 3 different colors. I wouldn’t expect rapid progress on this project, but you knew that already 😉

4.  Charkha Shetland – this one was idle this week.  Oh well, can’t work on everything 🙂

This brings up the big question, what to spin on the wheels next?  I think I’m going to dig out the never-ending bag of processed CVM that has been ongoing on the Vermont wheel for ages.  I usually fill up 3 bobbins, wind off and repeat.  I have some 9 cakes of wound singles sitting downstairs and yet, the prepared fleece bag doesn’t look any emptier.  Maybe if I work on it somewhat regularly I can make progress.  Finally.  Now to find where I stashed it.  I think I’ll alternate this week with this and the charkha before pulling out something else for the Schacht 🙂

That’s about all for this week.

Craft on!

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  • 1 Donna // Apr 2, 2012 at 9:53 pm

    The blackforest came out gorgeous. I think socks will be beautiful with that yarn.

  • 2 Laurie // Apr 4, 2012 at 1:15 pm

    Use etherply to get the combination of singles that make the most uniform yarn across all the possible combinations! Etherhusband programmed it for spinning for sweaters, or other multibobbin projects. Google it.