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This and That

August 31st, 2011 · 4 Comments

This will be a post with lots of randomness to it.  First, the last finished project.

Spunky Neapolitan Socks

  • Yarn:  Spunky Eclectic
  • Colorway:  Neapolitan
  • Needles:  US1
  • Pattern:  Basic over 52 st
  • Started: 08/03/11
  • Finished: 08/27/11
They aren’t quite so dark, but the poor iPhone camera was terribly fooled by the awful lighting conditions in my room.

Next up:

I had to restart Kat’s sock.    I started with too few stitches yesterday and wound up with a really really pointed toe.  This time, instead of six(12), I cast on 12(24) using that awesome method I linked a while ago.  I’m much further along as of my morning commute, however, I learned a very important lesson:  you can’t take a decent picture of knitware on your lap while on a moving subway train 🙂  I would have waited but next stop was mine.  Better picture tomorrow.

The kids have me dizzy.  For quite a while they not only refused to wear my handknit items, they actually pointedly asked me to buy them something instead.  Okay.  Fair enough.  I respected their wishes, and really, redirected the knitting energy on ME.  I am a selfish knitter after all.  So now?  They’ve both put in a request list:  socks, hats and sweaters!  Wow.

This has me scratching my head a bit.  All over the city, they are removing cobblestones and/or paving over them.  What’s going on out here in the boondocks known as DUMBO?

They’re actually putting down cobblestones!  I’m not a huge fan of the pretty bricks.  Chalk it up to my foot size and/or my terrible ankles, but I have a heck of a time walking on these things.  They are a broken ankle waiting to happen if you ask me!

Pet peeve:  listening to people chew.  Totally squicks me out.  Sadly, two days a week I have to hear it at work.  I have a co-worker who blessedly works from home most of the week.  I saw blessedly as when she’s here she nibbles on ice.  ALL.  DAY.  LONG.  She sits in my bionic hearing rang.  I hope after the move that my desk is across as it is getting old having to sit with the headphones in all day.  I think I’m beyond the point where I can gently ask her to knock it off in a nice way.  UGH.

I’ve discovered that this blog is good for more than figuring out when I knit something or bought this or that item.  I found a true practical usage.  Last week I suffered through a terrible headache for the better part of it.  Like always, I initially wrote it off to stress, weather, not sleeping so well, for staring at a monitor all day long… all of the above.  All good excuses for a headache, but nothing out of the ordinary that should be causing misery for that long.  Then I had a vague memory of another weeklong misery period that I remembered blogging.  I couldn’t remember when it had fallen so I did a little reading of the archives.  I found it had been in the early fall of Sept 2008 for well over a week.    I smell a pattern Batman.  I pointed it out to mom.  She went:  Hay fever.  Awesome.  I think she’s right.  I went back to taking regular allergy meds, adopted a Neti Pot and now the headache is gone.  thanks to 2008 CFL for recording this info for her future self.

Finally, we all know that I’m a bit of a collector of things:  yarn, fiber, wheels, electronics, purses.  I don’t need all the stuff I have and well, some of it needs to find new homes periodically.  I’m considering putting up a small ‘store’ on the blog, an online garage sale if you will, to find new homes for all the excess stuff.  I’d list things like the once loved by now replaced electronics, commercial and handspun yarns, fiber, and like new Coach bags.   Good idea?  Bad idea?  Feedback would be much appreciated..

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August 30th, 2011 · 1 Comment

We survived Irene with nothing more than a small puddle in the basement, which in itself is not unusual.  We get puddles down there with any sustained rain storm.  Same thing goes for the small lake that forms in the backyard.  There’s a low spot that formed when the tree stump that had buried back there when the pool was put in, rotted away.  Well now water congregates there during heavy storms and we have our own pond.  Its gone now, along with all the droppings the mighty oak in the middle of the yard decided to part with during the windy parts of the storm.  The kids would probably tell you that the worst part was the 8 or so hours without electricity.  I knitted and read an actual paper book during that time as I’d let my Kindle battery die before the storm and hadn’t added the current book to the iPad (and it wasn’t a book I’d purchased online) but was still sitting on my powerless desktop computer.  On the up side, I had the nice version of the book which stayed open by itself, which allowed me to knit while I read.

So with the train being out (yesterday) and requiring patience (today), I’ve been working from home.  I tell you, I do so like working this way.  I fixed all my assigned bugs yesterday while the kids had a Godzilla movie marathon.  Today, I’m reading documentation and reverse engineering a previous implementation.  I can do that AND knit as well.

Both Kat and Alex have requested hand knit socks.  Last weekend when Leann was here for a little spinning, she brought along some of her gorgeous yarns.  I let the kids each pick their own yarn for the socks.  Since I finished the last pair of socks on Saturday (will post final project details shortly), I cast on for Kat’s this morning after spending some time with her bare foot and a tape measure.  Buggers have gotten much larger since her last pair!  Still cute though 🙂  I’m enjoying the weather, sitting outside on the patio with my laptop….

