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Busy Weekend

October 18th, 2009 · 11 Comments

This was one seriously busy weekend. Yesterday was my day at Rhinebeck for the beloved Sheep and Wool Festival. I have to admit, I wish the fiber hobbies hadn’t gotten quite so popular. The festival gets more and more crowded each year. I blame Ravelry 😛 At least it didn’t rain yesterday, but it was pretty wicked cold for the middle of October. Brrrr.

Anyway, it was the year of the spindle for me. I bought no fewer than 3 of them. The first one was actually on my shopping list, the other two sort of followed me home. In an effort to document these things so I don’t lose their details to fuzzy memories like the rest of the spindles around here, I present them now:

  • Golding Ring Spindle
  • 3″ Cherry Celtic Ring
  • Walnut 9 3/4″ shaft
  • 1.9 oz


  • Bosworth Midi Spindle
  • Silverwattle Whorl
  • Bloodwood Shaft
  • 28g/1oz


  • Hatchtown Kaari
  • Purpleheart and Walnut
  • @1oz (she lost her tag before I bought her)

I did mention it was the spindle festival for me, didn’t I? ¬†As you can tell I have started spinning on the Kaari. ¬†She’s a wonderful little spinner.

The fibery purchases include two lbs of a BL-Romney in grey to spin for another sweater.


Sara had to check out the wool, and well, invade the one spot of natural light in my room.  Shortly after I took this picture, I had to get her slobbery nose out of the wool.  She has a thing for fiber.

After picking up 3 spindles, I had to buy some nice fiber for each of them.  I returned to one of my favorite nice fiber vendors, ITW.  I had picked up an Etsy order from her earlier in the day, but had to add to it.   Other than the grey BL-Romney, my only other fiber purchases were from Cris.


Front Row

  • 56’s Falkland in Moody Neopolitan
  • 60/40 Merino/Bamboo in Jonathan
  • 80/20 Merino/Silk in Sangria

Back Row

  • 56’s Falkland in Pumpernickel n Jam (x2)

Its safe to say that I’m a bit of a ITW groupie. ¬†I have more than a few braids and batts from her. ¬†The fiber that I started spinning on the Kaari is the Merino/Silk Sangria.


Other than a Knit Kit and a glass shawl pin, that’s my purchases for this year. ¬†I think I was pretty restrained. ¬† ¬†Oh wait, there was a bit more. ¬†I bought 10 skeins of yarn from Wild Apple Farm, 5 in a denim-y blue and 5 in a dark green. ¬†Still, pretty restrained. ¬†Its not like I’m lacking for hobby materials 😉

Today was the twins’ birthday party. ¬†Yes, I know I scheduled their party for Rhinebeck Sunday. ¬†Yes I was supposed to stay overnight upstate and hit the festival both days. ¬†But thanks to a brain fart and a desire to not move too many weekends from their actual birthday, I jumped on the first Sunday noon party available. ¬†Alas, it coincided with Rhinebeck. ¬†I hope to not make the same mistake next year 😉

We had 12 kids at The Little Gym for an hour of organized activity with the energetic and enthusiastic party directors, followed by 1/2 hour for pizza and cake.


The staff took care of entertaining, setting up, cleaning up and even packing all the gifts into big bags for us.  These types of places are well worth the cost.  We returned with a 1/3 of one cake, a pizza and lots of presents to open.

Now ¬†I think I’ll take a nap. ¬†I’m exhausted!

Craft on!

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Sunday on Monday

October 12th, 2009 · 8 Comments

Any surprise that I totally blew that Sunday / Wednesday posting thing one week in? ¬†No? ¬†Good. ¬†You shouldn’t be. ¬†Any surprise that I totally missed my blogiversary, 5th at that!, yesterday? ¬†I’m not either. ¬†Oh well.

On Friday, the twins turned six. ¬†I can’t believe it has been six years since these:

became these:

I blinked and they became six year old kindergartners. I’m loving the little people that they’ve grown into (though I could skip the whole “I hate you” when I tell them to do something they’d rather not).



Happy birthday my babies.  I love you.

Today, with everyone off, we made the annual trip to an orchard to pick apples. ¬† Found a new place this year in Morris county that had young trees with fruit low enough for the monkeys to get by themselves. ¬†If my math is right, we came home with 15lbs of apples, mixed between baking and eating kinds 🙂 ¬†I love apples. ¬†Couldn’t nibble my way through the orchard for a change as the digestive system is still somewhat on the fritz.


