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April 14th, 2009 · 6 Comments

I love the EPS (Elizabeth’s Percentage Sweater). ¬†I’m churning away at the body at present. ¬†Dad taking the kids to the park the other day allowed me undisturbed knitting time. ¬†Paired up with a baseball game, I managed to finish 5″ by the end of Sunday. ¬†I haven’t measured today so I don’t know how far I’ve come.

Yesterday I took a picture of the yarn in the sunlight with my little Canon Elph to see what colors it read:


(Click to embiggen and you can see a variety of colors in the strands.)  I just love Cascade 220. 

Here it is this morning on the train.  Its overcast today so there was no direct sun:


At least the little Canon is consistent in its reading of this color. ¬†The bottom marker is for the center of my steek (for later when I’m at the sewing machine) and the top is the right before the 5st steek begins and is serving as a progress round marker. ¬†I had another marker at the other edge of the steek but it disappeared on the train this morning. ¬†I decided I could live without it as I can count to 5 😉

Craft on!

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