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I haz teh sad

January 25th, 2012 · 1 Comment


I was busy minding my own business at work this morning.   I had FB open, because, really, who doesn’t?  I might not like the thing, but its amazing how much information is contained right there and then.   I “Liked” Royal Caribbean a while back.  And it’s a good thing I did because I spotted an important update with a link that lead to this page:


And yes, I’m booked on the affected sailing.  My 10 night cruise just became a 9 night cruise.  No idea yet if they are changing the itinerary to that of the 9 night cruise that we’ve now taken twice, or just cutting out a port-of-call.  We’ll find out Saturday when we get there.

Still, could be worse.  The boat is still afloat and I *will* be going on her, just a little later and for not quite as long as I’d planned.  Also messes with some preparatory scheduling.  So much for the Friday morning pedicure.  Good thing I hadn’t called the salon on that one yet.  On the up side, I just got back one of my vacation days leaving me more time to use later in the year.

Yup, glass half full.  That’s me.

Craft on!

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