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Sunday Check-in

August 7th, 2011 · 2 Comments

After a day spent on the boat in warm and humid weather, the kids are now in bed and I can sit and give a quick update of the goings on since last posting.

I cast on for the next socks as promised.  The yarn is Spunky Eclectic in Neapolitan colorway.  I’m using my standard pattern for the “heavier” yarns:  52st on a US1, toe up, short row heel.  Its coming along nicely I think.

I haven’t touched it since Friday morning on the train.  Friday was the company picnic and I brought the twins with me.  It was a long, hot, fun day which saw them commuting with me to the new office in Dumbo via Train to Path to Subway to get to the office.  We were there for about 90 minutes before it was time to head to the ferry to Governor’s Island for the picnic.  Another ferry to Pier 11 followed by yet another ferry from Pier 11 to Hoboken and then the train home.  Waiting on line to head to Hoboken a few folk behind us who do I find but Yarny Old Kim!  We had a lovely ride home on the upper deck of the ferry.  I napped on the train so there was no knitting.

Yesterday I did some shopping with Kat, who had a birthday party, while Alex went to the boat with the folks.  I had some returns to make (traded one bag for another at the Coach store and took advantage of a technology trade in program at Target to get the shiny that has been calling to me:  iPad 2 😉 )  There was face painting at the party..

There’s Hello Kitty on one cheek, a heart on the other.  A dolphin on her forehead and a paw print on the tip of her nose.  That face painting is very popular, isn’t it.

I didn’t make any further progress on the sock this weekend as I might have bought more yarn…

Yup.  Kauni.  This is the EH colorway.  The colors remind me of that sweet kitty that I had not too long ago, Baron.  Last night after getting Kat washed and off to bed, I cast on for the Kauni Rainbow Cardigan.  I know I haven’t finished the previous one.  But its too small and requires too much attention.  I checked it for gauge before casting this one on and found I was half a stitch an inch too tight in the gauge, which caused the darn thing to come out too small and with all that fair isle going, it isn’t blocking much larger.  Someday I’ll finish it. Maybe.  But in the meantime, I always liked the sweater, and while surfing through Ravelry, saw that someone used this colorway, which I totally love.  So I ordered from Webs 🙂

Between TV time last night and sitting on the boat today, I think I’ve made some pretty fair progress.  I spent some time with the four different skeins studying the color progressions and where the skein started with the deepest hope that I continue to get contrasts.  Thought right now I’m hoping the strand with the blue moves to the dark brown which is next before the light brown starts into the blue.  The progression is  Blue -> Dark Brow -> Med Brown -> Light Brown.  Rinse.  Repeat.  Knitting with the wool was probably not the smartest thing to do today in the humidity, but you know that early honeymoon period with any project where its all you want to do!  Not to mention its a long time, April I think, since I worked on a sweater.

I need to make a phone call and then I can settle back with the knitting and the Sox v. Yankees (go Sox!).

Craft on!

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