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Can I get an Awwwww

April 15th, 2009 · 7 Comments

Isn’t this the cutest lil techie thing you’ve ever seen?


iPhone for scale 😉 ¬†yes, I know the iPhone plays music. ¬†I’ve been using it for music on and off since I bought the thing in August. ¬†However, the headphones get plugged in, they get removed repeat ad nauseum. ¬† Invariably the headphones are left where ever I am not resulting in more than a few commutes without headphones. ¬†Not to mention I don’t like draining my cell phone battery playing music.

And this¬†thing¬†is just sooooooo cute and wittle that I’ll barely notice its addition weight in my bag. ¬†Hey, I’m an Apple groupie (and shareholder now too thank you verymuch), gotta do my part 😉 ¬†Have to leave the headphones plugged in so I can find the sucker. ¬†Problem solved!

What else? ¬†Oh yeah. ¬†I noticed that my skinny little mini cat, Duchess, was even skinnier this weekend. ¬†She turned 12 in December so I was concerned. ¬†Dad got her to the vet yesterday where they knocked the little fireball out and took some blood. ¬†She’s got a super duper hyper active thyroid…. and now an account at CVS Pharmacy. ¬†


Boy did they give me a weird look when I picked it up last night. ¬†Yes, first name really is Duchess. ¬†So far she’s been pretty good about taking the pill. ¬†I’ve been embedding the little things in a small piece of meat. ¬†Good thing she doesn’t chew her food 😉

Thanks to the return of baseball, I now have plenty of sit around and watch tv or computer screen time.  Perfect for working on the EPS Fair Isle sweater. 


I measured it this morning on the ferry and it is now just shy of 10″. ¬†Sweet.

Craft on!

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