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April 2nd, 2009 · 3 Comments

I figured I’d break my sims posting out from the fiber stuff so that those that don’t want to read it can move along. ¬†No knitting, spinning or sewing here. ¬†Just my weird pretend family.


Last we checked in on the Adama Family, Belanna had just given birth to twins, Caprica and Cavil.

This is baby Caprica:


And here’s her twin, Cavil:


There’s definitely a family resemblance 🙂 ¬†Honestly, I couldn’t tell one from the other without hovering over the tiny thing with the arrow to see the name label the popped up. ¬†Fortunately, the infant stage is a short one (made shorter by a mod I installed that shortened it to one day!) and they quickly grew into toddlers.


Here’s the pair of toddlers amusing themselves with toys on the floor while their mother and grandfather have a pillow fight. ¬†Their grandmother and uncle where also having their own pillow fight at the same time. ¬†Good thing no one stepped on the kids and they both got skill points while they amused themselves. ¬†Yes, Cavil is dressed a bit formally:


His sister was as oddly dressed wearing some sort of animal suit with covered feet, paw prints and a tail. I never did get a good screenshot of that outfit.  The game is weird.

They quickly (again quicker cause of the mod) became children:


Cavil finally got some hair, even though the game decided his sister should wear green pj’s while he got a set of pink ones.

It was at this point, when I could now control 6 people that I decided that the house had gotten a little full. ¬†Not to mention that two of those people were annoying elders. ¬†First, I made Benjamin find his own place and git. ¬†This still left two old people, one more than I really want to deal with. ¬†Christy had made platinum aspiration and was actually helpful with the kids. ¬†Not so much with Abe. ¬†Best he could do when the twins were babies was complain about a stinky diaper, stepping over the baby on the floor. ¬†He was seriously cranky, complaining loudly when Caprica practiced the piano. ¬†He clearly had to go 😉 ¬†I sent him swimming:


And I wouldn’t let him out of the pool. ¬†I know, I’m evil. ¬†Eventually I had one less elder in the house:


The kids grew quickly (no mods this time, just regular speed) and when they became teens, I sent them off to college. ¬†They’re now at Sim State University in the same dorm.


One of the other mods I installed is the ACR – Autonomous Casual Relationship modifications. ¬†It lets you sit back and let sims be more “real”. ¬†They can initiate relationship activities on their own like they do with eating, sleeping and other bits. ¬†One of the other additions this mod allows is for WooHoo’ing in other locations beyond the bedroom, hottub and photobooths. ¬†For instance, couches are now viable spots and these siblings are making use:

Cavil and his squeeze Ivy:


Caprica and um (forgot his name):


Sims are somewhat shameless. ¬†That’s Cavil sitting in the armchair. ¬†And no, Caprica’s spine did not glow during, at least not that I could tell through all the pixelization 🙂

Not to fear, both couples are now engaged:



I’m moving both couples out of the dorm into a house so there should be less public¬†enthusiasm. ¬†

They’ve both completed their freshman year making A+ grades and the Dean’s List 😉

Craft on!

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April 2nd, 2009 · 7 Comments

I have completed my first quilt on the featherweight.  


The binding is a bit rough, the points aren’t perfect. ¬†I may be a super knitter but I’m a relative newbie to this quilting business. ¬†This is actually only my third one. ¬†It is the first that I machine quilted though I’m not sure if doing in the ditch quilting on a machine really counts as “quilting”. ¬†But there it is. ¬†

The quilt inspector had her review of it:


I guess the top of her head is better than her drippy eyes 😉 ¬†She’s a weird cat anyway.

Best yet, the quilt recipient is the happiest of all that it is done. ¬†She’s been toting it around with her, even took it to school yesterday to show it off.


She’s into folding things these days. ¬†Comes in handy when I do laundry 😉

Oh yeah, I still spin…


Craft on!

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