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Monday musings

October 3rd, 2011 · Comments Off on Monday musings

Wow another Monday. I have to admit that my previous awesome knitting clip is slowing down. Two reasons.

First I found that I can actually read on the bus without having a queasy reaction. Yay!

Second the techie in me has been reasserting herself. I know I’ve mentioned it in the past that I’ve wanted to port my Android knitting counter app over to iOS. To that end, I’ve read books on the subject on and off for probably close to a year. Each time I feel like I’m { this } close to actually starting to code, something bad happens: hit by car, job in jeopardy, etc. But now things have settled down and last week I dug out the books again. This time it is really clicking. I wake up in the morning thinking about how to solve/code/handle various aspects of the app. A good sign! Fingers crossed that nothing bad happens (I am somewhat apprehensive as things do have a tendency to come in threes as to what would be next in that bad list).

While the knitting has been minimal it has indeed happened. Friday night on the bus I finished the first sock. This morning I did the toe on the second.

Craft on!

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