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A new view

November 14th, 2011 · 5 Comments

I started the new job today. Most of it was spent in orientation. I’m tired now but wanted to say hi and show the view from the window behind my cubicle.

Not too shabby if you ask me.

Craft on!

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How I spent my time off

November 13th, 2011 · 2 Comments

I think, for a change, I made some productive use of my couple of days off between jobs.  As I start the new job tomorrow, the time for getting things done is quickly dwindling to an end.  While one of the options for the last couple of days was to work on the iPhone app, I decided to take  a vacation from the computer.  So beyond checking email and doing a little online shopping (new shoes from Zappos are on their way!), I stayed away.  I spent my time in a decidedly fiberlicious way.

I spun:

  • Fiber:  Forbidden Woolery – Falkland
  • Colorway:  Tabula Rasa
  • Yardage:  438 yds / 4oz
  • Spun/Plied on the Matchless – 2 ply
  • Fiber:  Forbidden Woolery – BFL
  • Colorway:  Werewolf
  • Yardage:  192 yds/ 4oz
  • Spun on Sidekick – 2 ply / Plied on Matchless

It wasn’t all finished yarn around here.  I started a new project on a wheel that you’ll probably see more of again.  I forgot how much I loved this wheel:  The Vermont Wheel!  Not sure how that happened, but there you have it.  I brought her back upstairs to my room a few weeks ago and have gotten back into using it.  I’ve finally gotten around to trying a fiber that’s been marinating for a little while.

Cupcake Fibers – SW Merino/ Nylon in Garden Series II.  It is a delight to spin!  I have both greens and light pinks done.  Just have the third color to finish up.  On the Vermonter, this is spinning up very fine.  I’ll have a nice 3ply sock at the end of this.>

 Friday night I finished Alexander’s 2011 DriveThru.

  • Pattern:  DriveThru
  • Yarn:  Valley Yarns Colrain
  • Needles:  US7
  • Size: 10
  • Started: 10/30/11
  • Finished: 11/11/11

I had Kat try on Alex’s sweater.  While it was large on her (she probably needs the size 8), she wants me to make the larger size.  We had picked stash yarn to knit this for her in shades of Cascade 220. Maybe that means she’ll wear it longer 😉  She stopped wearing the last one because it was itchy.  Sadly that version was also 220 and if I made the new one from the same yarn, it would be just as itchy.  So off we went to Yarn Diva on Saturday to pick out a new yarn.  Of all the nice wools in the store, what did the monster pick?  Patons Canadiana.  Acrylic.  Ugh.  At least its a decent acrylic.  Glad I took her to a yarn store and not someplace like AC Moore 😉  I cast on and am 2″ short of the armpits now.  Why yes, I have been lazy, sitting around knitting and spinning!

Which I’m going back to doing now 😉  Turning in early as I have to be at the Flatiron Building tomorrow morning by 8:45AM for ORIENTATION!  And yes, this will be a much better commute.  I’m returning to the train to Hoboken, followed by the PATH.   The office is a 2 block walk from the PATH station.  Will be nice to return to Manhattan from that exile in the hinterlands Brooklyn.
Craft on!

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Down Time

November 10th, 2011 · Comments Off on Down Time

Today is day two of my “vacation” between jobs. Yesterday was spent very quietly. I took the kids off to school and spent the day relaxing. I plied the Falkland on the Schacht, watched TV and took a nap. It was pretty awesome. After dinner, while Alex and I watched The Day After Tomorrow, I pulled out the Vermont Wheel and started on the Cupcake Fiber that I’ve been amassing. Its pretty darn nice to spin. I’ll post more on that stuff in another post.

Today is girl primp / relax day. Serendipity is at the groomers getting washed (and probably tummy shaved). She should be ready for pickup shortly. She’ll then spend the rest of the afternoon hissing and growling at the other cats. I took advantage of being available on a weekday for the package deal at the nail salon.

Had a mani/pedi! Kat, Mom and I all had mani/pedis! I wish I had known before last february that pedi’s involved more than just getting my toes polished! I had the most awesome foot/leg massage. And then, as a bonus, as I sat at the dryer for my nails, I got a neck/head massage! Pure heaven!

Tonight is SnB where I’ll probably finish up Alex’s sweater and start on Kat’s. Or maybe not. I might work on the socks. Or maybe not. I could spin too. I like having all these possibilities! For now, while I wait for the groomer’s phone call, I’m going to sit and read a programming iOS book. Or not 😛

Craft on!

