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Set Course

April 16th, 2009 · 6 Comments

We have now set sail for sleeve island.    I finished the body of the Fair Isle sweater to the armpit last night on the train.  I cast on for the sleeve this morning:


I didn’t get very far as I was busy gabbing and newspaper reading this morning. ¬†I also didn’t get any knitting done last night as the Sox had a day game. ¬†Pair that with heading to check out a new gym after the twins went to bed. ¬†

A commuting buddy was talking about his gym while on the train yesterday. ¬†I’ve been thinking about joining one. ¬†I have a load of videos and various bits of exercise stuff, but nothing like a treadmill or a bike. ¬†Even while I own all this, I still have a tendency when home at night to parked my arse on the easy chair in my room and knit or futz with the computer. ¬†Doesn’t necessarily lead to getting into some semblance of shape. ¬†Not to mention I think I’ve lost all that I’m going to lose by diet alone. ¬†I had to take it to the next level and actually move around a bit. ¬†Enter the gym. ¬†

I joined it. ¬†It is a couple of miles from my house, conveniently located so I could technically hit it on the way home from the train. ¬†But probably won’t but will go until after the twins go to bed. ¬†They are open until 10PM, have lots and lots of machines. ¬†I lurve that the treadmills/bike/ellipticals all have integrated TVs with cable and dedicated headphone ports. ¬†Nice. ¬†I’ll still bring my smidge of a iPod.

The place is CLEAN! ¬†The ladies locker room was spotless with a gorgeous shower facility. ¬†Lockers with keypads that you set so you don’t need to schlep a lock. ¬†Towels abound. ¬†Juice bar. ¬† Nice. ¬†Its not a muscle head place so I don’t have to feel like a weakling around there. ¬†Plenty of equipment so there’s no waiting. ¬†I did about 45min of cardio on the bike and treadmill last night after getting a tour and signing on the dotted line. ¬†I have a one hour session Sat morning with a trainer.

Craft on!

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