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Four Bagger

May 29th, 2009 · 6 Comments

See, once I’m back in the blogging groove, I’m in it well. ¬†I just got back from a lunchtime field trip with Kim and Tami over to Seaport Yarn. ¬†I picked up a skein of sock yarn and a circular needle for the Queen Ring Shawl. ¬† I needed something pointer with a better join than the stupid KA bamboo’s that I cast on with. ¬†The reason there’s not photographic evidence of the project is that I have some six rows of garter stitch on US0’s in a cobweb yarn. ¬†Not very interesting to look at. ¬†Maybe I’ll be able to make some progress on it with the new needles. ¬†We’ll see.

As a follow up, as I suspected, I cannot use the flyer from my Matchless on the Reeves frame.  The distances between the front and back maidens is widely different between the two wheels.  Oh well.  It was worth a try.

In further follow up news, Jess posted a picture of the yarn I gave her. ¬†Someday I’m going to be less of a camnesiac dork and take pictures of my stuff before I give it away.

Finally, the sock is progressing.  I made it past the heel at the kegger last night.  


I can’t tell ya how happy I am that it morphed from a final send off of a beloved store to a “we’re moving” party. ¬†I must say though that a gaggle of knitters in an empty yarn store is LOUD. ¬†I left earlier than I normally would have on a Thursday night because the noise got to me. ¬†I get a sort of sensory overload, especially when tired and it hit last night 🙁 ¬†Oh well. ¬†At least it wasn’t a final goodbye but more of an adieu. ¬†Can’t wait to see the new store in August! ¬†In the meantime, Panera is a tad quieter 😉

Have a fab-O weekend!

Craft on!

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Going for Three

May 28th, 2009 · 5 Comments

Wow, 3 daily posts. ¬†What’s the world coming to! ¬†See, I either post every day, or not at all for weeks. ¬†I’m the same with email. ¬†I’ll either getting into frequent conversations via email or take a long time to reply. ¬†Can’t explain it, but there ya go.

Sooo… I spent last evening in the company of my Van Eaton wheel again while watching the Sox lose once more to the Twins. ¬†Love that baseball on the computer thing. ¬†


As I’m finishing up the second huge bobbin from this one ball of roving that I *thought* was all of 8oz, I noticed there was a considerable amount left. ¬†I broke out the scale and weighed what was left: ¬†almost 4oz! ¬†I pulled the other two bumps out of the closet and got a rough weight on them: ¬†14.5oz. ¬†I guess I have way more of this fiber than I thought 😉 ¬†I know, I’m a dork. ¬†And yes, those two bobbins are different woods, you’re not seeing things.

I’ve made progress on the newest pair of Sims Socks.¬†


I took this picture on the ferry this morning. ¬†I can honestly call them Sims Socks as I’ve returned to playing the game during my commute. ¬†

It has been a while since the last Sims post and I know ya’ll miss those! ¬†I decided to give the Adama family a little rest and started a new challenge. ¬†Reading the Sims group on Ravelry, I tripped on the ISBI Challenge. ¬†Sounded like fun so I decided to give it a go. ¬†Also gave me a chance to create a new dude using some models I downloaded. ¬†Meet my first torch holder: ¬†Karl Agathon. ¬†He’s a family sim with the aspiration to hit his anniversary. ¬†A pretty decent goal to reach.


I managed to get him hooked up with someone he met on a community lot:  Caryl Kimbell.  They fell in love and got married:


Shortly after saying their vows, Karl ran off to the bathroom.


Sigh.  Shortly after Caryl moved in, I had Karl head outside to work on a logic point with the telescope.  He was abducted by aliens.  A first for me.  So before I could get Karl to knock up Caryl, he was.


I love his maternity wear. ¬†Here he is going into labor in the disgusting bathroom. ¬†He’s the main cleaner in the house and since he was so tired, being preggers and all, the housework naturally suffered.


He’s a good dad to baby Hera. ¬†I had to make him quit his job shortly after she was born because the nanny’s are completely useless and without the ability to control the Mrs, Hera was left to lie around unfed and unchanged and exhausted. ¬†Poor little one.¬†

She did survive her infancy and grew into a spectacularly ugly toddler:


Karl had a job in the medical career and as you can see, he’s in work garb, not having quit yet. ¬†After he quit, I had him concentrate on keeping the little one alive and educating her in the things little ones need to learn. ¬†She made it to childhood:


She’s not a particularly cute kid but not as UGLY as she was as a toddler. ¬†I wonder how many generations it will take to breed out that green skin though. ¬† I always loved Caryl’s outfit. ¬†The t-shirt goes so very well with the hair doodad.

