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One Crazy Fiber Lady


August 8th, 2011 · 1 Comment

As I mentioned yesterday, we were out on the boat this weekend.  We took it into the little pond area off the Hudson River that we like so much and dropped anchor.  While there, the kids did a little swimming, taking turns jumping off the side of the boat into the water.  Glad they’re getting to be such good swimmers!  Anyway, another pond activity is to launch the dinghy and just motor around.  I watched Alex chase some ducks around the pond while he was steering the dink.

Unfortunately, boating is never dull.  Something unexpected almost always happens.  And seeing as the dink is a boat, it is not immune to this rule of law.  Something happened to the outboard motor such that while the prop spins, it didn’t actually make the dink move about.  Dad, figuring nothing was going to happen (ha ha) didn’t put the oars on the dink.  So when the outboard quits, what do you do?  Use the grandkids as outboards!

Nice huh?

Craft on!

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