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February 1st, 2010 · 7 Comments

I spent the better part of this weekend with spinning wheels.  I gave in to something I’ve wanted now for a couple of years.  Back when I bought the Vermont Wheel, I’d been looking seriously at buying a Canadian Production Wheel.  I’ve always loved the way they look, especially the Borduas wheels with the cast iron treadle.  And to spin with a humongous 30″ drive wheel?  Oo la la!

Anyway, I wound up buying the Vermont wheel then, which it turns out was modeled after the Paradis style CPW.  I still love that wheel and she is divine to spin with.  Not to mention, she’s a gorgeous cherry with the inlaid gold.  What’s there not to love.   But the cast iron treadle has been calling to me.   I joined the Rav CPW group and drooled.  And while enabling someone into a wheel, I finally got enabled myself when a “nest of wheels” appeared.

She arrived in a humongous box on Saturday…a F.B. wheel!  Cast iron treadle and all.  She was in some sad and dirty shape when I unpacked her…



The twins and I spent some time and elbow grease with Wood Beams cleaning and moisturizing here.  Still needs some work but you can see the rich color of the wood now..


(Please to ignore the hideous couch and 70s fugtastic shag carpet.)  Still needs some work (and further cleaning.  Can you tell which end of the bench Alex was working on?).  The drive wheel is a tad warped and she needs new bearings in the uprights, not to mention flyer repair.  It had cracked clear through.  I glued it and its drying on dad’s work bench now.  I need to hobble down there and check to see if the glue has held.  It also needs a new set of hooks on the flyer.  The “nails” are in the wrong orientation, overly bent or just plain missing.   I did get to do a quick test spin.  She is FAST.

Now that the urge to spin was a burning need, I went to the Matchless to finally finish up the red merino I’d been spinning on it forever.  Anyone who has seen me out and about with the Matchless in the last year and a half has seen this project in one state or another.  It started with bags of fiber from Little Barn at MDSW in 2008, having been inspired by Zarzuela’s Toney Road sweater.  I started spinning the fiber shortly after buying it in May 2008.  The mixed red was followed by solid red that I distinctly remember being very bored with at WOOL this summer and indulging in fiber that my fellow attendees brought.  Well Saturday night, I finished the last of it.

Yesterday I pulled out the Womack electric and got busy plying.  I’m not quite finished yet, but have jam packed 5 bobbins worth of two ply.  Three have been skeined up and measured approx 1190 yds.  I’m getting on average 400yds per bobbin.  Whew.


I still have 2 bobbins worth of plying to do.  I’m sooo happy to not have this hanging over my head and tying up the Matchless anymore.  I’m thinking maybe one of the sweaters in A Fine Fleece.  Need to check the gauge, but I’d love Fylingdales in that rich red color (picture is a little too bright.  The real color is a deeper more brick red).

Craft on!

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