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At long last

February 7th, 2011 · 1 Comment

Now that I finished all but the blocking on Acer it was time to start another project. Any guesses what it might be? Yup another cardigan. This time it is one that has been on the queue for a long time – Fylingdales from my most favorite book : A Fine Fleece.

I bought a two pound bump of BL-Romney in dark grey at NYSW in 2009. I spun it on the Van Eaton and plied it as usual on the electric. I have @1200 yards of yarn and am a touch concerned about running out of yarn as the pattern indicates 1400 yards. I did some Ravelry project surfing and found quite a number of folks who were on gauge but get came out with alot of extra yarn. Here’s hoping I make out the same way as I did with Rhinebeck as well.

I cast on Saturday night and am the point where the cabling starts. Weeeeee.

Craft on.


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