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March 18th, 2012 · 2 Comments

Wow do I have a lot to report on this week.  Let’s just jump into it…

On the Needles:

1.  Stripe Study Shawl – FINISHED! – I finished this up on Thursday night at SnB, which was very convenient as it was cold in Panera.  Love this shawl, though by the end of it, I did get a tad tired of the endless garter stitch.  Didn’t really appreciate the blue from the Misti Alpaca coming off on my hands.

All the project stats are available via the link above, which points to Ravelry.  What I really liked about this project is that it used up two skeins of sock yarn from stash!  YAY me 🙂

2.  I’ll Name Them George Socks – FINISHED! – I finished these bad boys on Wednesday night after signing the monkeys up for summer camp.  Paid for it in full as there was a discount for paying it off by the end of March.  That was a quick tax refund 😉

These socks are loved and yes, they have been worn already.  I wore them Friday when I participated in a parents night out with a couple of other parents from the ‘hood.  We all took our kids to this party/gym location where they were fed and entertained from 6-9pm for $40 for my kids.  The grown ups went to a local restaurant where we indulged in adult beverages, food and conversation.  I can happily report that this is a monthly occurrence at this gym and oh yes we are participating!  Anyway, this is the third pair (and 5 skein) towards the Year of the Sock Yarn.

3.  Basic Socks – started – I cast on new socks Thursday morning during the commute.

  • Pattern:  Hermione’s Everyday Sock
  • Yarn:  River’s Edge Fiber Arts Extreme Sock Yarn
  • Mods:  Reduced overall stitch count to 52 as I have wee skinny feet.

These require a bit more concentration, but that’s okay as I’ve been knitting them while listening to either audiobooks (giving those another try) or podcasts.

4. Mawata Lilies Shawlette – I picked mawata’s with the goal of knitting without spinning them first:

Aren’t they pretty?!  So I started the pattern yesterday.  The body is stockinette with a garter edges.  I finished it early this afternoon:

and started the lacy edging.  I totally love this process!  I’ve got another set in a different color way and will probably knit some mitts from those.  This is going to be the home/snb project as I can’t imagine commuting with the sticky, fly-away silk.  I’m definitely doing more with unspun silk in the future.

On the fiber front

1.  I finished spinning the merino blend on the Schacht (weeeee, I can go back to saying that now as I only have one that I’m using! 🙂  Now I just need to pull out the electric and ply it up.

2.  I went back to an older project in process on the Russo Vermont Wheel.  The fiber is from ITW and is 64’s merino top in Blackforest Cake.

I’ve still got probably an once or so of the fiber left to spin.  I’m planning on n-plying it.  And as usual, it is spinning up rather fine, but what else is new.

Other Stuff

I have a very productive week at work as well.  I’m now responsible for being the primary developer on a re-write of core functionality for the entitlements and access system.  While that’s pretty cool, the not so cool part is that there are no current specifications of what needs to be done, not all the current source code is available to review and there are a bajillion versions of everything being used.  Oh yeah, this will be a challenge.

Haven’t shown a shot of Serendipity in a long time.  Here she is sitting only spinning stool next to the Russo wheel.

Well that’s all for now,

Craft on!


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  • 1 Donna // Mar 19, 2012 at 10:26 am

    Let’s hear it for some adult time! I bet it’s worth every penny. It’s good for the monkeys and it’s good for you.

    The shawl came out great. I can’t believe the yarn bled through onto your hands. George socks look lovely.

    Great idea knitting with upspun silk. I’m anxious to see how that goes.

  • 2 Laurie // Mar 20, 2012 at 8:37 am

    Nice stuff! Finishitis means startitis isn’t far behind.

    And you are a piker on your Rav queue. Srsly.