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March 11th, 2011 · 3 Comments

I must admit that while I really enjoyed my droid, I had really missed my iPhone. I thought getting a touch would quench the desire, but it didn’t. I could finally withstand it no longer. Last night after knitting I spent some quality time with eBay and found a great deal on a verizon iPhone 4g 32gb located a few towns over with local pickup an option. This morning the seller called me and when I offered to pay him cash he said they could drop it off. Yeah I liked that option very much. I ran to the bank and got cash. Around 4pm there was a knock on my door. I’ve been giggly since. Takes so little to make me happy.

Now is anyone interested in buying a gently used Droid X or an ATT iPhone 3G? I seem to have a few phones too many.

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