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Wordy Wednesday

September 28th, 2011 · 1 Comment

Two days in a row?  I know, amazing 🙂  I’ve had some photos sitting on my phone for a while and finally got them onto a computer where I can type words at a significant clip rather than the hunt n peck method with just a single fingertip on the phone.  Aren’t you lucky?

A couple of weeks ago, I took the kids to the Garden State Sheep Breeders show (NJ Sheep & Wool).  I picked up a few things including THE PERFECT BUTTONS for my Kauni 2.  The monkeys had fun playing in Leann’s display…

They have a natural affinity for fiber 🙂  And some pretty good taste. They both demanded something from her booth, Alex picked yarn while Kat opted for fiber.  Training them well!

As I promised yesterday, here’s the finished socks.

  • Yarn:  Forbidden Woolery Lush in Gillyweed
  • Needles:  US0 Blackthorns
  • Pattern:  own over 48 st – toe up
  • Started:  9/4/11
  • Finished: 9/15/11

The boy is quite pleased with his socks, as am I.  I found I can actually fit into them.  Sweet.  So any further socks for him are not for naught with how fast his feet are now growing.  I’ll be able to wear them when he outgrows them 😛  Not to mention how quickly I was able to blow through this pair.

Taking the bus to work has been most helpful on the sock knitting front.  My bus ride is about an hour, give or take, depending on traffic.  I’ve moved to the bus because the three legged train to PATH to subway was sapping the life from me.  The bus is a longer commute timewise, but I don’t have as many connections to make, and I get to sit and relax for a longer stretch on both the bus and then the subway.   I always seemed to be waiting for the next conveyance, getting on and then getting off.  Exhausting I tell you!  So while the bus to subway is an hour and 45 minutes its more restful.  And it will be coming to an end.  Office move is tentative for mid-November.

I’m taking a break from the monkey demand knitting and working on a pair of socks for myself.  I’ll start in on the hats next, and then the sweaters.  Alex picked another Drive-Thru as the sweater he wants.  Checking back in my FO collection, apparently, I knit that sweater for him every two years.  Guess how long it has been since the last one?  You got it.  Two years.  Kat wants a hoodie.  Need to find a good pattern for that… though I’d be surprised if I don’t already have one somewhere.

Speaking of the bus, those of you who have never traveled via the bus lane to the Lincoln Tunnel don’t know how unnerving and disconcerting that express route can be.  Get a load of this:

Yes, we are on the same side of the road as the traffic moving AWAY from the tunnel.  The normal traffic heading to the tunnel is on the OTHER side of the concrete divider.  Takes a bit getting used to this view.  And yup, whenever possible I do try to sit in the very front of the bus.  Finds that it counters any natural tendency towards motion sickness.  Though that’s becoming less of a problem (as I hoped it would) as I was able to read on the bus last night and I was sitting way way back.  I was happy for a seat though.  The terminal was a mess last night.

Anyway, time to get back to the job.

Craft on!

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  • 1 Donna // Sep 29, 2011 at 11:35 am

    Must be contagious – I actually got a few blogposts in this week too. I don’t think I can do one today though… ran outta pictures!!

    Although I am spoiled by my 15 minute commute to work each day, I do admitt that I would love some mandated “down” time to knit. You must get so much more accomplished.

    I love the color of those socks. Nice and bright!