One thing I’ve discovered with this challenge is that sims, when left to their own devices, are pretty dopey. ¬†Caryl has a love of the piano and will sit and play until she’s starving and exhausted. ¬†She’s a knowledge sim and has maxed out her creativity by playing. ¬†


I find her sleeping in her food a lot, as well as passed out on the floor.  Sigh.  I had to put a stereo in the kitchen so I could have Karl wake her up for work.  Someone has to bring in the bread!

Hera is now a teen:


Caryl is an elder and Karl is a day away from being an elder. ¬†Woot, which also means in a day he’ll throw an anniversary party and hit his LTA and perma platinum. ¬†Hera is close to that magical spot where she’s on the verge of adulthood and I’ll take her of to college and give her the torch. ¬†I’ll miss my hunky Karl though 😉

The challenge has provided additional knitting time as when Karl is asleep or at work (when he did work) I didn’t have to futz with anyone else. ¬†I could sit and knit while watching the others. ¬†It has been slightly frustrating to sit on my hands so to speak but that’s part of the challenge 🙂 ¬†So far we’ve only had one social bunny visit:


and one hit desperation:


And on that note, I’ll get back to work 😉

Craft on!

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Still Busy

May 27th, 2009 · 6 Comments

I know it goes without saying that I’m still busy. ¬†If I wasn’t busy, I wouldn’t be happy. ¬†I’m one of those people who just can’t do idle. ¬†I am almost completely unable to sit still and do nothing. ¬†Which is why I knit, spin and do all sorts of other hobbies that you can do while sitting, if not still.

I did some spinning while watching the game last night. ¬†First I played some more with the Reeves Frame wheel I bought at MD. ¬†The fiber is some Crown Mountain in superwash merino that I brought with me to JessaLu’s house this weekend. ¬†I don’t remember the name of the colorway at the moment but I like it 😉


I “borrowed” the flyer with the larger bobbins from the Saxony as the new girl only came with 1 bobbin. ¬†I’ve ordered more but they have not arrived yet. ¬†I read somewhere that the Reeve’s frame is the prototype for the Matchless. ¬†I can see it. ¬†I should sit them next to each other and really compare them. ¬†But suffice it to say, mechanically, they are very similar. ¬†Hmmm, wonder if I can use the Matchless’ flyer on the Reeves. ¬†I’ll have to try that, though now thinking about it the new Schacht-Reeves shafts are a different diameter than the original Reeves. ¬†Anyway, I’m liking the new wheel very much.

Moving along, I went back to the Van Eaton where I had started some Border Leicester roving that I picked up at NYSW this year with the goal of spinning enough to knit another sweater from my favorite book: A Fine Fleece: Knitting with Handspun Yarns.

I’ve got one bobbin filled already and this is the second. ¬†I bought about a pound and a half of the fiber so I have a little ways to go. ¬†It’s nice and it just about spins itself. ¬†Especially on this wheel. ¬†Have I mentioned how much I love my Van Eaton?! ¬†

The socks are progressing nicely. ¬†I’m about halfway through the foot as of the end of my commute this morning. ¬†I was chatting with my commuting buddy this morning so I got a lot of knitting done. ¬†I’m having a devil of a time trying to decide which train station to commute from. ¬†The one with the free large parking lot (where I had been for the last year or so) is further from home and down an awful street to drive. ¬†It is crowded, crossed by multiple sets of train tracks (2 freight and 2 commuter) as well as a bus route. ¬†The other station, which I used for almost a decade, has a paid lot (and my permit is expired) and some not so legal street parking. ¬†It is closer to home but involves walking across a 4 lane divided highway with a 35 mph limit but almost no one drives that slow. ¬†It is an uncontrolled crossing as well. ¬†Oh and a HUGE staircase up to the train platform. ¬†The other station is street level, but it also means I CAN GET HIT while I wait for the train. ¬†It also means that I can potentially miss the train there if I get blocked by the westbound train when the eastbound comes into the station. ¬†Sigh. ¬†I know, such problems. ¬† Playing human frogger vs. Road Rage.

