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August 30th, 2011 · 1 Comment

We survived Irene with nothing more than a small puddle in the basement, which in itself is not unusual.  We get puddles down there with any sustained rain storm.  Same thing goes for the small lake that forms in the backyard.  There’s a low spot that formed when the tree stump that had buried back there when the pool was put in, rotted away.  Well now water congregates there during heavy storms and we have our own pond.  Its gone now, along with all the droppings the mighty oak in the middle of the yard decided to part with during the windy parts of the storm.  The kids would probably tell you that the worst part was the 8 or so hours without electricity.  I knitted and read an actual paper book during that time as I’d let my Kindle battery die before the storm and hadn’t added the current book to the iPad (and it wasn’t a book I’d purchased online) but was still sitting on my powerless desktop computer.  On the up side, I had the nice version of the book which stayed open by itself, which allowed me to knit while I read.

So with the train being out (yesterday) and requiring patience (today), I’ve been working from home.  I tell you, I do so like working this way.  I fixed all my assigned bugs yesterday while the kids had a Godzilla movie marathon.  Today, I’m reading documentation and reverse engineering a previous implementation.  I can do that AND knit as well.

Both Kat and Alex have requested hand knit socks.  Last weekend when Leann was here for a little spinning, she brought along some of her gorgeous yarns.  I let the kids each pick their own yarn for the socks.  Since I finished the last pair of socks on Saturday (will post final project details shortly), I cast on for Kat’s this morning after spending some time with her bare foot and a tape measure.  Buggers have gotten much larger since her last pair!  Still cute though 🙂  I’m enjoying the weather, sitting outside on the patio with my laptop….

  • Yarn:  Footloose in Electric Youth
  • Needles:  US0 – Blackthorn
  • Toe up over 48 st. (cast on 12)
  • Started:  8/30/11

Munchkins are off at the park with PopPop as I sit here and toil.  Okay, gotta get back to researching which is the better approach.  Boss let me know that they will be relying on my recommendation as to whether we use the new SDK or not.  I haven’t a clue at present.

Craft on!

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