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A ha moment

April 6th, 2011 · Comments Off on A ha moment

This would explain the sneezing and stuffy nose.

And to think less than a week ago that it was snowing! Welcome Spring!

Work actually continues on Peasy. I haven’t abandoned it yet. Though it does have to share my out of office time with my Air and the learning to code for iOS books. I’m a couple of chapters away from beginning to code an iOS version of my Droid Knit Counter. Yay!

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April 4th, 2011 · 2 Comments

I know my last post must have come as a huge surprise..  I honestly can’t remember the last time I actually crocheted, let alone finished a project in the technique.  There had been that interlude with the leftover sock yarn granny square blanket that was essentially abandoned a couple of years ago.  There was a weird path back to it.

Last week I picked up a used 11″ Air with the 128gb SSD off Craigslist for less than the price of a new with 64gb.  The machine was only 8 months old and barely used.  The nice fellow still had that plastic wrap and keyboard protector that Apple uses to wrap these things.  There wasn’t a mark on it.  Met him at a Starbucks in the city for the exchange.  Perfect.  I then sold the first generation 13″ Air that I picked up last fall, which Apple had so nicely replaced the battery and display under the warranty that had expired 48 hours earlier.  Anyway, I listed it on Craigslist and met the buyer the next day in another public coffee shop.  That sale price was awfully close to the purchase price of the new one and well, more than I paid for it 🙂

Sooo, now I have this tiny little 2.3lb computer with a lovely aluminum skin in my laptop bag that needs to be protected from the other stuff.  I surfed Amazon looking for a cover.  I then moved along to Etsy to see what others might have made.  I saw a number of lovely little sleeves.  But hey, I sew, I went googling to see if I could find a pattern.  I did!  Then went so far to hit my sewing cabinet to look for fabric.  It was somewhere around then that I decided that while I could sew, I didn’t feel like it.  Back to Etsy.  Surfing there some more, I hit on a crocheted cover and that’s where the idea was born.  Using a laptop crochet pattern, I modded it for my little Air’s dimensions.  A couple of hours, a skein and a half of Rowan Damask and a crochet hook later, I have a lovely little sleeve.

And just to show, I do still knit.  Well every now and again.  I’ve had a mean case of startitis paired with abandonitis.  I can’t tell you how many sweaters / socks /shawls I’ve cast on for, worked on for a day or so and then abandoned next to my knitting chair.  Its terrible.  Here’s hoping that the new one sticks..

This is Peasy (Ravelry project page) in Rowan Felted Tweed DK.  I think this is either the third or fourth different attempted sweater in this poor yarn.  Thank goodness it is holding up nicely from all that ripping.

The dwarf hamsters have settled in… well as much as little rats can settle in.  They got new names from the first time I introduced them.  They are Phineas and Ferb.  Yes, the twins (and I) watch that show.  They’re very cute and provide much entertainment value.  Serendipity is most entranced by them and spends a goodly portion of her day watching the Rat Channel in HD.  They are most difficult to get pictures of!

That light grey lump behind the massive food bowl is Phineas.  And here is Ferb:

I had to order a mini hamster wheel for these tiny little guys.  I’d never seen Dwarf Hamsters before I ran upon them in the pet store.  They are very cute.  The size of gerbils without the long rat tails and serious sproink.

Off to knit and catch up on the awful episodes of V stored on the DVR.  I’m not sure why I keep bothering.  I’m hoping that it will get better, though I suspect my time would be better spent.

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Is that?

April 2nd, 2011 · 1 Comment

Omg. Is that crochet? Yup! I recently got an 11″ MacBook air and it needed a sleeve. So I’m making one. This is some Rowan Tapestry from stash and a size F hook. Started it a half hour ago. Been a long time since I crocheted anything. Kind of like it 🙂

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