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Catching Up

August 3rd, 2011 · 1 Comment

Its been a week since my last posting… and there have been some doings that I need to catch you all up on.

first:  Remember the Dansko shoes I was trying out not too long ago?  Well after almost two weeks of trying them out in the house, they felt fine at night after work.  So I’d put them on in the morning to wear to work but wouldn’t make it out the door in them.  After about a half hour of the morning wanderings (getting the kids up and dressed, doing the breakfast thing, packing lunch), I’d have to go change into something else.  I called uncle and returned them to Zappos.  Got to love their service!

second: Since I haven’t posted a fiber-y acquisition in a LONG time, it’s time to renew that tradition.  At least this way I’d have a better idea of how long things marinate in stash 🙂  Anyway, this is more Polwarth from ZarzuelaFibers in Stormy Seas colorway.

Isn’t it gorgeous?  I’m looking forward to spinning this.. but it needs to marinate first 😉

third:  On the spinning front, I broke out the skeiner and wound the Pomegranate Blossom yarn off the bobbin.

Yardage is 457 yards, which is more than enough for, yes, another pair of socks.  I might go crazy and knit something else with it.  Haven’t decided, but then again, it needs to marinate as well.

fourth:  Now that the above was off the bobbin (and I started Weight Watchers again), it was time to break out some fiber and start something else.  30 minutes of spinning is worth 1 activity point.  Yay me.  So what did I break out?

  • Fiber:  Falkland
  • Artiste:  Forbidden Woolery
  • Weight:  4oz
  • Colorway:  Tabula Rasa

I’m spinning this for a two ply.  Pulled it into two halves (not lengthwise like the Pomegranate), and am splitting each of those into random thickness, one half for each bobbin.  Isn’t it purty too?  I must have a thing for this colorway as I also have yarn in the same colorway.  A lace weight yummy blend just waiting for the mental energy and right pattern.

fifth:  Another finished pair of socks.  Well the first sock has been finished for goodness only knows how long.  I don’t remember when I tucked it away, only that I did.  Thankfully I tucked the first sock in the yarn basket along with the remaining yarn.  I found an odd sock in a different yarn basket that was complete except for weaving in ends no where near a mate or yarn supply.  Joy.  Anyway, I cast on for this mate last Wednesday night after posting and bound it off last night.

  • Yarn:  Vesper
  • Colorway:  Strange Little Mama
  • Needles:  US0
  • Pattern:  My basic sock formula over 56st.
  • Started:  ???
  • Finished:  8/2/11

No, I did not try to match up the stripes.  I just got VERY lucky!  Even more interesting, the first sock was done cuff down and the second toe up.  He he.

sixth:  Since the one and only active project was now completed, I needed to start something else.  I went digging through the sock yarn supply (never fear, there is plenty of it) but hemmed and hawed over much of it.  Had trouble deciding which it would be.  Got caught in an internal debate over hand spun v. commercial.  What weight?  Etc.  Finally this yarn spoke to me:

  • Yarn:  Spunky Eclectic
  • Colorway:  Neapolitan
  • Needles:  US1

I cast on this morning on the train.  I wasn’t able to knit on either the PATH or the subway this morning (don’t usually there anyway as it is just 2 stops on the A) so I didn’t get terribly far.  However, by the time I tucked it away in my bag to get off the train this evening, I had finished the toe and was making progress on the foot.

seventh:  I’m not making as much progress on anything right now as I got sucked into yet another video game.  Nothing huge this time, but an amusing little time suck on my iPhone.  If you haven’t checked out Tiny Tower yet, not sure if I should tell you to do so or run and save yourselves!  Here’s a quick look at my tower!

Not sure how to best explain it.  Has some vague reminiscences for me of a game I spent a great amount of time playing:  Sim Tower (which btw is available for iPad under the name Yoot Tower).  But a little bit more than just adding floors, upgrading elevators and choosing what to put on each floor.  No, this has cute little pixelated people that have interests, ideal jobs.  The businesses need to be stocked and people ferried around via the elevator.  Okay, it doesn’t sound glamorous, but it is quite fun.  I took this shot a couple of days ago when I had 17 residents and 11 floors.  My tower has moved much further along.  I now have 35 residents and 22 floors.  Okay, its a lot more interesting than I made out.

That about does it.  I have an early company meeting tomorrow so need to call it an early night.  Friday is the company picnic at Governor’s Island, which should be interesting.  Never dull when I commute with the twins 🙂

Craft on!

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  • 1 Linda Ward // Aug 4, 2011 at 11:44 am

    Like the socks. Noticed that if you had knitting the second sock cuff down from the same end of the yarn that you used, they wouldn’t have matched. The order of the stripe colors would have been flipped.