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March 26th, 2009 · 3 Comments

This is going to be one of those a little of this, a little of that posts. ¬†My head hurts due to the impending rain storm and I’m having a little trouble concentrating. ¬†Which isn’t a good thing as I have a massive amount to do at work and a code freeze at the end of April. ¬†Sigh. ¬†I’m hoping the excedrin and pseudofed I took will kick in soon and let me get some work done. ¬†Until then…

Here’s some random stuff.


I finished assembling the blocks for Kat’s quilt topper last night. ¬†I’ve been sewing for the last two nights. ¬†Tues night I was a bit tired and kind of futzed things ups in assembling the rows of 4 blocks. ¬†Instead of right sides together, I did on row with wrong sites. ¬†Didn’t notice it until I naturally finished all the blocks on the row. ¬†To compound the problem, while ripping out the defective seams, I pulled one of the good ones from the middle of the block. ¬†Fortunately I managed to not screw up any further and made decent progress. ¬†Last night I finished the rest. ¬†


I still have to add the sashing but that shouldn’t be too much trouble 😉 ¬†Hopefully this weekend I’ll make it up to Joann’s and pick up some batting and backing fabric. ¬†I’ll probably machine quilt it on the Featherweight with some simple in the ditch quilting. ¬†Someday I’d like to get a free arm thingy but right now I don’t have the room for it. ¬†I’ve ordered a bunch of charm packs online so I have future quilts planned. ¬†I need to get some boy patterns and make one for Xander. ¬†I found that the kit I picked up for him was all floral patterns. ¬† I need to surf a bit 😉

Location, Location, Location

I know I posted a view to the south of my office building. ¬†The view to the West isn’t much better, though it can be interesting. Directly across the street from us is a NYU dorm building. ¬†Depending on the modesty of the students and whether they’ve figured out how to work the shades in their room, the view from our conference rooms can be distracting during a meeting 🙂 ¬†

Its the Northern and Eastern views from the office that are on the money. ¬†I know I was taken by them when I first showed up for my interview. ¬†Here’s due east:


South Street Seaport & East River

South Street Seaport & East River

and this is the northern view:


Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

This would explain why i was a little freaked out watching I Am Legend.  I was much relieved when I got into the office the next morning and saw the bridge still intact!  Sadly, my cubicle is on the western side of the floor and while I can see through a window, I see dorm space.


Been a while since I posted a pet picture. ¬†I’m still amazed oh-s0-many years after becoming a cat person, as to how very flexible they are and how comfy they can get.


Getting comfy

Getting comfy

Finally, there’s this great list: ¬†10 Business Lessons Learned from BSG. ¬†You might not have ever watched the show, or even like scifi (though scifi at its best is just a commentary on our current situations in a spaceship wrapper and BSG is that in spades!), but I think this list is spot on. ¬†Your thoughts?

Okay, headache is taming so I’m off to write some code. ¬†Tonight is SnB. ¬†Yay!

Craft on!

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