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Digging cardigans

February 2nd, 2011 · 4 Comments

Last week I started yet another cardigan. This time it is Acer from Through The Loops. The yarn is Valley Yarn Berkshire in Charcoal. Feels weird to be working at such a large gauge for a sweater. The needles feel huge!!!

If I remember correctly, I started this on Thursday. I finished up the body today while on the bi-weekly planning meeting with the office. They’ve finally figured out how to use Goto Meeting properly so I can use the mic on my macbook and not tie up the telephone. Particularly since the meeting went from 10 this morning and didn’t end fully until 4:30. Ugh. Was a long and frustrating meeting as the folk in the office are incapable of not lapsing into side conversations. Makes hearing on the remote side almost impossible. Bleh.

Im going to knit for a bit and call it an early night. Just wanted to finally show Acer so she didn’t make her debut as a finished object.

Craft on!


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