Yesterday morning I finished knitting Rhinebeck. ¬†After the awful game was over, I set it to soak in the washing machine and then set it out to dry once it had a good spin. ¬†On the way home from the orchard, we stopped by JoAnn’s and I picked up a couple of button candidates. ¬†I ordered a couple of others online. ¬†Hopefully they’ll all be here before the drop dead button sewing on day, Friday. ¬†Here’s the first two candidates:


and on the sweater…


I’m leaning towards the 4 hole button. ¬†If nothing else arrives before friday that is better, these are the buttons you’ll see on saturday, on this sweater!!!!!


This meant I needed another project.  I broke out the box of lace yarns I bought from Knit Picks in January and cast on for Bohus Inspired Pullover from Knit So Fine.

At 7 st/in on US4 needles, this isn’t going to be the quick project that Rhinebeck was!

Craft on 🙂

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Wednesday Update

October 7th, 2009 · 5 Comments

You and I both know, I’m not really good at regularly scheduled updates. ¬†I can post every day for a while and then go days/weeks/months without a word. ¬†I’m going to try for a more regular schedule, something like Wednesdays and Sundays. ¬†They seem pretty well spaced. ¬†But then again, there is my newly discovered distaste of structure for structure’s sake.

Anyway… Sunday I did spent with the Sox and Rhinebeck. ¬†I got much further than I expected to during the game. ¬†Before the end of the third inning, I’d finished the back. ¬†Before the end of the 7th, the left front was done and the 3 needle bind off of that shoulder was done. ¬†I took a break for dinner and the ritualistic washing of the children. ¬†Another hour or so before bed and I had the right front completed as well.

Progress slowed to a crawl from there though. ¬†Being home sick isn’t good for my knitting production. ¬†Well it is good for knitting, depending on the illness at hand, but this tummy bug didn’t preclude actually working. ¬†I pulled out the laptop and telecommuted. ¬†Yay!

Boo for knitting though. ¬†No commuting = reduced knitting time. ¬†I did pick up the stitches for the first sleeve on Sunday, but hadn’t progressed much further until last night when I returned to it in earnest. ¬†Between that and the commute in this morning, I’m a goodly way into the sleeve.


(Click for big) .  I should have the sleeve done this evening with the outside chance of getting the stitches picked up for the second sleeve as well.

I don’t think I’m going out on a particularly rickety limb by saying that I should have this done for the big festival. ¬†But I know better than to piss off the fickle knitting goddess 🙂

Craft on!

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13 days left…

October 4th, 2009 · 3 Comments

This morning when I went out to feed Bandit, I discovered he had a new neighbor.  There is a new spinner in the neighborhood!


This work of lace is stretched between the house and one of the tomato plant stakes. ¬†Beautiful work that this lace knitter appreciates. ¬†Talk about cobweb 😉 ¬†Without having searched the ‘net, I’m pretty sure this is one of the billionty types of orb spiders. ¬†Pretty huh?

Further playing with the new lens, I spotted these two cuddled up on the bed when I came back in..


Duchess has stopped losing weight and has even gained back the weight she lost. ¬†The thyroid medication has been working nicely for her. ¬†We reduced her initial dosage and she’s stabilized. ¬†She gets half a pill, twice a day. ¬†We initially ground it up and mixed it with sour cream, but I guess she got bored of that and stopped eating it. ¬†Now we mix with baby food meats, either turkey or chicken. ¬†Totally scarfs it down. ¬†The others get a dab of it in the morning as well. ¬†Speaking of the other…


Yup, no lion cut for her this year! ¬†Yay. ¬†Trying to go for a second year now 😉 ¬†I have to get her over to the groomer for a much needed bath though. ¬†Don’t you just love that underbite?

The folks took the twins to the boat today for the last visit of the year. ¬†I opted to stay home. ¬†There’s a bit of a tummy bug traveling through the house. ¬†My turn came up last night. ¬†Yay 😉 ¬†So I’m spending the day with the last regular game of the season and Rhinebeck. ¬†Here’s how the sweater stands now:


and a loving close up:


Yup. ¬†Love this sweater. ¬†As you can see, I’m finished with the textured bottom of the sweater. ¬†I’m halfway through the plain knitting of the back. ¬†I should be able to finish that up while watching the Sox.

Well, I’m going to do a few things before the 1:35 game so that I can knit and watch guilt free.

Craft on!

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