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Next Steps

August 26th, 2009 · 13 Comments

We hit another milestone this week.  Kat, who had had one of her baby teeth die, managed to break the thing Monday evening.  There was very little of it above the gumline.

Naturally our dentist is on vacation in Bermuda. ¬†So I let my fingers do the walking and hit upon a pediatric dental practice in the next town over. ¬† They were able to squeeze us in yesterday afternoon for emergency treatment. ¬†X-Ray’s showed just the roots and a tiny bit of tooth above the gumline. ¬†The dentist recommended removing it and have a space maintainer made. ¬†She did say I could wait until my regular doc was back, but I opted to have her do the removal. ¬†Timing works out fine as my doc is back next week which would be when they start the maintainer process. ¬†All good.

Kat was a serious trooper. ¬†Not a peep or even a cringe as she got a novocaine shot and the tooth bits were extracted. ¬†As a note, pediatric dentists are the way to go. ¬†They hid that nasty looking novocaine needle from Kat’s view. ¬†She never saw it so never had a chance to get freaked by it. ¬†Bravo to them! ¬†Anyway, she was quite the trooper and the tooth (a pre-molar – second one in from the 6yr molar which she is yet to cut btw) is gone.

Unfortunately, the removal resulted in many tooth pieces so there was nothing to stick under her pillow.  I suggested she write a note.  (click for bigger)


I dictated the letters as she wrote. ¬†I’m definitely saving this one.

Craft on!

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Still ticking

August 25th, 2009 · 4 Comments

Dear blog,

I am very sorry that I have ignored you for quite some time. Again. Work has been crazy as development time on the new release has drawn towards a close to meet up with the beginning of the new school year. Good thing I prefer to be busy.

There’s also the summer travel thing that keeps us apart. A weekend at a dude ranch followed by one on the boat and then in Lake George for WOOL. This past weekend was spent in PA with the sister and her spawn.

I’ve bought stuff and have sold stuff that I need to bring you up to speed on too.

Anyway I still love you and miss you. Time will come soon when I will be able to spend more regular time with you again.

And yes, I still knit 🙂


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