I was literally screaming in the car on the way home last night. ¬†I got stuck at just about every intersection by some dunderhead trying to make a left and blocking the entire frakkin road so no one could get by, only to get stopped by a tractor-trailer backing into a driveway. ¬†UGH. ¬†I opted for the not-quite-legal parking behind the movie theatre at the old station for today. ¬†At least since I started going to the gym, the staircase isn’t that huge 😉 ¬†I’ll probably wind up getting a permit to the one lot and using it for the nicer weather and saving the frustrating drive down the horrible street to the better maintained winter lot.

Craft on!

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Catching Up

May 26th, 2009 · 12 Comments

I know it has been ages since I last posted (and that wasn’t much of a post either). ¬†Thanks to JessaLu and her poking, I pop up to announce that I am indeed still alive. ¬†To say I’ve been busy is a bit of an understatement! ¬†But what else is new. ¬†There’s been work: I finally hit code complete this past Thursday on the big project I’ve been working on. ¬†YAY. ¬†Big old relief, especially considering I had serious doubts about how to even begin it, let alone that I’d ever finish it. ¬†For the first time in a long while I just could not wrap my head around what had to be done, and oh yeah, it needed to be done in a pretty damn short amount of time too. ¬†But its done and ready for QA. Whew.

I want to thank everyone for their comments regarding Kat’s shiner. ¬†I feel better to know that I was not overreacting (or at least overreacting any more than any of you) in taking her to the ER for a shiner. ¬†The last picture I posted wasn’t as bad as it got. ¬†This one is:


The first full day was the worst. ¬†Her eye was swollen shut when we weren’t regularly applying ice. ¬†She was quite the little trooper though and in almost no time, she looked like this:


and within two weeks of the event, her eye was just about back to normal:


The healing powers of a child continue to amaze me. ¬†I’m waiting for her wolverine claws to come shooting out her hands when she gets pissed 😉

Naturally since work had me so crazed, I’ve been spinning. ¬†I finished the three bobbins of merino singles in the Neapolitan colorway that Jess gave me a few months back. ¬†I spun it on the Van Eaton:


Like a total dork, I forgot to take a picture of the finished yarn prior to giving it to my hostess of this past weekend. ¬†As most know by now, I went to Cummington and had the pleasure of staying over at Chez JessaLu with J and the super dude R. ¬†Thank you guys again for a wonderful weekend! ¬†My purchases at the festival were minimal (about 1.5 lbs of 3 different rovings and a purpleheart spindle). ¬†I think Cummington is my favorite festival. ¬†It isn’t the craziness that marks MDSW and has hit NY too. ¬†It is a cozy festival with some of the best vendors. ¬†I heartily enjoyed myself there as just about every time I turned around there was a old friend. ¬†I haz no pictures because once again, even though I charged the camera before leaving, I totally forgots about it in my purse. ¬†Sue me 😉

I seem to have gotten my sock mojo back though. ¬†I’ve finish not one, but two pairs since my last regular posting! ¬†The first are from Jitterbug in “Light Amber”


The project details are here (Rav).  

Since I’d finished these socks, I needed something else for the car ride to MDSW. ¬†Instead of taking that one as an overnighter (and well we’ll ignore that I said I wasn’t going at all), I rode down with my SnB buds, Ina and Nancy. ¬†While Ina did all the drive (thank you again Ina, that was above and beyond!), I cast on a new sock. ¬†I used US0 and Chewy Spaghetti yarn in my standard toe up plain sock. ¬†By the time we parked in the field at MD, I had the heel done. ¬†I finished the suckers at SnB.


Project details are over here. I really liked the yarn.  

I have another pair going in the old favorite:  Claudia Handpaint РStrawberry Latte.


I finished the first sock on the boat yesterday and cast on for the second. ¬†Again, it is the tried and true basic stockinette toe-up that I just adore. ¬†Especially since I have to only really pay attention to what I’m doing for just the heels and toes. ¬†

That’s about it for now, other than the good news that Modern Yarn will not be closing after all! ¬†They’re just moving!!! ¬†Okay so they’ll be closed for a couple of months but will be back on Aug 1st. ¬†YAY. ¬†Paige and Kristen came to our interim location (the gals and I relocated to an area Panera after the last meetup at the store) this past Thursday and announced that they had just signed a lease on a new location. ¬†Whew. ¬†

Hopefully the next post won’t be more than 19 days away. ¬†I’ll try.

Craft on!

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Wool fumes

May 2nd, 2009 · 24 Comments

I blame the wool fumes:

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