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New Year

September 7th, 2011 · Comments Off on New Year

Yesterday was the big day, one that made my retired parents happy.  The one where the kids who had been home for the last two weeks when camp ended finally go off and do something else during the day.  Yesiree it was the first day of school.   The monkeys are now second graders.

Kathryn actually was happy about the start of school.  She just wasn’t happy about standing next to her brother.  She gets like that sometimes.   Which explains the sourpuss on her.  It also goes to explain the happy face on her brother.  Nothing like getting points with mom for not being a pain AND getting under Kat’s skin.  At the same time!  Woo hoo.

Anyway… they are now in second grade.  We’re continuing the trend started last year where they are in separate classes.  It worked out very well.  This year, they reshuffled all the teachers at our elementary school.  One of the kindergarten teachers last year is now teaching first, a second grade teacher is teaching fifth.  As it turns out, Alex’s first grade teacher, Mrs. D has moved to second grade and yes, Alex is in her class again.  He liked her very much and was happy by the results.  Kat’s teacher last year has left the district.  Not sure where she went off to, but I do wish her the best.  Kat is upset that she won’t be able to say goodbye to Mrs. P.

They had their first bit of homework last night.  Decorating their writing folders with inspirational pictures, quotes, etc.  Mom must have spent 45 minutes sifting through pictures on her computer and printing them out on label paper so they could stick em to the folder.  They’ve both loaded up with family pictures from over the years.  No, no knitting or yarn pictures, though i would have put them on mine.

Speaking of which, here’s the status of Kauni 2.  I started the first sleeve while the Sox pounded the Jays last night, 14-0.  Always happy when that happens 🙂  Its moving along.


Craft on!

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