  • Yarn:  Footloose in Electric Youth
  • Needles:  US0 – Blackthorn
  • Toe up over 48 st. (cast on 12)
  • Started:  8/30/11

Munchkins are off at the park with PopPop as I sit here and toil.  Okay, gotta get back to researching which is the better approach.  Boss let me know that they will be relying on my recommendation as to whether we use the new SDK or not.  I haven’t a clue at present.

Craft on!

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We’re back

August 29th, 2011 · Comments Off on We’re back

Power is back up but without the trains I’m working from home. We are having a Godzilla film festival 🙂

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August 28th, 2011 · Comments Off on Ongoing

And the power is out…

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Goodnight Irene

August 27th, 2011 · 3 Comments

How I spent Saturday with Hurricane Irene. First, I finished up the current socks in progress. Then, I pulled out the Kauni cardigan. I made it past the start of the armholes and am making my way to the neckline. Getting there. This was all after making an emergency run to K(rap)Mart to get a stove top coffee pot just in case the power goes out. I must have my coffee.

Been an interesting week. First the earthquake (which I totally felt as I was sitting still at my desk at work when it happened. I initially thought someone had bumped my desk but no one was around. The next thought was subway except there is no real nearby subway to do that kind of shaking. After that my thoughts turned to construction except there has been construction nearby the building since I started this job without any kind of building shaking. Confused I spotted my California raised boss move to stand in his office doorway and then I knew what it was! Fun!) and now this storm of the century. So far so good but the worst hasn’t quite hit.

Hope everyone else is doing okay!

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August 8th, 2011 · 1 Comment

As I mentioned yesterday, we were out on the boat this weekend.  We took it into the little pond area off the Hudson River that we like so much and dropped anchor.  While there, the kids did a little swimming, taking turns jumping off the side of the boat into the water.  Glad they’re getting to be such good swimmers!  Anyway, another pond activity is to launch the dinghy and just motor around.  I watched Alex chase some ducks around the pond while he was steering the dink.

Unfortunately, boating is never dull.  Something unexpected almost always happens.  And seeing as the dink is a boat, it is not immune to this rule of law.  Something happened to the outboard motor such that while the prop spins, it didn’t actually make the dink move about.  Dad, figuring nothing was going to happen (ha ha) didn’t put the oars on the dink.  So when the outboard quits, what do you do?  Use the grandkids as outboards!

Nice huh?

Craft on!

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Sunday Check-in

August 7th, 2011 · 2 Comments

After a day spent on the boat in warm and humid weather, the kids are now in bed and I can sit and give a quick update of the goings on since last posting.

I cast on for the next socks as promised.  The yarn is Spunky Eclectic in Neapolitan colorway.  I’m using my standard pattern for the “heavier” yarns:  52st on a US1, toe up, short row heel.  Its coming along nicely I think.

I haven’t touched it since Friday morning on the train.  Friday was the company picnic and I brought the twins with me.  It was a long, hot, fun day which saw them commuting with me to the new office in Dumbo via Train to Path to Subway to get to the office.  We were there for about 90 minutes before it was time to head to the ferry to Governor’s Island for the picnic.  Another ferry to Pier 11 followed by yet another ferry from Pier 11 to Hoboken and then the train home.  Waiting on line to head to Hoboken a few folk behind us who do I find but Yarny Old Kim!  We had a lovely ride home on the upper deck of the ferry.  I napped on the train so there was no knitting.

Yesterday I did some shopping with Kat, who had a birthday party, while Alex went to the boat with the folks.  I had some returns to make (traded one bag for another at the Coach store and took advantage of a technology trade in program at Target to get the shiny that has been calling to me:  iPad 2 😉 )  There was face painting at the party..

There’s Hello Kitty on one cheek, a heart on the other.  A dolphin on her forehead and a paw print on the tip of her nose.  That face painting is very popular, isn’t it.

I didn’t make any further progress on the sock this weekend as I might have bought more yarn…

Yup.  Kauni.  This is the EH colorway.  The colors remind me of that sweet kitty that I had not too long ago, Baron.  Last night after getting Kat washed and off to bed, I cast on for the Kauni Rainbow Cardigan.  I know I haven’t finished the previous one.  But its too small and requires too much attention.  I checked it for gauge before casting this one on and found I was half a stitch an inch too tight in the gauge, which caused the darn thing to come out too small and with all that fair isle going, it isn’t blocking much larger.  Someday I’ll finish it. Maybe.  But in the meantime, I always liked the sweater, and while surfing through Ravelry, saw that someone used this colorway, which I totally love.  So I ordered from Webs 🙂

Between TV time last night and sitting on the boat today, I think I’ve made some pretty fair progress.  I spent some time with the four different skeins studying the color progressions and where the skein started with the deepest hope that I continue to get contrasts.  Thought right now I’m hoping the strand with the blue moves to the dark brown which is next before the light brown starts into the blue.  The progression is  Blue -> Dark Brow -> Med Brown -> Light Brown.  Rinse.  Repeat.  Knitting with the wool was probably not the smartest thing to do today in the humidity, but you know that early honeymoon period with any project where its all you want to do!  Not to mention its a long time, April I think, since I worked on a sweater.

