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At Long Last

November 10th, 2009 · 5 Comments

I’ll hope you’ll excuse my Wednesday post actually happening on Tuesday. ¬†In my book, it makes up for all the Sunday posts that didn’t hit until Monday. ¬†And once you see what I’m posting about, I’m sure you will understand why I’m a day early.

So I’ve been on a quest to acquire something for a decent amount of time. ¬†Far longer than the norm for me, almost a year at this point. ¬†The sore spot in all this time is that I used to own one but due to a self-imposed rule, I sold it. ¬† Didn’t take too terribly long to regret it either.

Well after some shooting in the dark, I managed to get one.  It arrived today.

Whatever could it be?


Any guesses?  Yes, it is bigger than a bread box and sorry, iPhone is not included for scale for a change.


Does this help? ¬†Odd looking protective material. ¬†Reminds me of fleece but in a synthetic. ¬†I wonder if it is spinnable. ¬†I’d try it if it weren’t ass-crylic and terribly squeaky 😉

How about now?


Oooo pretty wood! ¬†I’ll give a hint, its cherry and that’s a leather strap draped across the top.


Oooo, its a box!


A box that opens with gorgeous book-matched cherry at that!

If it weren’t obvious by now, this will be the deal sealer:


Its a Journey Wheel!!!!!!

I know I’ve been pestering a certain blogger to sell her JW back to me, but that wasn’t happening. ¬†I put out several ISO’s on Ravelry and Yahoogroups to no avail. ¬†Finally after Rhinebeck, I was chatting with Dorre, who I knew was checking out various wheels. ¬†She mentioned that the one she really liked was in a box but couldn’t remember what wheel it was, nor which booth she saw it in. ¬†My brain made some weird mental leaps and had me sending an email to Susan’s Fiber Shop with a query as to whether Dorre had seen a JW in her booth at Rhinebeck. ¬†The answer came that that no, she didn’t have any in her booth, but she DID have one in her store for sale. ¬†I immediately jumped on the phone and arranged the purchase. ¬†While I had to wait for Susan to get back from SAFF, the wheel shipped on Thursday and arrived her today. ¬†So big thanks to Dorre and Susan!

I’m off to play…

Craft on!

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Sunday Catchup

November 8th, 2009 · 1 Comment

Since my last post, we had halloween!


I started and finished a sweater for the little miss:


Project details are over here.

I started a sweater for me:


Project details are over here.

I started a sweater for the little mister:


Project details for this one are here.

Yesterday, I saw this pattern and just had to make it for my littlest niece.


All this knitting, with the exception of a purchase of a single skein of red yarn for the Monster Butt has been out of stash. ¬†The youngins went shopping in my stash to pick out the colors for the Drive-Thrus. ¬†That sweater remains my absolute favorite pattern for kids. ¬†The yarn I’m using for Eyelet Cardi was added to stash in February to knit another ChicKnits pattern but was redirected to this one.

This morning we got up rather early for a Sunday, got dressed quickly and had some breakfast before heading out to stand in line. ¬†The pediatrician’s office received their requested H1N1 vaccines and scheduled today from 9 to 1 to give the vaccines. ¬†We got there about 9:30 and after an hour wait, wrestled two reluctant kids into holding still and baring their arms, they were inoculated. ¬† This was followed by a trip to the dollar store for a reward for being good. ¬†Ha. ¬†Anyway, the rest of the afternoon has been spent outdoors, enjoying the surprise 66F day.

While the twins did this:


I played with this:


The fiber is BFL from SeeKay in Sunshine Day. ¬†I bought this fiber at the NJ festival in Sept. ¬†As you can see, I’m spinning it on the Kromski Sonata. ¬†She makes a lovely outdoor wheel 🙂

When I finished the second bobbin (the first 2oz were spun at Jessica’s house yesterday), I pulled out another project.


Oh yeah, that project was on another wheel 😉 ¬†This would be the second half of the 4oz of BFL, also from SeeKay at NJ, but in Rubies.

When that was done, I pulled out yet another spinning project in progress:


Bet you thought it was going to be another wheel 😉 ¬†This is the Pumpernickel n Jam batt that I got from Into the Whirled at Rhinebeck on the midi Bosworth spindle also from Rhinebeck. ¬†I’m tired now 😉

Outside the hobbies, I’ve been downright exhausted. ¬†We’ve changed development methodologies at work moving to an Agile system. ¬†Instead of only working on one particular area of the application, I’m now working on things across the entire system regardless of expertise. ¬†It has been like starting a brand new job. ¬†My brain is overloading with all this knowledge! ¬†I come home, have dinner, get the kids in bed and then by 9, I’m having a hard time keeping my eyes open. ¬†I’m hoping that as I get experience in the other areas of the app, I’ll be able to stay up like a big girl again. ¬†On top of this, there’s been drama that I just didn’t need. ¬†Oh well.

I’m off to ply the SeeKay singles into some yarn. ¬†The kids picked those rovings for their winter hats for this year. ¬†While it might be 66F today, that will not last much longer!

Craft on!

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