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Tuesday tidings

September 27th, 2011 · 1 Comment

I know. I had been posting regularly and then silence. Last week was a mess. Mom had cataract surgery on her left eye on Tuesday. She’s fine and quite pleased with her new vision. So I worked from home to help out on tues and weds, ‘cept I started with a miserable cold on Wednesday and spent the rest of the week sniffling. Still am actually but at least well enough to get back on the bus and head to work.

Yup I have been knitting. Finished those socks I last posted about and owe the details on. The kauni sweater is my evening baseball knitting. I started the corrugated ribbing of the first cuff last night. Let’s not discuss the Sox now. Ouch stupid Yankees. Stupid Os.

Anyway, current bus knitting is these socks. Details to follow 🙂

Have to show this. The neighbors had a garage sale this weekend. They sent Alex home with these:


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