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Last Day Redux

November 8th, 2011 · Comments Off on Last Day Redux

And here I was thinking, I should post pictures from Logan’s Run, my hand clock blinking red, carousel, all in honor of my last day at work.  I even went so far as to google for images from the movie.  Except, I did this exact same thing on my last day at J.Crew back in Aug. 07.  At least I’m consistent 🙂

So, I shall spare you another picture of a red crystal.

Instead, I’ll show you a picture of a spindle I picked up last month judging from the timestamp on the picture.

This is a Ledbetter modular spindle.  It is pretty nifty.  It comes with three shafts that screw into the whorl so when you finish the cop, you just swap out for another shaft.  It spins very nicely and is just beautiful.

Craft on!

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monday musings

November 7th, 2011 · Comments Off on monday musings

Today is my next to last day at the current gig. im on the bus stuck in traffic on the way to the lincoln tunnel. since the boy’s sweater is no longer bus friendly i started something else. introducing the Last Bus Socks.

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Knitted Goods

November 6th, 2011 · 1 Comment

I’m late in giving details and finished photos of projects that I’ve been working on recently.  Its time to rectify that little oversight.  First up:

Mommy Socks

  • Yarn:  Forbidden Woolery Quattro – Poisoned Apple
  • Needles:  US0
  • Pattern:  Hedera on the cuff
  • Started: 9.16.11
  • Finished: 10.8.11

These socks were primarily knit on the bus.

Alex’s Hat

  • Yarn:  Forbidden Woolery Footloose – Eastwick
  • Needles: US1
  • Pattern:  Sabeanie
  • Started: 10.8.11
  • Finished: 10.16.11

Kat’s Hat

  • Yarn:  Forbidden Woolery fiber – Jack n Jill
  • Needles: US5
  • Pattern: the knitter’s handy book of patterns
  • Started: 10.16.11
  • Finished: 10.17.11

And now so as to avoid having the next project make its blog debut as a finished item, here’s this year’s first DriveThru sweater for boy.

The yarn is Valley Yarns Colrain.  I bought the blue off someone on Ravelry and the rest from Webs.  I knit both the body and one sleeve twice.  I had that brain fart where I was intending to make one size due to the gauge I was getting and totally muffed the cast on count.  Sweater would have been huge on the boy.  Then for the sleeve I followed the directions as written but that makes for a really tight sleeve.  Boy wanted something loser so after the cuff, I increased half the finished width stitches on the first plain row and then followed the pattern to the full width.  I finished the bulk during a Star Trek movie marathon today on MAX.

I found these wood buttons in stash and I think they go great with the sweater.  I’ll probably do the bands tomorrow, work in ends and sew these bad boys on shortly.  I’ll probably start Kat’s sweater tomorrow on the bus.  This is no longer travel friendly.

Speaking of which:  TWO MORE DAYS!!!

Craft on!

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Weekly Wednesday Update

November 2nd, 2011 · Comments Off on Weekly Wednesday Update

Sitting at the office working on some last minute projects before I leave here for good in FIVE more business days! I’ve got a project that has been making me nuts for over a week now. Unfortunately it isn’t something that I can debug/test run in a development environment, or even easily deploy to an accessible QA. Noooo. Not this. I code it blind, compile, deploy to a share and then have to have the release engineers deploy it to our staging environment. Which, btw, they only do two times a day. Only to add a delete button to an archived forum thread on a platform that is going away in the coming months. Big fat annoying waste of time. Almost done. Almost done.

So last night I get home to find that while the power was still on, FIOS was out. That means No Phone, No TV and no Internet. Bummer. Was planning on streaming stuff or catching up on what I missed last week using On Demand. How did I spend my night then?

I spun to the DVD. I’d seen this movie years ago and bought it not too terribly long when I spotted it on DVD. After Jobs passed away, I dug it out and put it on the top of the DVD pile to watch. And watch it I did last night while I finished up the remaining bobbin of Forbidden Woolery falkland that has been languishing on the Matchless for far too long. I realized after digging through my own blog archives (does anyone else periodically read their own old stuff?) that I used to spend Tuesday evenings spinning. I’m going to have to reinstate that habit! I don’t nearly spin enough, especially to justify the wheel hoard and massive fiber stash!

Oh well, back to work.

Craft on!

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