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Down Time

November 10th, 2011 · Comments Off on Down Time

Today is day two of my “vacation” between jobs. Yesterday was spent very quietly. I took the kids off to school and spent the day relaxing. I plied the Falkland on the Schacht, watched TV and took a nap. It was pretty awesome. After dinner, while Alex and I watched The Day After Tomorrow, I pulled out the Vermont Wheel and started on the Cupcake Fiber that I’ve been amassing. Its pretty darn nice to spin. I’ll post more on that stuff in another post.

Today is girl primp / relax day. Serendipity is at the groomers getting washed (and probably tummy shaved). She should be ready for pickup shortly. She’ll then spend the rest of the afternoon hissing and growling at the other cats. I took advantage of being available on a weekday for the package deal at the nail salon.

Had a mani/pedi! Kat, Mom and I all had mani/pedis! I wish I had known before last february that pedi’s involved more than just getting my toes polished! I had the most awesome foot/leg massage. And then, as a bonus, as I sat at the dryer for my nails, I got a neck/head massage! Pure heaven!

Tonight is SnB where I’ll probably finish up Alex’s sweater and start on Kat’s. Or maybe not. I might work on the socks. Or maybe not. I could spin too. I like having all these possibilities! For now, while I wait for the groomer’s phone call, I’m going to sit and read a programming iOS book. Or not šŸ˜›

Craft on!

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