I need to make a phone call and then I can settle back with the knitting and the Sox v. Yankees (go Sox!).

Craft on!

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Catching Up

August 3rd, 2011 · 1 Comment

Its been a week since my last posting… and there have been some doings that I need to catch you all up on.

first:  Remember the Dansko shoes I was trying out not too long ago?  Well after almost two weeks of trying them out in the house, they felt fine at night after work.  So I’d put them on in the morning to wear to work but wouldn’t make it out the door in them.  After about a half hour of the morning wanderings (getting the kids up and dressed, doing the breakfast thing, packing lunch), I’d have to go change into something else.  I called uncle and returned them to Zappos.  Got to love their service!

second: Since I haven’t posted a fiber-y acquisition in a LONG time, it’s time to renew that tradition.  At least this way I’d have a better idea of how long things marinate in stash 🙂  Anyway, this is more Polwarth from ZarzuelaFibers in Stormy Seas colorway.

Isn’t it gorgeous?  I’m looking forward to spinning this.. but it needs to marinate first 😉

third:  On the spinning front, I broke out the skeiner and wound the Pomegranate Blossom yarn off the bobbin.

Yardage is 457 yards, which is more than enough for, yes, another pair of socks.  I might go crazy and knit something else with it.  Haven’t decided, but then again, it needs to marinate as well.

fourth:  Now that the above was off the bobbin (and I started Weight Watchers again), it was time to break out some fiber and start something else.  30 minutes of spinning is worth 1 activity point.  Yay me.  So what did I break out?

  • Fiber:  Falkland
  • Artiste:  Forbidden Woolery
  • Weight:  4oz
  • Colorway:  Tabula Rasa

I’m spinning this for a two ply.  Pulled it into two halves (not lengthwise like the Pomegranate), and am splitting each of those into random thickness, one half for each bobbin.  Isn’t it purty too?  I must have a thing for this colorway as I also have yarn in the same colorway.  A lace weight yummy blend just waiting for the mental energy and right pattern.

fifth:  Another finished pair of socks.  Well the first sock has been finished for goodness only knows how long.  I don’t remember when I tucked it away, only that I did.  Thankfully I tucked the first sock in the yarn basket along with the remaining yarn.  I found an odd sock in a different yarn basket that was complete except for weaving in ends no where near a mate or yarn supply.  Joy.  Anyway, I cast on for this mate last Wednesday night after posting and bound it off last night.

  • Yarn:  Vesper
  • Colorway:  Strange Little Mama
  • Needles:  US0
  • Pattern:  My basic sock formula over 56st.
  • Started:  ???
  • Finished:  8/2/11

No, I did not try to match up the stripes.  I just got VERY lucky!  Even more interesting, the first sock was done cuff down and the second toe up.  He he.

sixth:  Since the one and only active project was now completed, I needed to start something else.  I went digging through the sock yarn supply (never fear, there is plenty of it) but hemmed and hawed over much of it.  Had trouble deciding which it would be.  Got caught in an internal debate over hand spun v. commercial.  What weight?  Etc.  Finally this yarn spoke to me:

  • Yarn:  Spunky Eclectic
  • Colorway:  Neapolitan
  • Needles:  US1

I cast on this morning on the train.  I wasn’t able to knit on either the PATH or the subway this morning (don’t usually there anyway as it is just 2 stops on the A) so I didn’t get terribly far.  However, by the time I tucked it away in my bag to get off the train this evening, I had finished the toe and was making progress on the foot.

seventh:  I’m not making as much progress on anything right now as I got sucked into yet another video game.  Nothing huge this time, but an amusing little time suck on my iPhone.  If you haven’t checked out Tiny Tower yet, not sure if I should tell you to do so or run and save yourselves!  Here’s a quick look at my tower!

Not sure how to best explain it.  Has some vague reminiscences for me of a game I spent a great amount of time playing:  Sim Tower (which btw is available for iPad under the name Yoot Tower).  But a little bit more than just adding floors, upgrading elevators and choosing what to put on each floor.  No, this has cute little pixelated people that have interests, ideal jobs.  The businesses need to be stocked and people ferried around via the elevator.  Okay, it doesn’t sound glamorous, but it is quite fun.  I took this shot a couple of days ago when I had 17 residents and 11 floors.  My tower has moved much further along.  I now have 35 residents and 22 floors.  Okay, its a lot more interesting than I made out.

That about does it.  I have an early company meeting tomorrow so need to call it an early night.  Friday is the company picnic at Governor’s Island, which should be interesting.  Never dull when I commute with the twins 🙂

Craft on!

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